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Cracking Root Canal Treatment in Molesey

Okay, you’ve been naughty and taken your eye off your oral hygiene and things have suddenly gone wrong. This can come in the form of tooth decay and if it has got bad, it can lead to the inside of the tooth becoming poisoned. Now in order to save the tooth, the only option is to have root canal treatment. This involves taking the top of the tooth off and then removing the pulp inside. Once this has been done, then the roots have to be removed before the tooth can be filled again and possibly crowned. Now it may sound grotesque, once it was, but laser surgery has made this tricky little treatment very easy and painless and you will be done before you know it. Thing is, you should also look at the way you care for your teeth beforehand, tooth decay can lead to real nasty things like abscesses and gum disease. If you need advice about any of this, give Mulberry Dental of Surrey a call; these people are experts and they also work the Molesey area.

How Root Canal Treatment can help you in Molesey

We are all human: we all lead busy lives and try to do that best we can to stay healthy at all times. However, it is very easy to overlook things, especially with our oral health and if we do, this is where things can go tragically wrong….very quickly. In just 24 hours of stupidity, acids will start to attack the teeth, cavities will form and then your teeth will start to rot. If this goes unchecked, the inside of the tooth will become diseased and not only will it threaten the tooth itself, but you are leaving the door open to abscesses and gum disease. The only way to save the health of your mouth at the junction is to have root canal treatment. This involved removing the infected pulp cleared away, the roots removed and then have the tooth filled and capped. Laser surgery can do this very quickly and it will promote the life of the tooth. Most dental surgeries use lasers these days, but if you have any problems, give Mulberry dental care a quick call, for they can tell you where to go for this work in Molesey.


Mulberry Dental Care Gives You The Low-Down On A Root Canal In Kingston-Upon-Thames

Mulberry Dental Care of Walton can help give advice to anyone in Kingston-upon-Thames about problems with tooth decay, as it seems to be an issue that never goes away and the main reason for this is poor oral hygiene. It is a result of acids eroding away at the surface of the teeth, acids from foods and drinks that have not been removed correctly. Normally, if you have a toothache, it is the early sign that you have may be suffering from the early stages of tooth decay. If this is caught quickly, you may get away with a filling, but if the inside of the tooth has become infected, then you will have to have root canal treatment. This method involves opening the top of the tooth and then clearing out the dead pulp so that the roots can then be drilled out. In bygone days, this could be quite a complex operation, and a painful one too, but it is a necessary procedure in order to save the tooth and prevent the problem spreading further. Once the root canal has been completed, then the inside of tooth is disinfected and filled- depending on the amount of damage done to the tooth, this would normally be finished off by the placement of a crown in order to give the tooth back its shape and strength and to maintain the ‘bite’ of the mouth.



Stopping the rot with a Root Canal in Worcester Park

As a Surrey practice is keen to emphasise, root canal treatment no longer hold the ‘evil’ stigma that has been built up around it in Worcester Park, though even now, it’s not pretty reading. It is very likely your own fault that you have to go through it anyway, because having this done is caused by tooth decay, borne out of lazy oral hygiene. The problem is that the pulp and roots within the tooth have become infected and in order to save the tooth, the rotten bits have to be removed. Now conventionally, the pulp and root would be drilled out, however, an awkward root would have to be removed by cutting the gum and drilling through the side of the tooth…nasty. Once done, the tooth could be filled and capped with a crown. Fortunately, such an act of atrocity has been rendered almost painless do to the introduction of the laser to dentistry. Being used in many areas, it is perfect for removing roots and pulp in seconds, hence, little discomfort.

Serious Toothache? Save Your Tooth with Root Canal Treatment from Worcester Park Dental Practice

For many people tooth ache can be the worst pain as it throbs inside your mouth and along your entire head. Tooth ache is often caused by an infection that has spread to the inside of your tooth. It is vital that you visit your Worcester Park dentist as soon as possible to check if this is the case. Left unattended the infection could spread and cause serious damage to other teeth, your gums and even spread to your jaw.

If you are suffering from an infection, your dentist will likely recommend that you save your tooth with root canal treatment. A common procedure, root canal treatment involves the dentist drilling into the infected tooth. They will then be able to remove all the infection (this may include a build up of pus). Infection will often build up in the pulp of the tooth, the soft tissue that fills part of the tooth’s centre. Whether due to physical injury, tooth decay or gum disease, infections are able to get through the strong out enamel and inner dentin to reach the pulp.

With luck the infection will not have damaged the root of the tooth. If this is the case the dentist will be able to save the tooth once the infection is removed. They will cover the new hole with either a filling or crown in order to protect it in the future. If the root has become severely infected it may be necessary to remove the entire tooth. Your dentist will layout the full range of artificial teeth that can be used a replacement. A course of antibiotics may be given to be sure the infection is completely removed and does not return.

Keeping Your Teeth with Root Canal Treatment in Worcester Park

There is no doubt the damage tooth decay can do to your teeth in Worcester Park and if you allow the process to run riot, you will not have to worry so much about it in the future, because you will have no teeth left to decay. In its infancy, tooth decay can be remedied by simply going along to your dentist and having a filling to stop the rot. But if the problem develops, the whole of the inside of the tooth will become infected, and you’ll know when this is because you will start to suffer pain as well. The only way out of this situation is to have root canal treatment in order to save the tooth; even then, you have halved the life of the tooth by allowing this to happen. Thankfully today, with the use of lasers, this treatment is a pretty, run-of-the-mill procedure, but it still sounds horrid. The tooth needs to be cleared of decay completely; this involves the removal of all the infected pulp inside the tooth. Once this is done, the nerves inside the roots have to come out as well so that the whole tooth is clean inside. The tooth is then disinfected and then filled; normally, this is followed up with the placement of a crown so that the size of the original tooth can be restored to protect your bite. Mulberry dental care can offer advice on this treatment as well as giving you tips on how to avoid it in the first place.


