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Opting for White fillings in Kingston-upon-Thames

You would think that the reason behind people opting for white fillings in Kingston-upon-Thames is purely a cosmetic one. Well, that is true to a point for they do look amazingly natural in the mouth and the amalgam filling can look very old and ugly. But there are some countries that have banned the use of amalgam fillings altogether because of the lead content in them. However, white fillings don’t come without their own irritating little problems as a Surrey practice is quick to point out. For a start, they are generally classed as cosmetic, so it is not widely done on the NHS, although this is starting to change. They are also considered to have a shorter shelf life than amalgam because of how these contract within the tooth, hence annoyingly, they just fall out, although this is also down to their placement in the mouth as well and what forces are going through them. Annoyingly for those who have amalgam fillings, the dentist will advise strongly against having them replaced purely for cosmetic purposes. However, the materials used in white fillings are evolving and they are getting stronger, but there is no denying how much better they look in the mouth.

Keep a Bright White Smile with White Fillings from Kingston upon Thames

Most people have a filling. Over time even with the most diligent brushing and flossing cavities can form. And so, it is important to have regular check ups with your dentist to catch the cavities while they are small. Once a cavity has developed your dentist will likely recommend a filling. Traditionally fillings have been made of silver amalgam (a combination of silver with several other metals). But new composite resins have been developed that can be used to create white fillings.

Your Kingston upon Thames dentist recommends you weigh up the benefits that each type of filling offers. White fillings are almost invisible when you talk or laugh. The resin composite can be developed in a variety of different shades of white that can be matched closely to your natural teeth colour, assuring only the closest inspectors would ever be able to recognise them. While silver amalgam fillings are as not as cosmetically pleasing they are still the most durable type of filling, lasting several years, though white filling materials are increasingly beginning to match the endurance.

The process of having a white filling is fairly easy. When getting silver amalgam fillings the process is longer because your dentist will need to drill the tooth to create the correct shape for the filling. Resin composite has the advantage that it can mould to the given shape of the tooth, and so drilling is not normally necessary. When a choice is available, most people opt for white fillings for cosmetic and functional reasons. Silver amalgam fillings can be replaced with white fillings but it is best to wait until the old fillings fall out. Speak to your dentist about which type of fillings will best serve your needs.

Wonderful White Fillings in Kingston-upon-Thames

In Kingston-upon-Thames right now, there is a huge drive by people to get the best out of there smile by opting for some wonderful cosmetic dentistry on offer around the town and there is something for everyone to jump aboard the vanity train. And why not? There is nothing like a beautiful, healthy smile to get you noticed and help you get ahead of the pack. This includes the way you have your teeth filled as well. Old grey, amalgam style filling are just not ‘in’ and they can tend to make people conscious of the way they smile or open their mouths, no, they would much prefer more natural looking white fillings. But this does come with a caution as more dentists would rather you replace the old ones only when they need to be. Still, considering you are paying for the luxury of better looking teeth, you can change them when you want to. They aren’t normally considered to be as durable as amalgam, being made generally from composite resins and glass particles- they can be fragile, fall out easier and are not that good at resisting the forces you put your teeth through on a daily basis. But the materials that they are made from are changing all the time and slowly are getting up to the levels of strength normally associated with amalgam. Before making your decision, you should chat to Mulberry dental care to get all the facts.

Revolutionary Technology Brings Patients from Kingston-upon-Thames Effective White Fillings

Whilst fillings have become a regular part of our dentist appointments we tend to think of them as the dark silver, mercury filled type which look obvious in our mouths. They stand out and are far from discreet. The more we have, the more noticeable they often become.

Mulberry Dental Care offer a unique technology using white fillings for patients living near Kingston-upon-Thames and adjacent areas. Your Mulberry dentist has a large array of different shades of white so that the filling can match your teeth colour. The closer to your natural teeth colour the more discreet the white filling will look. The white fillings do not contain mercury or any metals which many patients prefer.


White fillings can sometimes be a little more difficult to apply to the teeth, but on the bright side less of the tooth needs to be removed than traditional metal fillings.

A local anaesthetic is given to the area around the teeth being filled and any decay or problem areas will be removed from the teeth. An innovative light technology is used in the procedure to both prepare the tooth when the filling is added and also during the setting phase of the treatment. The filling are then shaped and set in place.

