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A new look with Zoom teeth whitening in Surrey

Over time, we can put our teeth through quite a lot in Surrey and they can start to look a little jaded and discoloured, but thanks to the way dentistry has leapt forward over the past few decades, problems such as these are easily rectified and one of the most successful techniques to make your teeth a dreamy white again is Zoom teeth whitening. It is fast, cheap and painless and when it’s all done, the results will leave you breathless. All you do is sit in the dentist’s chair at your local practice and they will do the rest. First, your gums and tongue will be covered for protection and a bleaching gel will be applied to the surface of your teeth. Then, the teeth are exposed to a laser light which fires up the bleaching process, breaking down any stains as it goes. After about an hour of treatment, your teeth will have an incredible natural hue, as well as looking fantastically white. This treatment is perfect for the person on the go as it gives immediate results and if looked after, your smile should remain brilliant for a good few years and should they start to fade, then you simply have a top-up. Prices vary for this treatment but on average, they can start from as little as £75, which IS cheap, but then for what you are getting, this treatment is an absolute bargain!

Zoom Teeth Whitening from Your Surrey Dentist Gives You Bright, Shining Teeth

Coffee, red wine, smoking and many other things gradually discolour our teeth. Even with the most rigorous dental hygiene routine, our teeth won’t stay bright white. While teeth whitening products have been available for some time, the technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated and your Surrey dentist is now able to offer a faster, brighter and more durable whitener than ever.

Zoom teeth whitening is a specially formulated gel that bleaches the enamel and dentin of your teeth. The process is completely safe and there are options to do it at home or at your local dentist practice. Whether doing it at home or at the dentist, it is important to first visit your dentist for a consultation to make sure that Zoom is the best choice for you. Your dentist will be able to talk you through all the options. After the treatment you may find your teeth have a heightened sensitivity for a few days before returning to normal, except with a bright white colour.

For quickest results it is advised that you have the procedure with your dentist. They are able to use more powerful versions of Zoom that have a quicker and immediate effect. During the procedure your lips and gums will be covered as the high concentration gel is applied directly to your teeth. A specially designed Zoom power lamp is then used to heat the gel to the specific temperature at which it will set, the lamp will be used for about an hour. After the procedure you should have immediate results with shining, white teeth.

The People of Surrey go Crazy for Teeth Whitening

Those of us that live in and around Surrey like to look after our appearances. We regularly go to the hairdresser for a new style, we buy the latest fashion looks in our favourite stores and we ladies use skincare and make-up to make the most of our features. Over the past few years another form of appearance upkeep has become extremely popular and that is teeth whitening.

Part of our routine upkeep

In celebrity magazines and on the latest reality TV shows we see the stars with perfect pearly white teeth, giving them a polished appearance, a great smile, beautiful teeth and buckets of confidence. The people of Surrey have taken note and are now having teeth whitening treatment as part of their appearance maintenance. Hair care, skin care, teeth whitening, check! Teeth will be so white you will dazzle the people that look at you!

How does it work?

Many of us suffer from discoloured teeth for a variety of reasons, from a coffee habit to eating the wrong foods. Mulberry Dental Care’s Zoom! Teeth whitening service offers a quick, state of the art LED tooth whitening system which provides immediate results lightening your natural enamel giving you a celebrity smile within a day.

Zoom! Tooth whitening offers an oral assessment where the dentist can look at the best shade of white for you and how much you can benefit from the procedure. Hydrogen Peroxide is applied to the teeth which breaks down and bleaches discoloured teeth quickly and efficiently. A light is also used to assist in this procedure making it the latest innovative treatment to date.

Form an orderly queue Surrey citizens!

Why you should take a glance at Zoom Teeth Whitening in Weybridge

You may well have spotted this treatment on the TV, which is where it came fame and thought, WOW, where can I get that done, well good people, Zoom teeth whitening is right here in Weybridge, that’s where and only at around £100, which is really cheap considering the results that will leave your teeth looking as though you have spent £1000’s on them. It is a simple treatment: get in the dentists chair and your mouth will be fitted with a gadget that will make you look like you are in wind tunnel but it has a dual function- to protect your lips and to give access to the inside of your mouth more easily. Then the bleaching agent is applied and ignited into action with a laser. This is left to run its course for around 15 minutes before it is repeated: a final session is needed to complete cycle. The results are immensely rewarding for you both mentally and physically as the difference is instant. You can always go back for top-ups too when required but if it made the TV in the first place on a high-brow makeover program, it has to be good!


