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Discoloured Teeth and Whitening in Molesey

You have to say it; discoloured teeth can be a real turn-off, especially if you are meeting someone for the first time and in today’s world of fabulous cosmetic dentistry, there is no excuse for it- frankly it’s lazy. If your teeth have suffered over time badly, you may need to go for something like veneers or cosmetic bonding to repair your smile. However, if it is just a case that your teeth are okay and have just lost a little sparkle, teeth whitening is the way ahead for you. There are loads of ways you can go about this, the best being a visit to your dentist. You can have your teeth whitened in no time at all via a laser; one hour, a few blasts and your teeth will look beautiful; the dentist can also set you up with specialised kits to give you amazing results. But you may have noticed that you can also go it alone and buy products from a chemist or supermarket- toothpastes, bleaching pens and kits that will get you good results as well. As a footnote though, always seek professional advice beforehand about anything that you do like this. If you live in Molesey, the town is served by Mulberry Dental Care of Surrey; prolific in all things dental, give them a call and they can help you with the decisions you make in this field.

Molesley dentists put an end to crooked teeth by using dental veneers

Dental veneers have been an effective way of concealing cracked, chipped and stained teeth for a good number of years now and patients have reaped the benefits of increased self confidence that comes as a result. But what some people don’t know is that dental veneers can also be used on crooked teeth too. This might be just the solution that you have been looking for if you have a solitary crooked tooth, perhaps at the front of your mouth and don’t think it is worth the trouble of having a brace fitted.

Veneers tend to be made from special dental porcelain these days which has the advantage of being lightweight while still retaining a high level of durability. They are also resistant to staining too. They are highly flexible in the hands of dentists so they can easily be fitted over teeth which are not quite aligned correctly. The appearance will be created of a row of teeth that are all perfectly aligned with one another and no one will know that you even have a veneer in place. As an extra fillip, your dentist can even match your dental veneer to the shade and texture of your surrounding teeth.

You should talk to your Molesley dentist if you have one or more misaligned tooth which is bothering you. There are a number of solutions to this problem but dental veneers are definitely worth considering because they are quick to fit, efficient and generally more affordable than more intensive and/or long lasting treatments. The penetration of digital technological equipment into dental surgeries now means that dental veneers can be fitted in just a single session at the dentist by using three dimensional x-rays.

Molesley dentists produce amazing smiles with teeth whitening procedures

If you have a wedding coming up or a family holiday, you probably want to look your best in the photographs that will be taken. You can make sure your clothes are immaculate and get your hair done but what if your teeth are dull or stained? Don’t despair, there is no need to feel embarrassed about smiling in the photographs. Instead you should talk to your dentist about the variety of teeth whitening procedures on offer.

Teeth become dull or stained for a number of reasons but the older you get, no matter how well you take care of your teeth, it is more likely that your teeth will lose some of the bright shine that they had when you were younger.

Teeth whitening usually involves the application of special gel to your teeth to remove any stains and restore brightness. Your dentist can administer the gel by placing it in special trays that have been constructed by taking moulds of your teeth. Your teeth might then be buffed and polished by your dentist to give a good finish to the process.

Teeth whitening kits are also available over the counter so you can carry out the treatment at home. They can be purchased from super markets and pharmacies and are often cheaper than having treatment in the surgery. They are convenient too, because you won’t have to take time out of your day to visit the dentist. You will apply the gel yourself to the whitening trays and probably wear them over night for a set period of time.

Don’t be ashamed of your smile anymore, talk to your Molesley dentist about the different options available for teeth whitening procedures and which one is best for you.

Weybridge dentists offer patients incredible smile makeovers

Being ashamed of your smile can have serious effects on your confidence and, as such, your ability to function properly in social situations. Smiling is a vital tool in putting people at ease, whether you are chairing a business meeting or being introduced to new people in the pub. What with all the effective treatments on offer at dentists in the United Kingdom, there is no longer any need to be ashamed of your smile.

Smile makeovers are basically a combination of different procedures carried out to make the best of your smile. It might be that your teeth are a little dull or stained and you want to have them whitened, either under the supervision of your dentist or at home with a kit you can buy from a pharmacy.

If some of your teeth are a little crooked too then you can have a brace fitted. Modern braces are far more discreet than their traditional counterparts and the treatment times are usually far shorter. You might decide to have a porcelain crown or veneer fitted over a tooth that is crooked, cracked or chipped. These procedures are incredibly quick now thanks to CEREC technology and you can have a new veneer or crown fitted in just one visit to your dentist.

