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Flushing away your Phobias in Worcester Park

Okay, we all get a tad scared of things from time to time and in general, if you don’t like something in life, you avoid it like the plague. But you simply can’t do that when it comes to your health- especially your oral health. It is amazing to think that in world where modern dentistry is brilliant, people still have issues and phobias about rocking up to see their dentist when they have a problem. However there is a rough and ready point to all of this- you have to get to grips with it because you are putting your mouth and your body on the line. The modern dentist is trained in many areas and dental phobia is one of them; they understand that this condition still exists but yet, if you were to sit down and go through you problems and issues about your dental fears with your dentist, you may find yourself in a better place afterwards. Talking through your phobia and learning about your dental treatments is the first step towards maintaining your oral health. In the Worcester Park area, Mulberry Dental operate and if you have any issues at all about dental phobia or in fact any problems at all, then give them a call as they are experts in all fields of dentistry.

Wistful Whitening in Worcester Park

There are some fabulous treatments around right now inWorcesterParkthat can deliver you the smile that you have always dreamed of. However, not everyone has to get extreme with these things because if you already have a fine set of teeth, all it may take is a bit of teeth whitening in order to get your smile up there with the stars. You can first try doing this yourself: there are some great toothpastes, bleaching pens and DIY kits you can try out at home which may well give you an idea of where you’re going. However, though it’s nice to go it alone at times, you should also ask your dentist about whitening your teeth because they can offer you some great laser treatments and specialised kits that you can still do at home alone. Whatever you decide on, pretty much all of these options work marvellously in their own little way, give great results and will leave you looking like dynamite when you smile. The good thing that is also attractive about all these products is that they are cheap and so you won’t be wasting too much should they not work for you at the first time of asking. However, it’s always good to get a professional take on things such as this, so if you need any more convincing, then you should try calling Mulberry Dental Care over in Walton.

Proper Procedures at the dentists in Worcester Park

It wasn’t that long ago that dental procedures used to be fairly cut and dried: you’d go for a quick check-up, have a filling if need be, have a tooth pulled if need be, clean and a polish and that would be it- the only other notable procedure being the fitting of dentures! Then one day, someone invented the computer, a big space opened up with technology, dentistry got its act together and started to offer you everything you needed to get the perfect mouth and it has been the most fantastic turnabout of an industry in history. Braces….they used to be horrible, now you have endless choices: tooth replacement- with laser surgery, has come the mass availability of the beautiful dental implant which even threatens to consign dentures to history. Yes, the basics of dentistry have upped their game, but it is the world of cosmetic dentistry that has seen the biggest changes. Over the past 10 or so years, there has been a real clamour to smile like a Hollywood star, partly thanks to TV programs showing you how. You can turn back the clock with a dental make-over through the fitting of veneers, cosmetic bonding or laser whitening. Dentists have even got above their station and now work outside the mouth as well, offering botox injections and dermal fillers. When people look back at this time now, it will be recognized as the golden era when dentistry turned a corner for the better. If this has wetted yourWorcesterParkappetite, then give Mulberry Dental Care in Walton a call to get the complete package on how and where you can improve the way you smile.


Looking Out For Your Children’s Teeth in Worcester Park

It’s a beautiful thing falling pregnant with view to starting your own family and no doubt, full of in trepidation and excitement. The thing is, without bringing you back down to earth too hard, you are going have to look after your child as it grows and especially its teeth. This can be done before the kid is born by first finding a fairly local family dentist who is not going to be far away, because your child will be in and out regularly, especially if they have to have braces later on in life, so you don’t want to be forking out endlessly on travel- speaking of which, you are going to have to budget in paying for your child’s treatment as well, so when you have found a dentist, you should enquire about insurance policies or payment plans as well. Then, when the happy day comes, you need to be ready for the teething period so by then you should have found a paediatrician to help with your child’s oral health. Some years later, after you have helped teach them the art of oral hygiene, their new teeth will come through and now is the time to use the family dentist. Teeth during this period are very open to decay so you and your dentist need to be vigilant. Now you have got this far, you need to be ready for the next instalment of your child’s teeth, should it be required- having braces fitted. Now, this should be the last real problem you have unless, you love your child that much and allow them to keep nesting with you, for next up are wisdom teeth….who said it was easy for you! For information on your children’s teeth in Worcester Park, you should contact Mulberry Dental Care in Walton for expert advice.


Are you a Nervous Patient in Worcester Park? Mulberry Dental Care can calm you down

Being nervous before going to the dentist is a very unpleasant feeling and make things hard for your dentist as well in Worcester Park. Mulberry Dental Care serves the area and can offer the best advice to help you with your fears. Most dentists are trained in this problem anyway and in many modern surgeries, they employ a lot of techniques to make their patients feel at home and relaxed- the playing of music and the burning of incense are just two of the ways used to calm people down. There are a lot of patients though who will simply refuse to get into the chair unless they are going to be sedated and dentists are quite happy to do this, in fact if you talk to the dentist before your treatments, you can learn and understand what is involved and what is available to you to help in your relaxation. By doing all of this, the dentist will then allow you to call the shots on how you want the treatment to go and give you the option to stop at any point it starts to become uncomfortable. Yes, people are always going to feel a little nervous but if you can learn to overcome the fears, you will be getting the best treatment to help you keep your mouth healthy for the future.

