A Sunbury dentist advises on dental implants

A dental implant is not a new innovation, the research was started in the 1950s in Sweden and Oxford, the results of which have been revolutionised of late says a Sunbury dentist. They are the ultimate in false teeth and are a real God send for the patient who has lost a tooth or two, and doesn’t want to wear a denture on a plate. The patient first consults a dentist with a tooth problem, this could be a misaligned or crooked tooth, it may be a chipped, cracked or discoloured tooth or even worse a decaying tooth. Once it has been decided that a veneer won’t solve the problem by covering it up, the decision may be made to extract it. The patient then has pictures taken of the gap left, and the teeth either side of the rogue one. An orthodontist will then make the new tooth, this will look just like the old one in colour, size and shape, except it will be more perfect than nature’s last attempt. The new implant has a screw on the bottom of it, the dentist will now drill into the jaw line and screw and glue a plate in place, this has an inner screw hole and into this is placed the new implant. After three to six months the implant will fuse into the jaw and for all intents and purposes the implant acts, feels and works just like a natural tooth. Multiple implants can be fitted in this way, and they last a long time, if they in turn become damaged then they can easily be replaced in a few sittings. This has completely turned around the false tooth industry, especially for those patients that cannot wear dentures on a plate. The new implant can literally be used just like the old tooth, and it can be cleaned in just then same way so there’s no need for a glass of water each night, glue or any special cleaning materials.