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Plaque and Periodontal Disease in Surbiton

Some things never seem to give up trying to wreck your teeth and gums, but the truth is, they never will and they will always be a constant threat. The number one villain is plaque and is essentially the catalyst for all other problems in the mouth which is why so many products from brushes to pastes and mouthwashes are design to home in specifically on plaque- remove it now and you will save yourself from the evils to come. It forms from bacteria and left alone, it will quickly harden into tartar, which will require your dentist to remove. Again, left alone, this will start to infect the gums and disease will set in, the teeth will be prone to decay and then suddenly we find ourselves at the extreme end of what plaque has started- periodontal disease. This is where all this ravishing and destruction has now infected the actual bone structure of the jaws: your teeth will fall out. Such an extreme condition can be solved, but with severe treatments involving bone and skin grafting. This horror story rather enhances the need for good oral health between you and your dentist to prevent getting to this stage. If you have any concerns on this subject, you should seek counsel from Mulberry dental care of Walton; they serve Surbiton and can tell you all you need to know about plaque and periodontal disease.

Periodontal Disease and Plaque in Surbiton

The mouth is a complicated thing to protect from nasty things that are constantly threatening it, and these protagonists love to link up together to help destroy your teeth and gums. Mulberry Dental Care serves Surbiton out of Walton and these are the people to turn to for advice on how to fight back and be prepared for such attacks. It starts slowly at first with the build up of plaque that soon hardens into a hard tartar. This will cause the gums to swell and leave them vulnerable to gum disease. Next up is tooth decay and then after all this pillage and plundering, the disease can spread into the jaw bone and cause further decay- periodontal disease: your teeth will fall out and all through this torrid affair, you will be putting vital organs in the body at risk from disease that has been passed through the bloodstream by the ravishes being done to your mouth. This is just why you must keep up a good level of oral hygiene and always ensure you roll-up for dental appointments. Between you and your dentist, you can beat the enemy, but bear in mind, the more the problems escalate, the more intense the operation to remedy these problems…..and expensive too.

Weybridge dentists offer plenty of dental treatments for patients in need

Dentists are trained experts who are very knowledgeable about each and every aspect of your mouth. Not only can they examine your mouth for signs of poor oral health, they can diagnose the problem and offer appropriate dental treatments where necessary. Read on if you want to find out more about some of the many dental treatments which are on offer in your Weybridge dental surgery.

If you have an excess of plaque that has built up on your teeth then it can start to erode the protective layer of enamel, causing holes to form in your teeth. Dentists can offer treatment for this by filling these holes. In the past, dentists used metal fillings but now they favour cosmetic bonding techniques which give patients more aesthetically pleasing and precise tooth coloured fillings.

In the case of an infection which has affected the interior of a tooth, dentists can offer root canal treatment. This complicated and specialised practice is carried out so that the tooth can be cleared of compromising material without having to be drilled into. Instead dentists enter the tooth via the root canal. The level of expertise needed to perform this kind of work exemplifies how talented dentists are at what they practice.

In a similar vein, dental implants require a high level of technical ability. These clever devices act as a replica of the root part of a lost tooth. They need to be placed below the gum and precisely against the jaw bone so that the implant and the bone can fuse together. If you need any dental treatments then you should go to your Weybridge dental surgery where you will be able to find out how they work, the costs and other information.

Dentists in Shepperton help patients access the facts about the use of fluoride

Many years ago dental scientists determined that the chemical known as fluoride could have beneficial uses when it came to the oral health of dental patients. But ever since them the subject has been dogged by controversy, claims and counter-claims. By talking to your Shepperton dentist you will be able to cut through the hyperbole and access the facts about the use of fluoride. Then you will be able to make an informed decision based on what you have heard.

The primary benefit of fluoride in dentistry is that if your teeth are exposed to it, it will strengthen your enamel. Enamel coats all of your teeth, helps to stop cavities developing and protects the sensitive interiors of your teeth from becoming damaged by the intrusion of plaque and outside elements. As such, fluoride is added to many tooth pastes and has even been supplemented into the water supply in many areas of the world, including parts of the United Kingdom.