The 6 Months Smile in Worcester Park: learn the facts from Mulberry Dental Care

Choosing braces can be a bit of a minefield in Worcester Park so you may need some detailed advice and by contacting Mulberry Dental Care who serves the area, you can get all the information you need. Firstly however, you should ask about the 6 months smile as this brace is proving itself to be one of the best all round treatments in the market place right now. On paper, it looks and works like traditional fixed braces but that’s where the comparison stops and it can multi-task when it comes to solving a lot of issues such as cross, over and under-biting and overcrowding. A number of subtlety coloured ceramic plates are placed on to the surface of the offending teeth and linked with a wire that anchors to the back of the mouth. This is tightened as the procedure goes along by your dentist, which keeps the teeth on the go. Cleaning is also an important factor with any fixed brace, so you need to get the hang of this from the beginning in order to keep the teeth free of bacteria throughout the treatment. Seeing as it works so fast with complete precision, it does what it says it can do on the label: this treatment can be over with in as little as 6 months!


Stopping the rot with a Root Canal in Worcester Park

As a Surrey practice is keen to emphasise, root canal treatment no longer hold the ‘evil’ stigma that has been built up around it in Worcester Park, though even now, it’s not pretty reading. It is very likely your own fault that you have to go through it anyway, because having this done is caused by tooth decay, borne out of lazy oral hygiene. The problem is that the pulp and roots within the tooth have become infected and in order to save the tooth, the rotten bits have to be removed. Now conventionally, the pulp and root would be drilled out, however, an awkward root would have to be removed by cutting the gum and drilling through the side of the tooth…nasty. Once done, the tooth could be filled and capped with a crown. Fortunately, such an act of atrocity has been rendered almost painless do to the introduction of the laser to dentistry. Being used in many areas, it is perfect for removing roots and pulp in seconds, hence, little discomfort.

The ultimate teeth through Porcelain Veneers in Worcester Park

A Surrey practice can give you all the advice you need when it comes to renovating that lost smile that has become a victim of wear, tear and cracks as the years have gone by, but one of the best treatments around in Worcester Park right now to solve these ‘ageing’ problems is porcelain veneers. They not only cover up the problems of your teeth but they can hide any signs of receding gums too. First, you have to be measured up: your teeth will have their enamel removed and then a mould will be taken- this is so the veneers can be made, but until they are, you will be fitted will dummy veneers for a couple of weeks, then on their return, they are cemented onto the teeth and ‘cured’ with a heat lamp. When you first see your teeth in the mirror after your fitting, the transformation will stagger you- they’ll look so natural with a beautiful sheen that porcelain gives off and gone will be all of those problems. Considering they are so thin, when cemented into place they become very strong and durable and if you look after your veneers, they should give a good 15 years of service and you definitely get what you pay for (they are also available on the NHS).

Princely Porcelain Veneers in Worcester Park

So how do you fancy smiling like royalty in Worcester Park? It doesn’t matter how many gaps, cracks, chips, receding gums or discolouration you have in your mouth, because you can regenerate your smile beautifully with porcelain veneers. These wafer thin beauties have been making people look stunning for decades as porcelain has a wonderful natural hue that resembles the enamel of your teeth. When you choose to go for this cosmetic makeover, your dentist will first have to prepare your teeth by removing the enamel- only then can moulds be taken and sent off so that your veneers can be made. This normally takes around two weeks during which time you will be fitted with temporary veneers. Then when you veneers are made, you’ll return to the dentists so that they can be cemented into place. What you will not be prepared for is how remarkably different your teeth and smile will look and this ‘shock’ of looking beautiful may take a while to sink in, as will having this new feel of the veneers inside your mouth. But you better believe it, this is nothing to bear compared to the incredible confidence that will return to your smile- overnight you will become a grinning sensation. Mulberry dental care will give you all the advice and information about porcelain veneers so that you can make an informed decision.

Keeping Your Teeth with Root Canal Treatment in Worcester Park

There is no doubt the damage tooth decay can do to your teeth in Worcester Park and if you allow the process to run riot, you will not have to worry so much about it in the future, because you will have no teeth left to decay. In its infancy, tooth decay can be remedied by simply going along to your dentist and having a filling to stop the rot. But if the problem develops, the whole of the inside of the tooth will become infected, and you’ll know when this is because you will start to suffer pain as well. The only way out of this situation is to have root canal treatment in order to save the tooth; even then, you have halved the life of the tooth by allowing this to happen. Thankfully today, with the use of lasers, this treatment is a pretty, run-of-the-mill procedure, but it still sounds horrid. The tooth needs to be cleared of decay completely; this involves the removal of all the infected pulp inside the tooth. Once this is done, the nerves inside the roots have to come out as well so that the whole tooth is clean inside. The tooth is then disinfected and then filled; normally, this is followed up with the placement of a crown so that the size of the original tooth can be restored to protect your bite. Mulberry dental care can offer advice on this treatment as well as giving you tips on how to avoid it in the first place.