A Surbiton dentist gives sound advice on dental plaque and periodontal disease

Dental plaque goes hand in hand with periodontal disease, but they are not the sort of bed fellows that you want to be associated with says a Surbiton dentist. Plaque is the dead bacteria that has already attacked our mouth area and produced acid that will wear down the enamel on our teeth, it sounds disgusting and it is, so let that thought always be with you and help you to keep it at bay. If left to accumulate on the teeth plaque will turn into tartar, which although it is removed every 6 months at our dental check ups, it will damage the tooth root and weaken it. This is the most common reason for premature tooth loss in the U.K. Gum infections are caused by the same process, and it is all down to the food that we leave in our mouths after eating. Flossing and the neutralisation of acid production will go a long way to preventing this process happening in the first place. Once periodontal disease occurs it will eat away the gums and cause irreparable damage to the part of the gums that protect the root of the tooth. Gingivitis is the worse case scenario, and this is a serious incurable problem. The best any dentist can hope to do for you is to keep the disease at bay, and prevent it progressing along the gum line. Washing the mouth constantly by drinking water throughout the day, will also keep acid production down and subsequently the production of plaque. Brushing in between the teeth should be a part of normal oral care on a daily basis, which will assist the flossing in keeping these areas clean and residue free. It is part of every dentists program of preventative care, ask your dental nurse for more advice on keeping plaque down in the mouth.