But some say that fluoride is damaging to your health. This is partly based on the existence of a condition called dental fluorosis which is what happens when a human is over exposed to fluoride. Dentists on the whole agree that fluoride is a perfectly safe and beneficial substance and the quantities needed to bring on a bout of fluorosis are rather large and unlikely to occur at all. However, children who are under two years of age should not use fluoride in their tooth paste.

The decision is yours and there are tooth pastes which are available that contain no fluoride. If your area has fluoride in the water then you can always choose to drink bottled water instead.

Keeping up with Dental Check-ups in Surrey

Keeping up with your regular, bi-annual check-up in Surrey is the perfect support you need for your already superb oral hygiene program that you carry out everyday at home. Dental products are big business these days and they get the job done superbly; you’ll find a product for every ailment in the mouth and that can only be good for the overall health of your mouth. However, you’d be foolhardy to get complacent and think that you don’t need have a checks-up as often as you should, just because of the products you use, and in all honesty, can anyone truly say that they carry out their oral hygiene techniques with precision each day? This is why you need the back-up of your dentist: bacteria can form in the mouth very quickly that can lead to the growth of plaque and tartar. This is the point at which you are moving into the ugly world of tooth decay and gum disease. At a check-up, your dentist will check for plaque and tartar and remove them by de-scaling and then polished. But it is also the time to have an x-ray to check for the development of tooth cavities. If caught early, they can be remedied with a filling, but if you have missed an appointment or two, the decay will require a root canal to fix the problem. Gum disease also needs to be checked too, and by regular visits, you can discuss with your dentist the best way to overcome these problems and talk about all aspects that concern your mouth, from diet and the products you use, to cosmetic dentistry.

Take care of your children’s oral health with the help of Surrey dentists

Children can be vulnerable to a number of things and, as a parent, you will probably want to do your very best to look after them as well as you possibly can. Don’t let the oral health of your children be an after thought. Any problems that a child develops in his or mouth might have to be lived with for the rest of their time, right through adulthood as a persistent issue.

Thankfully, looking after your child’s teeth is not a particularly complicated issue if you follow a simple series of guidelines. Just like adults, children need to brush their teeth to keep plaque at bay and guard against dental decay and gum disease. You can help them with this, especially when they are very young but it is just as important to instil in them a real sense of responsibility for the health of their own mouth.

Again, just like adults, children should pursue a balanced diet as part of keeping their mouth healthy. This is more the parent’s responsibility because they control the purse strings and cook the food. Sugary treats are to be kept to a minimum of course and brushing and flossing should occur after consumption.

In conjunction with these measures, establish a relationship with a local, Surrey dentist early on. Many cases of dental phobia result from people not being used to visiting the dentist in childhood and developing a fear of it. This can have damaging consequences as the absence of a professional regularly monitoring the health of your mouth can lead to nasty problems springing up.

With the right care your child can look forward to a life time of excellent oral health allowing them to eat, drink and talk in comfort and with confidence.

Dental check ups with Molesey dentists: The best way to keep your teeth healthy

Good oral hygiene will allow you to eat, drink and talk with ease and smile with confidence too. At home you ought to be in the routine of brushing and flossing so that the maximum amount of plaque is removed from your teeth, thereby lessening the risks of dental decay and gum disease. But your dentist needs to play an important part in your oral hygiene too. After all, they are experts in all matters pertaining to your teeth and gums and so it is only right that you allow them to examine your mouth every so often.

Six months is the usually recommended time that you should go between visits to your dentist, unless directed otherwise. When you see your dentist they will give your mouth a thorough examination for signs of things that you might not be able to spot at home. With their special equipment, not to mention expertise, they can notice things like gum disease or dental decay in their early stages so that the problem can be dealt with.

