A Kingston-upon-Thames dentist advises on cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry these days can mean anything from teeth whitening to a precious stone being inserted in a tooth, vanity gets the better of us sometimes and the dentist profession has like all other related professions, adapted to the needs of the times. Teeth whitening is now available in home kits and at salons in every High Street, this is done by bleaching the teeth or using a gel that is activated by an intense light beam. Technicians usually do this rather than a dentist as it is just a one day course that is needed to apply it. Where a cosmetic dentist is involved you will usually be seeking a more complex procedure. Veneers are one of the most common things a dentist will apply to the teeth; they come in 2 types, a thin veneer and a porcelain veneer which are much thicker. The thin ones are like a false nail and are fitted in much the same way, with a glue or dental cement. The tooth is roughed up a little on the surface to make it bond better, and they don’t last as long as the porcelain versions. The porcelain veneers are thicker and that means the amount of tooth surface taken off is much more, it will be equal to the thickness of the veneer. This version lasts 10-15 years and is possible to polish when and if they stain around the 10 year mark. Thin veneers are possible to replace when they become damaged, and this can be done over and over again. With porcelain veneers it is a bit more complicated as the tooth is much thinner after the first fitting, and can generally be replaced just the once. Dental implants are another cosmetic procedure available; these are false teeth that are screwed into the jaw, just like a real tooth.