Other reasons to choose white fillings

Having briefly touched upon how discreet the white fillings are, you can perhaps put them into the same category as invisible braces. When you open your mouth people will not be met by a mouth full of metal but a mouth that looks whiter than white. No one will be able to count your fillings (apart from your dentist) and you won’t feel self-conscious when smiling or laughing. What’s better is that after your white filling treatment you are able to continue your life as normal. Magic!

Plugging the Gaps in Your Fillings in Sunbury

When you sit down in the dentist’s chair and have a filling done in Sunbury, the idea is that the crevasses and crannies in your tooth or teeth will be filled.

Now this tends to work very well when using metal fillings and it should equally work as well with plastic ones. The thing is, anything that is hot when applied, tends to shrink a little as it cools and this can leave a gap between the surface of the tooth and the filling, which rather defeats the whole operation, as these gaps are a haven for bacteria, causing more decay to set in. It doesn’t mean that the whole filling needs to be removed, but it should be touched up in order to prevent further damage taking place.

These gaps can be sealed by applying another layer of plastic film into the cracks to shore up the holes. They can also be sealed better by using dental bonding, as this relies on a series of layers being built up until the gaps are securely plugged. The use of plastics for fillings has arisen more out of vanity than practicability, as they look better than grey metal ones so a lot of people are turning to this method of treatment for cosmetic reasons.

However, before you make your choice, you should sit down and discuss your options, as there are a lot of different types of plastic fillings to choose from. Remember, this procedure should not be based on vanity alone and you’ll need the best filling you can get to ensure your teeth remain healthy and free from decay.



Quick Dental Bonding in Surbiton

As we get older, there is an element of inevitability that our teeth may start to become worn and tired.

Gums may recede a little, causing the appearance of gaps at the top of the teeth, whilst the teeth themselves can become cracked and discolored.

Not the prettiest of reading true, but it isn’t the end of the world, because if you notice this happening, you can get it all covered up in Surbiton with a little dental bonding. It’s a cheap little trick to hide all of these sins and it can be done in just a single sitting.

Your teeth are cleaned so that a first layer of resin can be applied to the surface of the teeth and then ‘set’ with the use of a heat source. This is repeated quite a few times- at least until there is enough material to work with- then your dentist will shape the resin into the desired shape, before highly polishing the finished article.

The resin will be colour coded to match the rest of your teeth, so they will not stand out. The good thing is that if your have any problems in the future, you can go back and have a touch-up. It is the versatility of the treatment and its speed that makes dental bonding very popular to those of us on the go. However, they can also be porous and suceptible to staining, but if you watch what you put in the mouth and cut down the fags, coffee and wine you will get a lot of mileage from your dental bonding.


Kingston upon Thames Dentists Offer White Fillings

White fillings are tooth coloured fillings, made of composite dental material. These are offered in Kingston upon Thames as an alternative to amalgam fillings, and can be placed in both the front and back teeth. White fillings contain no mercury or metals, and will match your teeth colour quite nicely. They are very natural looking. Your Kingston upon Thames dentist will have many white filling shades and will find the correct match for your teeth.
Placing white fillings are more difficult than placing amalgams, but the amount of tooth that needs to be removed for white filling placement is less than that of amalgam fillings. Your dentist will anaesthetize the area of your mouth where the white fillings will be placed, and will remove decay and weakened parts of the tooth. A protective substructure is then placed, to avoid damaging the pulp, and the tooth is etched, washed and dried. A liquid material (unfilled resin) is placed into the tooth and set up using a special light source. This material flows into all of the nooks and crevices of the tooth preparation. The white filling is then placed into the tooth using special instruments, and this is again set up using the special light source. The white filling in then shaped and polished. The area of the mouth where the white filling is being placed must be kept dry during the procedure. After the white filling is placed, you can carry on as usual!

Whiten Your Teeth in Sunbury

When making a decision to have teeth whitened in the dental office, be sure to discuss all aspects of the whitening and your concerns with your dentist in Sunbury. When visiting Sunbury, the dentist will be able to determine by your existing tooth shade how well teeth react to the whitening process, as different colourations respond differently teeth whitening. Your Sunbury dentist will determine if your teeth can be effectively whitened, or if you require a different dental procedure brighten your smile, as white fillings and porcelain veneers will not get whitened using this method.If your dentist determines that your condition will respond to teeth whitening, he will suggest various methods, but most often will a recommend a whitening procedure be performed in the office, usually taking a few visits for approximately 30-60 minutes each. This in-office procedure requires the placing of an isolation shield and gel to properly isolate the area being treated, to avoid oral soft tissue irritation. The whitening medium is then put onto the desired teeth, and a lamp is positioned in immediate proximity to improve the gel’s results.

