A Nervous Patient is a challenge for most dentists, says a Sunbury dentist

Being a nervous patient to a dentist may seem like an impossible task to overcome, but help is always on hand says a Sunbury dentist. With modern technology and many government sponsored research programs going on, the old dental fears are slowly disappearing from our psyche. It has always been believed amongst the dental profession that the fear, known as Odontophobia, is inherited from our parents. Is it any wonder when in the old days an anaesthetic was almost unheard of on a visit to the dentist. Gas was usually used and this had many side effects, it also rendered the patient unconscious making certain procedures impossible to perform, so these were done without any kind of pain relief at all. These days we have Whale music, hypnosis and the soothing air of cleanliness to make our dental visit more relaxed, but even with that the dentist still has to deal with nervous patients. Even the needle going into the gums is a painless procedure, with the help of a numbing gel before hand, and once you get over that fear the next visit becomes easier to bear.” We will never elliminate that fear entirely” says a dental association spokesperson,” but we are getting there”. All it needs is for the nervous patient to take that first step and actually venture to the surgery, their teeth will benefit and so will their general wellbeing. If you are a sufferer then in the first instance you need to call the surgery, and speak to the dental nurse to arrange a visit and see what it all involves, you won`t regret it I guarantee.