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The link between the Baby bottle and Tooth Decay in Molesey

When your baby is born, the development of their teeth is of vital importance because if you get this right, they will have excellent oral health in the future. Now, you need to learn as much as you can because it is so easy for things to go wrong at this stage of your child’s life and serving the Molesey area is Mulberry dental care of Walton. They can supply you with all the information about the growth of your baby’s teeth. For example, it is all very easy to give a crying baby a bottle to pacify it, but doing this regularly, it can lead to tooth decay. Too much over feeding can lead to a build up of film and acids on the surfaces of the teeth and unless you remove it by cleaning, the teeth will suffer and the damage done by this can seriously hinder the growth and health of the secondary teeth that follow. Too much bottle can also affect the way the teeth grow and also, wear away at the enamel of the teeth, again leading to tooth decay. It is the time to be vigilant and ensure your child’s teeth are kept hygienic and as clean as possible to get through these tricky years.

Tooth Decay and the Baby Bottle in Molesey

Looking after your children’s teeth is of the utmost importance, especially in the really early years of their lives. When their teeth first come through, how they grow and how they are looked after will define their oral health for the rest of their lives. The problem that you parents have in Molesey is to be very aware of tooth decay, or baby bottle as it is not so affectionately called. Baby Bottle decay results from the build up of foods, milk and fruit juices acids settling on the surfaces of the teeth after feeding, which is why they need to be cleaned with a gauze, gently brushed and the gums massaged where possible and a child should definitely not be fed before going to sleep and if you do leave them with a bottle, ensure it is only filled with water. Once the teeth do start to show, you should have already got a dentist and paediatrician on board in order to monitor the growth and check for decay. The child should also start to be weaned from the bottle and pacifiers as soon as possible as this could affect the growth of the front teeth and lead to damaged secondary teeth and speech problems. If you have any worries about this or the way you are going about things, you should contact Mulberry Dental Care of Walton who serves the area.

Racking up Rotten Teeth in Kingston-upon-Thames

You would think that in this age, rotten teeth would be a thing of the past in Kingston-upon-Thames, yet it is surprising how many people you can spot in the streets that suffer from the problem and the one factor in this statistic that is always going to be around forever is plaque. Your mouth, however much you clean it, is always open to bacteria and you only have to miss a couple of dental check-ups and/or, relax your oral hygiene, and the plaque will spread like wild-fire, leading to tooth decay and gum disease. It doesn’t help if you smoke and drink excessively either, for your teeth will also discolour very quickly. But, after all of this, rotten teeth still shouldn’t be seen and there are some great cosmetic treatments you can get from your dentist to stop the rot and get your teeth back into shape, but it will take a lot of hard work and determination in the future. You first need to counter any decay or disease in the mouth and if need be, plug up any gaps in the mouth from tooth loss. Then the dentist can set to work on you cosmetically with veneers, bonding or some laser bleaching. When you have got this far, it’s down to you to get your oral hygiene sorted out at home along with your diet and your bad habits. For more tips on how to overcome rotten teeth, you should contact Mulberry Dental Care in Walton who’ll give advice in the area.



Mulberry Dental Care Gives You The Low-Down On A Root Canal In Kingston-Upon-Thames

Mulberry Dental Care of Walton can help give advice to anyone in Kingston-upon-Thames about problems with tooth decay, as it seems to be an issue that never goes away and the main reason for this is poor oral hygiene. It is a result of acids eroding away at the surface of the teeth, acids from foods and drinks that have not been removed correctly. Normally, if you have a toothache, it is the early sign that you have may be suffering from the early stages of tooth decay. If this is caught quickly, you may get away with a filling, but if the inside of the tooth has become infected, then you will have to have root canal treatment. This method involves opening the top of the tooth and then clearing out the dead pulp so that the roots can then be drilled out. In bygone days, this could be quite a complex operation, and a painful one too, but it is a necessary procedure in order to save the tooth and prevent the problem spreading further. Once the root canal has been completed, then the inside of tooth is disinfected and filled- depending on the amount of damage done to the tooth, this would normally be finished off by the placement of a crown in order to give the tooth back its shape and strength and to maintain the ‘bite’ of the mouth.



Concerned Dentist in Kingston Upon Thames Cautions Patients About the Dangers of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is another name for dental caries or dental cavity. Tooth decay can affect people of all ages, not just children with constant cravings for sweets. Very sugary foods and fizzy drinks certainly contribute to tooth decay, however, the most common culprit is inadequate brushing and flossing after consuming even a healthy meal. Tooth decay poses a serious threat to your oral health and can lead to a lot of pain, difficulty eating, and the loss of your precious teeth. Bad bacteria in your mouth feed off the sugar left on your teeth from anything you consume. They produce an acid that wears away at your teeth in a process known as demineralization. The process breaks down the hard tissues of your teeth and in severe cases of tooth decay, you will see pits and holes in your teeth. If you are genetically prone to more plaque and tartar build up, you are more vulnerable to tooth decay. If you are already suffering from gum disease, this also makes you a more likely candidate for tooth decay. When tooth decay becomes so severe that it rots away the core of your tooth, you will lose the tooth and need a dental implant or dentures. If caught early, tooth decay can be treated with a simple fluoride treatment or repaired with a filling by your dentist in Kingston Upon Thames.


