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Stopping the rot with a Root Canal in Worcester Park

As a Surrey practice is keen to emphasise, root canal treatment no longer hold the ‘evil’ stigma that has been built up around it in Worcester Park, though even now, it’s not pretty reading. It is very likely your own fault that you have to go through it anyway, because having this done is caused by tooth decay, borne out of lazy oral hygiene. The problem is that the pulp and roots within the tooth have become infected and in order to save the tooth, the rotten bits have to be removed. Now conventionally, the pulp and root would be drilled out, however, an awkward root would have to be removed by cutting the gum and drilling through the side of the tooth…nasty. Once done, the tooth could be filled and capped with a crown. Fortunately, such an act of atrocity has been rendered almost painless do to the introduction of the laser to dentistry. Being used in many areas, it is perfect for removing roots and pulp in seconds, hence, little discomfort.

How to cope with dental pain in Weybridge

It’s not easy coping with dental pain at the best of times, but it’s often useful to be able to identify the type of pain so that it can be combated until it can be can be properly treated, according to a Weybridge dentist. However, some pains can indicate the onslaught of a dangerous situation and in these circumstances, emergency treatment is required immediately. Minor pains can be caused by a chipped tooth which can lead to tongue or gum laceration and can be cured by a simple visit to the dentist. Other minor pains can follow on from dental procedures such as a filling or a root canal. In these cases, there is normally a cooling off period before the tooth settles down. But most other problems are caused by some level of decay in the tooth where the nerve is starting to be exposed and is often triggered off by chewing, hot and cold temperatures or a build up of pus between the gum and tooth. In these situations, it’s possible to soothe the pain with painkillers, the application of clove oil and flossing until a dentist can be seen. But if the face starts to swell, this can indicate an abscess and can develop into a possible life-threatening situation if not treated immediately. Most of these pains tend to happen quickly. But as in the case of malocclusion or ‘bad bite, it’s down to a build up over a period of time, and may take a long treatment to rectify. In all situations, dental treatment should be sought as soon as possible to avoid any complication spreading.

Dental Crowns Available From Your Surbiton Dentist

If you had a root canal, or a tooth was fractured in some type of accident, it may be necessary for you to have a permanent dental crown. As you may be aware, a dental crown is a replacement or cover for the part of your tooth that is above the gum line. Today, a dentist in Surbiton can offer you a variety of options. This includes materials that will match the colour of your other teeth, as well as ones that are durable and comfortable.

Consider a situation where you developed pain and swelling in your jaw, or around your tooth. Chances are, it was enough to send you screaming to the dentist. At that point, you may have been put on antibiotics, as well as given a root canal. As you may be aware, most root canals need to be followed up with a permanent crown once the dentist is sure that the infection is gone.

Depending on where the tooth is, you may want to choose from any number of dental crown materials. While ti may be rare to need a root canal on front teeth, you may still need a crown if a tooth is chipped or fractured. In these instances,a crown made from resin or porcelain may suit your purposes. Even though these materials aren’t as strong as some others, the new crown can be modified to match the colour of your other front teeth.

Unfortunately, even if you take good care of your teeth, there may be times when you need to have dental crowns. Today,dentists have a wide range of materials and methods available to help give you the best crown for any given situation. Therefore, if you need a permanent crown installed, you can find out about all your options in one easy, convenient dental visit.