Residents from the Worcester Park Area Know How to Save their Teeth

When it comes to saving teeth, it is of utmost importance that if you notice any pain or swelling in your mouth, jaw or face to get treatment ASAP. Mulberry Dental Care believes that fast and efficient treatment of infections is needed so that your teeth can be saved and your mouth healed. Root canal treatment is a safe and effective way of treating the infection.

What causes the infection?

Infections are caused by bacteria that live in the mouth managing to get into the root of the tooth. This can happen when there is tooth decay in the mouth, also when fillings leak and also when teeth are damaged by some kind of trauma such as a fall or any hard impact to the mouth.

Once the bacteria get through to the root canal they will then pass out of the end of the root canal leaving a pathway for bacteria to continue to pass down through the root.

The tissue around the canal often becomes red and swollen and extremely painful. Often this causes an abscess and the face can swell up cause a lot of discomfort and disrupt your everyday life. Not a pleasant occurrence.

How can an infection be treated?

At Mulberry Dental Care treating the infection is important, for patients from Worchester and other nearby areas. The bacteria will be removed from the root canal and the hole leading our of the root canal will be filled and sealed with a crown or a filling. A local anaesthetic is normally used and the root canal treatment is able then to save the tooth or teeth that suffered the infection. Result!

It is an extremely successful procedure using the latest disinfection technology and one has to admit, it is a better treatment than dealing with missing teeth as a result of canal infection. If good oral hygiene is then used on a regular basis the treated teeth can last another ten years.

You and a Tooth Abscess in Weybridge

If you have ever had a tooth abscess in Weybridge, you will know that it is not a pleasant experience at all.

The tooth may be tender to the touch and hurt when there is a sudden change in temperature. You may also get a fever, but you know you are in trouble when your face starts to swell, which is when you should seek immediate action, as the condition can become life threatening in some cases.

If you can’t see a dentist, you should find a doctor and if it means going to the hospital, so be-it. The abscess can only be attacked and treated once you have been given antibiotics to stop the blood from becoming poisoned and to reduce the swelling.

Once the abscess has gone, your dentist can get to work on you. One of the biggest causes of this condition is tooth decay, so there is a good chance you will need a root canal and then have your gums cleaned, as well as your tooth deep below the gum-line.

The problem with an abscess is that they never really do go away and can flare up again at anytime, which means the only way to stop this from happening is to have the tooth removed. Of course prevention is better than cure and if you have had a problem with an abscess, it means that you are not looking after your teeth well enough and so should re-think your personal oral hygiene.

What is Root Canal Treatment as Explained by Your Dentist in Kingston Upon Thames

Also known as endodontics, root canal treatment is a dental procedure that treats bacterial infection in the centre of your tooth, referred to as the root canal system. Infection in the pulp or root of your tooth can occur from tooth decay or severe trauma to your teeth and gums. Typically done under local anesthetic, your dentist will drill into the pulp chamber of your tooth in order to remove the infected pulp. Your dentist will also remove the nerve from your root canal and then fill up each of the root canal and the empty pulp chamber with a filling. It is a relatively invasive procedure, but a necessary one to preserve a severely damaged tooth. After the root canal treatment, your dentist will most likely want to place a crown over the affected tooth to complete the restorative process. Many patients fear the idea of a root canal treatment because the pain they are experiencing from an abscessed tooth is so great. However, any mild discomfort actually caused by a root canal procedure is nothing to the severe pain and intense damage your infection will cause if left untreated. If you are concerned about having a root canal treatment done, speak to your local dentist in Kingston Upon Thames. There is nothing to fear from this safe, well established procedure.


Shepperton dentists administer root canal treatment to clear pulp chambers of infection

Root canal treatment is a fairly well known dental procedure, but in name only. Many people do not actually know what the treatment involves or when it might be necessary to have it done. Read on to find out more about this complex and vital part of modern dentistry.

Many of the most common dental ailments tend to affect the exterior of teeth, like cavities or the development of cracks of chips. Indeed, many of the common dental procedures are also concerned essentially with the exteriors too: scaling and polishing to remove tartar and cosmetic bonding the fill in cavities.

But sometimes problems occur within the tooth itself. It won’t happen to everyone because teeth are naturally very tough, but a period of inadequate care or a one-off and unexpected accident can lead to a problem inside the tooth. This will require the dentist to gain access to what is inside the tooth.

Inside each and every tooth in your mouth is a mass of nerves, veins and vital tissues which help to keep the tooth alive and functional. Problems can occur if an infection invades this material. The consequences can be very painful indeed and result in constant and severe tooth ache. Rather than drilling into the tooth, dental research has found that the best way of dealing with any problem within what is known as the ‘pulp chamber’ is to enter the tooth via the root and through the canal which carries in the nerves and veins.

Talk to your Shepperton dentist about root canal treatment and why it might be necessary if an infection inside your tooth begins to cause problems.