Dental Procedures in Surrey

Dental procedures are many-fold in Surrey, but you would be wise to clue yourself up on the treatments you are going to receive before you embark on a course of action. Most dentists have a set of primary rules that they follow to keep your mouth healthy and this is essentially to ensure that you avoid tooth decay and gum disease. They can clean and polish your teeth, removing tartar in the process by de-scaling, and apply fillings to minor cavities to avoid decay- these are the most basic principles that all dentists employ to look after their patients. Then you move into the next area of treatments, should something bad occur such in your mouth: to do this, they will deploy such treatments as root canal and the fixing of crowns, gum cleansing and grafting for the fight against gum disease. This can also involve the use of braces or aligners for teeth alignment. Then we enter into a third area of dental procedures- cosmetics. This field covers anywhere from tooth replacement with bridges, dentures and implants to just beautifying the look of your smile with laser bleaching, veneers and dental bonding. Most dentists will try to offer you as many treatments as they can to ensure your mouth is looked after in the best way possible and to build up records of all the treatments that you have had done, so that if they can’t offer you the work you require, you can go and get it done elsewhere.


The causes of Teeth Erosion in Kingston-upon-Thames

The erosion of the teeth can be caused by many things, but with a little help from your dentist and by doing your homework, you should be able to avoid the pitfalls in Kingston-upon-Thames. Diet and what you put into your mouth each day are the two major causes of teeth erosion; at first, it can be easy to control with a good dentist and good oral hygiene. Acids and sugars are the greatest enemies of the tooth’s enamel and if not removed, can lead to such issues as tooth decay and gum disease. Watching what you eat and then ensuring that the teeth are clean afterwards should be enough to prevent the problem. But there is another thing that can lead to tooth erosion and that’s teeth grinding. Living within the confines of a busy city like London can put a lot of stress on the average person without them knowing it- that’s until you suddenly realise that you are starting to get jaw ache and neck problems, and then realise you are wearing away your teeth with constant grinding. This, aside from the fact that you are damaging your jaw, means that you are wearing away the enamel of the teeth as well, and again, you are veering into very dangerous waters when it comes to the health of your mouth. Any signs that you are having problems should be quickly addressed with the help of your dentist


Teeth decay and avoiding it in Sunbury

Tooth decay is the eternal fight we have to endure in Sunbury in an effort to keep our teeth healthy throughout our lives. Good oral hygiene is the first step towards winning the battle and if you have a look at the vast array of products in the shops from brushes and pastes to flosses and mouthwashes, you have a pretty good chance of stopping decay from taking hold. Then of course, by keeping up with bi-annual appearances at the dentist surgery, any signs of the problem can be thwarted at source, with cleaning, de-scaling, polishing and the odd filling. This should be enough to get your mouth through unscathed. However, take your eye of the ball, and you can find yourself in a world of hurt, both physically and financially. If tooth decay sets in, you are faced with some pretty hefty procedures from root canal treatment to tooth replacement, and they aren’t cheap either to rectify. Of course then, if the teeth get bad, you run the gauntlet of getting gum disease, leading to heart disease, and losing your teeth altogether. These reasons alone should be enough to scare you into looking after your teeth alone. Do some research into how to look after your teeth with your dentist and between the pair of you, you should be able to come up with a game plan for a healthy mouth.


Cleaning your teeth in Shepperton

You may find hard to believe in a world flooded with dental products, but tooth decay is as strong in Shepperton as it ever was and it leads to one quite worrying conclusion: that people still do not know how to clean their teeth properly. Shocking, well maybe not so, because do you ever really remember anyone showing you how to clean your teeth? Still, in today’s world, there really is no excuse for it. You will find a demonstration on the internet somewhere if you still have problems, but with what you can buy in supermarkets and chemists, there are some fantastic toothbrushes around, especially electric ones that make the process easier to do than ever and that get into places where a generation ago, brushes feared to tread. But also, unlike a generation ago, there’s a whole array of extras to help you get the job done too. Flosses and small inter-dental brushes are designed to remove food and bacteria from between the teeth and are there to accompany the brushing process. Then, there are pastes and powders for every occasion, from some designed to remove plaque specifically, to stain removers and whitening- others for more sensitive teeth that actually help to preserve the enamel on the teeth and are understanding on the gums. And let’s not forget mouthwashes too. Surely with these products around, tooth decay should be on the decline? And then of course, there is also the dentist to sound off to for advice.

Remedying Dental Cavities in Sunbury

It’s hard to believe that tooth decay is up there with flu as a disorder in the body in Sunbury, but it really is just as common. Decay is a direct result of poor oral hygiene that has allowed bacteria to form plaque around the teeth, this can happen after only 20 minutes. If left, the plaque soon turns to tartar, then gum disease and then dental cavities start to form in the teeth, due to a relentless build up of acids on the tooth’s enamel. At this stage, the damage can be stopped with a simple filling. But again, if no action is taken, the teeth and gums can suffer from periodontitis that causes deep decay inside the tooth. This will now require root canal treatment to remove the bacteria from the roots and save the tooth. More dangerously a tooth abscess can develop. These can be life threatening, as they release poison into the bloodstream that damages the brain and heart. If this has rather scared you, it was meant to. Looking after your teeth and gums should be up-most in your daily routine and there are enough plaque busting products on the market to stop dental cavities from forming. Diet should also be taken into account as starchy and sugary food and drinks are the main causes of acids around the teeth.