Thanks to interest free repayment plans that are widely offered by dentists, these procedures are far more affordable than you might think. If you have a wedding coming up or a holiday and want to look your best in the photographs, talk to your Weybridge dentist about having a smile makeover. They will be able to advise you about which parts of your mouth you might need to think about having work done on.

Get porcelain veneers from your Weybridge dentist to improve the look of your smile

There is no longer any need for you to be ashamed of your smile. Dentistry procedures can create stunning smiles and make you proud to show off your teeth. If you have stained, broken or cracked teeth then you can have them effectively covered by stunning porcelain veneers which can be fitted quickly and efficiently.

Porcelain veneers are used to cover cracked, crooked or, in some cases, stained teeth. The use of porcelain is crucial because it is such a hard-wearing yet light substance. This means it can be made incredibly thin and still be durable enough for your mouth. Some porcelain veneers are so thin that they are often dubbed ‘contact lenses for teeth’.

Modern dentistry procedures mean that you can have a brand new porcelain veneer fitted in next to no time. Dentists increasingly use CEREC technology to take a digital x-ray of your teeth and then send this data to an online milling machine. This allows a new porcelain veneer to be constructed in about six minutes flat, ready to be fitted.

Your dentist can match up the veneer to the shade of your surrounding teeth before cleaning the area of debris and then attaching the veneer using a strong bonding agent. You will then be free to walk out of the surgery with a veneer covering up your unsightly tooth. But so discreet are modern veneers that even your closest intimates won’t notice that it is not one of your natural teeth.

If you want more information talk to your Weybridge dentist and find out how porcelain veneers can improve your smile and give your confidence a huge boost.

Molesley dentists create perfect smiles with cosmetic dentistry procedures

Your smile is something that is worth showing off. But you can only do that if you are proud of it. Many people have things about their mouth which they would like to change. With cosmetic dentistry procedures you can change all the things about your mouth which don’t quite satisfy and have a perfect smile to show off at the end of it all.

The techniques involved in cosmetic dentistry are many and varied. If you have broken down, cracked or stained teeth, porcelain veneers can be attached to cover the problem teeth and boost the look of your smile. For those with stained teeth, whitening treatments are also available, in the form of both at-home kits and in-surgery procedures.

If you have teeth which are crooked or you suffer from a misaligned bite then cosmetic dentistry can rectify this with a variety of braces and aligners. Some of these are virtually invisible and even friction-free so that they are far more comfortable to wear.

Some of these procedures are now incredible fast thanks to advancements in technology. Digital x-rays largely eliminate the inconvenient waiting times which could be associated with traditional x-rays. What’s more, data from digital x-rays can be sent to online milling machines which can fabricate ready to be fitted porcelain crowns and veneers.

In spite of the use of cutting edge technology, many of these procedures are not as expensive as you might think, in fact many of them are comparable to treatments using traditional methods. Many dentists make them even easier to afford by offering interest free repayment plans and the chance to spread payments over a period of time that suits you.

Contact your Molesley dentist today if you are not happy with your smile and want to know more about how cosmetic dentistry procedures can benefit you.

Amazing Lumineer veneers from London W1 dentists create perfect smiles

Giving your smile a makeover, like your hair and skin, is now possible with incredible Lumineer veneers. Teeth inevitably become duller over time and lose the sparkle which they have in your youth. Making sure your smile is perfect is hugely important to feeling confident in social situations and Lumineer veneers can help you with this.

There are all sorts of causes for staining and dullness affecting teeth. Drinking coffee, tea or red wine can stain teeth, as can smoking tobacco. Just getting older causes teeth to become dull too through wear and tear and sometimes having poor health generally can leave teeth more open to staining. Having veneers over them represents an option to restore the shine of your smile.

Lumineer veneers are often referred to as contact lenses for teeth because they are so thin and, as such, require hardly any preparation of the teeth at all. In order to fit traditional veneers, sometimes a substantial portion of your existing tooth needs to be removed. This, of course, can be invasive and means that the process is not reversible. Lumineers are different in this regard because they are thin enough to fit over the natural shape of eth vast majority of teeth. This thinness does not mean that there is any compromise with durability. Made from special cerinate porcelain, Lumineer veneers should last in excess of twenty years.

