A movie star smile; straight and white teeth in just 6 months, by a Molesey dentist

Misaligned and discoloured teeth are a real pain at times says a Molesey dentist, especially when we have to go a wedding or a family gathering and know we will be in photos. Well, the good news I bring you is that in just 6 months, sometimes a little less, you can have a completely different smile to the one you have now. An Invisalign Brace and an intense light whitening session can get you a set of straight and white teeth in just half a year. The Invisalign is a real revolution in misalignment dentistry; it is almost invisible to the eye as it is see through. This method will straighten both front and back teeth; it has all the pressure points built in and is also removable like a sports gum shield. You have digital photos taken, along with a mould being made of your teeth, from this information a set of braces are made that will straighten your teeth in months, some clients have reported straight teeth in just 3 months. New bone also grows behind the teeth to make sure that they stay in place. Once that`s done you then get your teeth whitened, this is done using a special gel and an intense blue light that reacts with the gel to give your new straight teeth a brighter, whiter look. The session takes place in a salon, and is done by a trained technician rather than a dentist. It takes just an hour to do it, and is done in three 15 minute sessions to keep the heat down. A soft rubber gum shield will keep your teeth exposed and your gums protected. You can even remove your brace while having this done, it won`t harm your treatment.