The fact is that many dental problems are really rather easy to sort out if they are caught early on. This is true of oral cancer as much as anything else. A nasty condition which can be fatal, oral cancer can be spotted in its infancy by your dentist during one of their examinations. You might miss the signs if you are only relying on home examinations.

If you feel anxious about visiting your Molesey dentist then you should do your best to overcome the problem, perhaps by arranging an informal visit to meet with him or her in order to discuss your issues.

Practising good Oral Hygiene in Worcester Park

Image is important to us all in Worcester Park these days; at work, at play, wherever. If you’re out there and looking great, chances are that you’re going to feel great and excel at everything you do, giving you the optimum chances of getting everything out of life that you work so hard at putting in. Having great teeth is just part of the jigsaw and good oral hygiene can keep you on track. Keeping your teeth healthy should be part of your every day routine and it starts at home. You’ve seen all the products advertised so get out there, get the ones that suit you and keep your bathroom cabinet stocked with the best you can buy. This starts with the right toothbrush and paste; getting this right at first can be a bit of a lottery, but once your there, half the battle is won. Then we move onto the back up products. Flossing and mouthwashes are considered to be important ingredients in fighting problems in the mouth. Do this a few times a day and chances of problems such as tooth decay and plaque, are seriously reduced. It’s also helps to have painkillers and herbal remedies in-house so you can be ready for any dental emergencies that may crop up. But the greatest insurance you have in the back pocket is your dentist. They can advise you on any issues you have with your mouth, such as what products to choose and how to develop a basic hygiene programme that with keep you smiling without a care in the world.

Surbiton dentists offer expert advice on fluoride

Fluoride is a substance that can help the mouth to defend itself against plaque. Teeth’s natural protection is the durable substance called enamel which is on the outer surface of all teeth. If plaque is allowed to take hold then enamel can be compromised and the teeth themselves interfered with. This can lead to cavities forming in teeth and even dental decay.

Fluoride can be found in tap water and many tooth pastes too. It has been shown to reduce levels of tooth decay by between forty and sixty and per cent. For some, though, fluoride is a subject of controversy and, in the years since fluoride has been added to tap water, there have been a number of claims that fluoride can be harmful to humans.

It is certainly true that a condition called dental fluorosis can occur in young children who have too much fluoride or even swallow a significant amount of fluoride tooth paste. However this is a very rare occurrence and most experts agree on the benefits of drinking tap water that contains fluoride. Around three hundred million people around the world already do so.

It is best that children under two avoid using fluoride tooth paste but for infants above that age, fluoride has been shown to be extremely beneficial in the development of strong, healthy teeth. The amount of fluoride in tap water varies from area to area and it might be necessary to take a fluoride supplement if there are low levels of fluoride in your water supply.

Your Surbiton dentist is able to offer expert advice on fluoride, which tooth pastes are the best and how appropriate fluoride is for your young children.

The need for a check-up in Sunbury

Getting a dental check-up is not always high on most peoples ‘to do’ list in Sunbury. But ignore it at your peril for regular check-ups are important, not only for the hygiene of your mouth, but for the health of your whole body and bank account in the future. It should not be seen as an inconvenience in your diary, but as a chance to identify and sought out problems, and discuss any anxieties that you have about your mouth. The mouth is very complex and complications can build up very quickly if untreated. A build up of bacteria can lead to plaque and tartar, gum disease, cavities and eventually tooth loss. And this can have a knock-on affect throughout the body- heart problems and diabetes. At the check-up, your dentist will examine teeth, gums and tongue for any signs of problems, de-scale plaque and tartar and decide on a course of action for treatment and repairs if required. You can discuss any problems you may have encountered since your last visit. It’s the chance to discuss all manner of subjects, diet, oral hygiene at home, drinking and smoking and the possibility of cosmetic work in the future. It’s an old saying but prevention is always better than cure, and cure can be very expensive in the long run. Basic procedures and cosmetic treatments, though more readily accessible these days, are not getting any cheaper. So, now will you go for a check-up?