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A Saucy Smile In 6 Months In Sunbury

As far a braces go, probably one of the best around in Sunbury right now is the 6 Months Smile; it is precise, discreet and quick. It has drawn on all the theories traditionally associated with fixed braces, incorporated them into its design and then improved them. Although it is capable of solving most complex problems, its greatest asset is when it focuses more on those teeth that are out of kilter when you smile. Each of the teeth has very discreet ceramic plates attached to them which are linked together by an equally discreet coloured wire; this is then attached to two anchors at the back of the teeth and then tightened. As the teeth start to move, you keep popping back to the dentist to have the wire tightened, so the teeth are being pressured all of the time. You will need a few tips on how to clean it when it is first fitted- fixed braces are always notorious for this, but after practising for a while, you should have no problem. The end results are great when it is taken off a half a year later, and after having your teeth polished up, you won’t recognise yourself: ugly duckling in June and a swan by Christmas! If you want to know more, call-up Mulberry Dental Care a call, for they serve the whole area.

Six Month Smiles are the Winning Solution for all Patients from Sunbury

Here at Mulberry Dental Care we have a fantastic solution to problems that would perhaps result in wearing your old fashioned metal brace, giving patients the ‘train track’ look of old. Let’s face it, those of us that had to suffer the embarrassment and indignity of wearing one of these remembers only too well trying to keep our mouth closed or covered so no one would spot the gleaming and obvious metal in our mouths.

Modern Technology

Technology has now moved on and invisalign treatment is often preferred as it provides a discreet solution to straightening front teeth. The only down side of this and the traditional metal brace is that treatment can sometimes take up to 3 years and the cost can be rather expensive.

Mulberry Dental care, conveniently based for patients from Sunbury, has a perfect solution to these problems by combining a mix of the metal brace and invisalign.

How it works

If you want quick and discreet technology then the six month smile is for you. The wire used is much smaller than the typical metal brace and is the same colour as your teeth so they are much less noticeable. The focus is on the imperfect teeth that can be seen when you smile therefore the treatment is quicker. Teeth are repositioned gently and this procedure is cheaper than conventional longer methods.


After treatment you are left with a perfect confident smile and a healthier bank balance! It’s important to regularly come back for checkups every 4-6 weeks and wear a retainer so that those hard earned perfect teeth stay that way!