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Stopping Teeth Grinding in Shepperton

There are many dangers that threaten your mouth on a daily basis and generally, they only put in an appearance once the damage has been done. One of the most destructive conditions identified by a Surrey practice is teeth grinding, as over a long time, this condition can cause damage all over the upper body, let alone to your teeth and jaws and aside from having reconstruction done to your teeth, it may require surgery to put right the damage done to your jaws, neck and upper back. Grinding is directly connected to stress and though damage to the teeth can be halted with the use of a mouth-guard, it will not stop the reasons behind grinding. This will take counselling and stress management in order to get to the root of the problem. Essentially, the main damage is done when you sleep. If you take the stresses of the day to bed with you, this is where most of the destructive grinding will be done. You have to learn to manage your stresses throughout your average day in Shepperton and then, learn how to unwind at home- this is the only way forward to stop the condition becoming dangerous to your health.

Patients from Shepperton Can Treat Teeth Grinding at Mulberry Dental Care

In the fast paced lifestyle many of us lead these days we can often suffer from stress and anxiety, multi-tasking, long working hours, balancing work and family life and the constant pressures of modern day living.

This can sometimes cause teeth grinding, often referred to as bruxism, where subconsciously we grind our teeth together. We often will do this during the night while we are asleep and be unaware that we are doing it until we are woken by our partner for being so noisy, or when we start to get painful symptoms linked with teeth grinding.

What symptoms can we look out for?

Symptoms that tooth grinding is occurring include sore jaw joints, often headaches and even earache. Teeth can become worn, more sensitive, chipped and in extreme cases, flattened. Your teeth will generally be more sensitive and painful. If you think you have any of these symptoms do go to see a dentist at Mulberry Dental Care who will be able to assess if you are suffering from this and give helpful advice on treatments to deal with it.

What treatments are available?

Mulberry Dental Care will first look at the wear and sensitivity of your teeth. In some cases, crowns and veneers can be broken. Also, wearing of the inside of the mouth is often a sign. Then the dentist will look at the root cause of the problem as this is the best way of treating the problem long term.

For minor problems a splint or mouth guard can be prescribed, which generally is worn at night to stop grinding of the teeth. Sometimes people grind their teeth during sporting activities, so again the mouth guard can be own during this time.

Sometimes dental treatment is needed to line up the teeth and correct a patients bite. Other treatments include therapy and medication depending on the cause of the problem. Patients from Shepperton and adjacent areas can benefit from this treatment.