White Teeth in Kingston-upon-Thames

You’ve probably seen it, and you’ve probably desired it, so put your hands in your pocket and go and get it! Yes, Zoom teeth whitening has well and truly landed on the streets of Kingston-upon-Thames and it is here to stay forever, simply because it is truly remarkable and can turn your teeth from pauper to prince in as little as an hour. It takes about three blasts to complete the process- your dentist will first protect your gums and cover them before giving your teeth a gel coating and then a laser zapping that deeply bleaches the enamel. This is then repeated until your teeth are up to scratch and you better believe it, you are going to smile like never before after having this done. Something so good that has wooed people through television, has wooed people even further in reality. The teeth look so Hollywood once they are done, yet they don’t look freakishly white either, they look natural and there are a range of back-up products you can use at home to top-up if you need it. Prices can vary from place to place, but the general consensus is that you can get this done for around £100-£200. Obviously, it depends on what you want from your mouth and how you project yourself on a daily basis, but at least, take a look, because you will be projecting yourself like never before after having this done.


Zoom your way to perfect white teeth with Zoom teeth whitening at Kingston-Upon-Thames dentist

There are quite a number of teeth whitening kits available to purchase these days, reflecting peoples’ desire to have a set of beautiful white teeth. It can be quite a minefield deciding which one to choose if you feel that you too want to improve the look of your teeth. Many of these kits are affordable and very effective as well but don’t forget that teeth whitening treatment is available at the dentist’s surgery too.

One of these treatments is called Zoom teeth whitening and it is quick and very effective. If you would rather have teeth whitening carried out that is administered by your dentist then Zoom teeth whitening might be just the thing you’ve been looking out for.

Zoom teeth whitening fits into even the busiest of schedules. All that your dentist will require to carry out the Zoom teeth whitening is just three quarters of an hour. Within this period your dentist will not apply the special whitening gel that is common to all teeth whitening kits but he or she will also subject your teeth to a patented curing light that helps your teeth to become extra white. Forty five minutes can easily be fitted in after work to get your smile ready for that wedding or job interview.

The results of Zoom teeth whitening are spectacular. Dental professionals measure teeth whiteness in levels. Rigorous brushing over a sustained period can usually only raise the level of whiteness by about two; the Zoom teeth whitening method can raise whiteness by eight levels.

Talk to your Kingston-Upon-Thames dentist if you are sick of having dull or stained teeth and want to do something about it. Once you’ve experienced the Zoom teeth whitening method you won’t look back.

Weybridge dentist whitens teeth and brightens smile with Zoom

Whitening your teeth is one of the most effective ways of transforming your smile and taking years off your appearance. This is because we naturally associate whiter teeth with youth because the teeth discolour as we age. This is due to gradual wear and tear and also as a result of the foods that we eat and lifestyle choices that we make. This also means that patients who drink red wine, coffee and smoke cigarettes often suffer from premature discolouration as a result.

Teeth whitening is a very effective procedure that involves placing an active ingredient, usually containing hydrogen peroxide, against the surface of the teeth in special trays. The gel seeps into the enamel and stains any discoloured areas and general discolouration making the teeth look a more uniform and white colour. It is possible, using certain whitening products such as Zoom teeth whitening, to lighten the shade of teeth by a factor of ten. That is quite a significant change and one that will definitely get you noticed for all the right reasons. People will start to think you look younger and healthier and with today’s more natural whitening treatments, they won’t be able to place exactly why.

Zoom also uses a special whitening lamp to accelerate the speed of treatment. This means that teeth can be whiter faster and there is no need for extensive and expensive whitening treatments. Zoom teeth whitening is available from Weybridge dentists and with treatment now being very affordable, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have the natural white teeth that you have always wanted. You can improve your smile without the need for any cosmetic dental surgery or painful procedures. The only feeling you may experience is some slight sensitivity after the initial treatment but this will rarely last longer than a day or two.

Restore your smile with Zoom teeth whitening from Sunbury dentist

Zoom teeth whitening is a procedure used throughout the UK to lighten the colour of tooth enamel and restore the appearance of discoloured teeth. Teeth whitening has been used as a cosmetic procedure for many years but it is only recently with the advent of such treatments as Zoom that it has become more widely available and affordable to all.

Teeth can become discoloured for a number of reasons, including what we eat and drink. Substances like red wine, coffee and tobacco can increase the rate of discolouration and result in unpleasant stains. However, even without these substances, teeth will naturally discolour with age. The thinking behind teeth whitening is therefore that by having whiter teeth you will appear younger and healthier and with the stunning results now achievable this is definitely the case.

The Zoom treatment works by using a special lamp to accelerate the bleaching process. The concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel then penetrates the enamel bleaching any stained substances white and restoring the enamel to its original colour. Zoom treatments are carried out in Sunbury dentist’s surgeries as dentists are fully trained to use the necessary safety equipment, as in the wrong hands the concentrated gel can cause damage to the soft tissue on the mouth.

The treatment usually takes around an hour, depending on the condition of the teeth, and can produce stunning results up to ten shades whiter. Repeat treatments are advised for patients wishing to achieve the best results, or specially prepared, low-concentration trays are available to take home for a more dramatic effect. The treatments are perfectly safe if professionally carried out with only minimal discomfort being experienced by some patients, similar to sensitive teeth, for several hours after the application.