A Shepperton Dentist Can Get Rid of Gummy Smiles

Even though gummy smiles may not be as unsightly as crooked teeth, they can still make you feel very self conscious. Today, there are a number of things a Shepperton dentist can do to alleviate this condition. You may even be surprised to find that some of these treatments will help restore some elements of your oral health.

As you may be aware, excess gum tissue can be caused by a number of factors. For example, certain medications can cause this type of problem. Without a question, if the gum tissue interferes with chewing, or starts causing your teeth to drift, it may best to have the excess material removed. Today, these procedures can be accomplished in just a few minutes.

If your concerns are more related to your appearance, your dentist can use other procedures to make your gums look smaller without actually altering them. Interestingly enough, when your teeth look longer, it will lessen the visual impact of your gums. In most cases, your dentist will be able to use veneers to make your teeth look longer. He/She may also be able to remove some gum tissue in order to make the gum line appear higher.

Depending on your situation, some treatments may be more suitable than others. For example, if you are concerned about tooth sensitivity, it may be better to have implants. In addition, if your gummy smile is caused by certain medications, you may want to see if you can eliminate these medicines. Chances are, you would be surprised that this is possible in numerous situations. As may be expected, the last thing you will want to do is have gum tissue removed, only to wind up with receding gums once you stop taking certain medications.