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The ultimate teeth through Porcelain Veneers in Worcester Park

A Surrey practice can give you all the advice you need when it comes to renovating that lost smile that has become a victim of wear, tear and cracks as the years have gone by, but one of the best treatments around in Worcester Park right now to solve these ‘ageing’ problems is porcelain veneers. They not only cover up the problems of your teeth but they can hide any signs of receding gums too. First, you have to be measured up: your teeth will have their enamel removed and then a mould will be taken- this is so the veneers can be made, but until they are, you will be fitted will dummy veneers for a couple of weeks, then on their return, they are cemented onto the teeth and ‘cured’ with a heat lamp. When you first see your teeth in the mirror after your fitting, the transformation will stagger you- they’ll look so natural with a beautiful sheen that porcelain gives off and gone will be all of those problems. Considering they are so thin, when cemented into place they become very strong and durable and if you look after your veneers, they should give a good 15 years of service and you definitely get what you pay for (they are also available on the NHS).

Princely Porcelain Veneers in Worcester Park

So how do you fancy smiling like royalty in Worcester Park? It doesn’t matter how many gaps, cracks, chips, receding gums or discolouration you have in your mouth, because you can regenerate your smile beautifully with porcelain veneers. These wafer thin beauties have been making people look stunning for decades as porcelain has a wonderful natural hue that resembles the enamel of your teeth. When you choose to go for this cosmetic makeover, your dentist will first have to prepare your teeth by removing the enamel- only then can moulds be taken and sent off so that your veneers can be made. This normally takes around two weeks during which time you will be fitted with temporary veneers. Then when you veneers are made, you’ll return to the dentists so that they can be cemented into place. What you will not be prepared for is how remarkably different your teeth and smile will look and this ‘shock’ of looking beautiful may take a while to sink in, as will having this new feel of the veneers inside your mouth. But you better believe it, this is nothing to bear compared to the incredible confidence that will return to your smile- overnight you will become a grinning sensation. Mulberry dental care will give you all the advice and information about porcelain veneers so that you can make an informed decision.

Pristine Porcelain Veneers in Worcester Park

If you contact Mulberry dental care today, you can get all the advice you need if your teeth are in need of a make-over in Worcester Park and depending just what it is you require, somewhere in the advice they will advocate the use of porcelain veneers. This treatment can turn the clock back and have you up and smiling in a fortnight. Pop into your dentists and have a discussion about how bad your teeth are and how they are affecting your life If you have receding gums, cracks, chips, wear and gums, the dentist will steer you towards porcelain veneers. For a start, porcelain is beautiful so imagine your teeth looking equally so, but as well as covering up the afore mentioned problems, they are very durable and treated with respect, can last you up to 15 years and beyond. It is a simple procedure to do; your dentist will first remove the enamel on the teeth and then take a mould from which the veneers can be made in a laboratory- this takes around two weeks during which, you will be fitted with temporary fittings until the real ones return. Then after being cemented into place and ‘fixed’ with a heat lamp, they are then cleaned and polished and you have a remarkable set of natural looking teeth that hides all of the problems below.