At times, your dentist will dispense whitening gels. Containing peroxide(s), these gels vary in carbamide peroxide (i.e., 10%, 16%, or 22%) levels. This gel medium is used overnight in soft clear-rubber appliances fabricated especially for you by your dentist. Teeth whitening treatments are essentially individualised, and your Sunbury dentist can decide which best fit your needs. Let your dentist know if you experience any side-effects.

Get the Best Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure for You from Dental Clinics in Sunbury

More and more people in Sunbury have become open to undergoing cosmetic dentistry to boost their confidence and to attain that debonair smile. There is indeed a huge impact made by first impressions, and amongst the most important elements of that impressive first impression are the teeth. A person’s oral condition can tell much about him or her. The condition of your teeth even in the aesthetic aspect could inarguably affect your day-to-day life. Therefore, in today’s setting, dentistry is no longer only about pulling out or filing a hole in a tooth. It has become an important resort to improve one’s appearance and boost self-esteem and, consequently, many other areas in one’s life.

Treatments and Procedures under Cosmetic Dentistry

There are now numerous procedures and treatments that you can choose from to achieve exactly what you want with your pearly whites. However, selecting such procedure does not mean it can be done without your dentist’s advice. Most dentists in Sunbury are willing to discuss with you the best options in terms of expenses and favourable results. The following are simple descriptions of some of the most common procedures considered as cosmetic dentistry:

Teeth Whitening: Some people born with darker shades of teeth can now lighten them without having to remove the teeth’s natural outer layers. The procedure is very quick, where tiny laser beams are shone on the teeth that have been applied with whitening chemicals. The laser speeds the whitening process and can lighten the teeth to up to six shades.

White Fillings: To save a cavity damaged tooth, dentists sometimes suggest filling it rather than extracting. These are for cases wherein the holes are not yet too big and deep. White composite fillings are preferred by more people over the silver amalgam because of its appearance and other benefits.

• Bridges: An alternative for removable dentures, especially for those who have only one or two missing teeth are bridges. This is done by crowning two teeth on either side of the gap where a false tooth or teeth are attached in between the two crowns.

• Crowns: Crowns are tooth coverings that can be made of porcelain and special kinds of metal. Crowns are designed for different purposes and a thorough discussion with the dentist can help a lot.

There are so many more procedures under cosmetic dentistry and getting the best and most appropriate one can only be done by having a discussion with your dentist. Amongst the other procedures are orthodontics, veneers, correcting the “bite,” and jewels. Yes, even small pieces of jewelry can now be implanted on the teeth.

Dentists in Shepperton and Their Preference in Tooth-filling Material

At some point in their lives, some people may need to have their dentists to perform special procedures for filling in holes made by cavities in their teeth. Many years ago, holes in the teeth were filled with silver fillings that look obviously foreign from the rest of your teeth. As technology and new discoveries were made, a white-colored filling finally came up. Although there are still dentists around Shepperton who do teeth filling using silver amalgam, most of the population of dental patients who have learnt about this new addition in dentistry already demand white filling for aesthetic and functional purposes. Most people would think that opting for the white composite fillings are purely for aesthetic reasons. However, you will be surprised to know of its functional advantages. But take note that if cavities have reached the pulp of the tooth, this procedure is no longer applicable.Silver Amalgam versus White Composite Filling

Take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of the two types of fillings.

o The white composite type of filling looks far better than the silver amalgam. It effectively blends with the natural color of teeth so that they don’t look like they have been filled at all.
o With careful execution of the appropriate procedures for filling a tooth, white composite fillings help your teeth to be less sensitive to hot and cold compared to the silver amalgam.
o Composites are also much safer for the patient as they are mercury-free. Most dentists usually use the term silver amalgam but there is actually a lot of mercury mixed in it.
o As silver amalgam, in its hardness and type of material weakens the tooth in the long run, white composite fillings help teeth to be more resilient to pressure and become less brittle.

Although white fillings are more expensive than the silver amalgam, they prove to be more beneficial to the dental patient than the latter.