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Specialists in Dentistry for Children are in Weybridge

Teaching children from an early age the importance of good dental care will pay off dividends throughout their lives. Dentistry for children is normally undertaken by a specialist Paedriactic dentist who has had extra training in the needs, issues and behaviours of children in relation to dental care.

When the first teeth appear for a young baby your local dentist will be able to tell you if they are growing properly. It is important that these first teeth are straight and well spaced, both because of the child’s current comfort level but also for their future dental health. The first set of teeth will be lost at some age around six or seven. If a tooth is knocked out or damaged at an earlier age your dentist will normally simply wait for the adult tooth to appear without the need for placing a false tooth of any kind.

As children come into their teenage years the teeth will enter their final stage of development and form into their natural shape. It is only at this point that it will become apparent whether the adult teeth are settling in comfortably. Consult with your Weybridge dentist to see how your teenagers teeth are coming along. If the teeth appear to be angled or misaligned, a fairly common occurrence, your dentist will recommend that they wear braces to properly align the teeth.

As children is the best possible time to set their dental habits. Teaching them the importance of brushing and flossing will help to make sure that they have healthy teeth throughout their lives. Your local dentist will be able to answer any Paedriactic dental questions you may have.

Weybridge Dentist Discusses Benefits of Dental Implants.

Missing teeth but don’t like dentures? Dental implants are a way to restore your original appearance and functionality without the hassle of dentures. With the combination of a fixed metal root and a replaceable false tooth it is possible to create strong teeth that will be durable for many years. Speak to your false tooth it is possible to create strong teeth that will be durable for many years. Make an appointment with your Weybridge dentist to see if dental implants would be right for you.

The process involves your dentist drilling down into the jaw and inserting a titanium rod. Over several months the bone will fuse with the rod and they will be permanently connected. The top of the metal rod that reaches gum level can have false teeth attached to it. If necessary, these teeth can then be replaced over the years without the need for additional surgery. The metal rod is secure enough that several false teeth can be attached to it, making implants one of the best solutions for multiple missing teeth.

The procedure is a major dental operation and will involve either local or general anaesthetic. Some soreness and swelling may be experienced for a little while afterwards. The dentist may proscribe some antibiotics if they believe there is any risk of infection. Dental implants are a more serious undertaking then most other options for missing teeth, such as dentures or bridges. But the results from dental implants are longer lasting and stronger than the alternatives.