A new look with Zoom teeth whitening in Surrey

Over time, we can put our teeth through quite a lot in Surrey and they can start to look a little jaded and discoloured, but thanks to the way dentistry has leapt forward over the past few decades, problems such as these are easily rectified and one of the most successful techniques to make your teeth a dreamy white again is Zoom teeth whitening. It is fast, cheap and painless and when it’s all done, the results will leave you breathless. All you do is sit in the dentist’s chair at your local practice and they will do the rest. First, your gums and tongue will be covered for protection and a bleaching gel will be applied to the surface of your teeth. Then, the teeth are exposed to a laser light which fires up the bleaching process, breaking down any stains as it goes. After about an hour of treatment, your teeth will have an incredible natural hue, as well as looking fantastically white. This treatment is perfect for the person on the go as it gives immediate results and if looked after, your smile should remain brilliant for a good few years and should they start to fade, then you simply have a top-up. Prices vary for this treatment but on average, they can start from as little as £75, which IS cheap, but then for what you are getting, this treatment is an absolute bargain!