A Molesey dentist advises on Baby bottle and tooth decay

Baby bottle tooth decay is not a subject that usually gets brought up in Ante- natal classes, but it is an important part of baby care says a Molesey dentist. The problem isn’t just one that is easily solved by breast feeding; it starts almost as soon as the baby is born even though teeth won’t start to grow till much later. All baby formulas contain bacteria; we all have bacteria in our bodies as we need them to break down enzymes, acids and fats into the energy that we need to feed our organs. When a baby salivates the mouth is producing an anti acid agent to dilute the acid in the formula, but when the baby falls asleep this activity stops and acid builds up. That acid is what damages the teeth by destroying or weakening the enamel of baby’s first teeth. This comes at a time when your baby is beginning to develop a personality, and they will pick up on any negative vibes they feel from anyone around them. A baby can tell by the tone of a voice if it is receiving a negative compliment, bad teeth can cause problems that will affect their smile and facial features. The baby will also have constant pain problems with their first teeth from baby bottle tooth decay. The way to counteract this is a simple one, firstly keep your baby awake for at least 15 minutes after a bottle, that way the saliva production will be sufficient enough to dilute the acids. Secondly ask your doctor about safe fluoride levels in the water supply, and then enquire at your water supplier for their level tables. Fluoride is a big friend to our teeth, and your baby needs to have sufficient levels to fight tooth decay in their early years.