Even if you have existing bridge or crown work, Lumineer veneers can fit over them too. They are ideal for concealing dull or stained teeth and teeth which are crooked. Check to see if your London W1 dentist is registered with Lumineer. If they are then the veneers which are only available from Lumineer’s dedicated laboratories in the United States of America can be fitted.

Teeth ten shades whiter with Zoom from Sunbury dentist

Zoom teeth whitening is one of many treatments on the market that promises whiter teeth to make you look younger and healthier. The difference with Zoom is that it really delivers on this promise.

Zoom uses a special advanced power lamp and whitening gel to remove stains and discolouration from the surface of the tooth. The heat from the lamp activates the gel allowing for a much faster whitening treatment. Zoom teeth whitening will take less than an hour and can result in teeth that are up to ten shades whiter.

People choose to have teeth whitening to enhance the appearance of badly stained or discoloured teeth. Teeth that are yellowing or have patches can make you look much older than you are. This is because teeth naturally lose their colour as we age, so any premature discolouration will make you appear older. Teeth whitening treatments are one of the most affordable and popular cosmetic dentistry treatments used by thousands of people each week across the UK.

Your Sunbury dentist will be able to tell you how suitable your teeth are for whitening at an initial consultation. Although everyone can have teeth whitening performed, except patients with veneers, some teeth naturally respond better to treatment than others. But even a subtle difference in the colour of your teeth can make a vast difference to the appearance of your smile.

The effects of teeth whitening are usually visible shortly after the treatment is over, though for some it may take more than one appointment. Treatment from a dentist is very safe as they can use all the necessary safety equipment to protect the soft tissue of the mouth. This may not always be the case with certain home whitening treatments.

Ultra-thin veneers with Lumineers from Kingston-upon-Thames dentist

Dental veneers allow you to cover teeth that are affected by discolouration and staining. They can also be used to restore the shape of worn or unevenly spaced teeth. Lumineers are a relatively new form of ultra-thin veneer manufactured by Cerinate that can perform all of these dental restorations without causing any further damage to your teeth.

The difference between Lumineers and regular veneers is that they are made form a special patented form of porcelain that is incredibly strong. This means they can be much thinner than normal veneers while maintaining their strength and protective qualities. Lumineer veneers are about the same width as a contact lens, which means that minimal preparation is needed for the teeth. This has always been one of the major drawbacks of veneers that enamel had to be removed from healthy teeth in order to accommodate the new veneers. Lumineers fit easily over teeth without the need to remove enamel and are so thin they can even fit over existing dental work. This means that the process is reversible, although it is unlikely you will ever want to return to your old teeth when you have seen the effects of Lumineers.

Lumineers veneers are all manufactured in the Cerinate laboratory in the US according to specifications form your Kingston-upon-Thames dentist. However, you will only require two appointments to design and fit the Lumineer veneers. There really is no need to suffer with the embarrassment of stained or uneven teeth. Lumineer veneers can restore the appearance of your beautiful smile and can last for up to twenty years if properly cared for. Ask your dentist for more information about Lumineer veneers.

How can dentures help you? The facts by a Surbiton dentist

Dentures are a really good invention and probably one of the most practicable ones ever, says a Surbiton dentist. Dentures were about as far back as the Egyptians; even the Native Americans had them which were fashioned out of sea shells. Benjamin Franklin the American statesman had a famous pair made of wood. In the past they have been made out of ivory, non-ferrous metals and even animals teeth. Although there is no connection between the materials, the wearers all have one thing in common, and that is the fact they give the wearer a great confidence boost. Not only do dentures have a practical use in allowing the wearer to eat food in a normal fashion, but they also make the person feel human again. Some denture owners have had a life time of bad teeth, the problems range from stained teeth to crooked ones, gapped teeth to chipped and misaligned ones. The cost of fixing these problem have been the main reason that most over 60 year olds have suffered in the past, some patients have even gone to the extreme and had healthy teeth extracted to be replaced by dentures. They just simply glue in the top and bottom of the mouth and feel like real teeth to the wearer, they have even been known to correct people’s wonky smiles. The cost of dentures is also a major factor in people choosing them, as opposed to them having dental implants. These are false teeth just the same, but instead of being on a plate they are screwed into the jaw to act just as a natural tooth would. A bridge is another form of denture, this is a tooth that is attached to two other teeth, they are anchored to a tooth either side of the gap requiring the false tooth.