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Flushing Oral Cancer away in Surrey

Stepping into a boxing ring in Surrey against the finest boxers the world can throw at you is nothing compared to what is about to come when you are diagnosed with oral cancer- it can be a real scrap. But, because there are some great treatments going around and, if you catch the problem in the early days, you have all the chance in the world of getting through this delicate period. Spot the signs and recognize when something is off track in your mouth: sore throat, constant ulcers, bad breath, ear aches are just some of the signs that you might be in trouble and need to get down to see your dentist for a few swabs and blood tests, just for peace of mind. If the worst news comes back and you have a problem, then this is the time to don the boxing gloves- but you won’t be fighting this alone because once you have gone through the trauma of what can be quite grueling procedures, your dentist will set you up with a package to ensure that you get through the recovery period as best you can. Yes it is a frightening scenario, but prepare yourself and make sure you have the right people rooting for you, and you’ll be as right as rain in the morning and once out of danger, you be stronger than ever before.


Protect yourself from oral cancer with appointment at Surbiton dentist

Like all cancers, oral cancer is the uncontrollable growth of cells that cause damage to the surrounding tissue. Oral cancer visually manifests itself as growths or sores on the soft tissue of the mouth that do not go away naturally. All parts of the soft tissue including the lips, tongue, lining and throat are affected by oral cancer and it can be life threatening if not diagnosed early enough.

The most common symptoms of the disease are painful swellings and lumps or red and white velvety sore patches appearing on the soft tissue areas. Other symptoms include unexplained bleeding in the mouth, numbness or tenderness in any part of the face or neck and unexplained weight loss. These symptoms are the first indicators that you may be suffering from oral cancer so it is important that you make an appointment to see a dentist as soon as possible after discovering any of them.

Certain factors make the contraction of oral caner more likely including smoking or drinking excessively, but male patients, especially overweight ones are also more at risk. Although it is crucial to remember that one fifth of people diagnosed with oral cancer neither smoke nor drink or possess any other high-risk characteristics.

The most important weapon in the fight against oral cancer is regular check ups at the dentist. Surbiton dentists are trained to detect the early signs of oral cancer and can refer you immediately for specialist treatment. Catching the disease early can increase your chances of successful treatment by as much as eighty per cent, which is crucial with such a virulent form of the disease.

Shepperton dentists can help detect oral cancer

Oral cancer will usually first manifest itself as a sore or growth that won’t go away naturally. Oral cancer, which includes cancer of any part of the mouth or throat such as lips, cheek, hard and soft palates and tongue can be life threatening if not diagnosed and treated early.

Men are twice as likely as women to get oral cancer with men over the age of 50 being particularly at risk. Factors that increase the risk of oral cancer include smoking, which can increase your chance of oral cancer by as much as 600 percent. Excessive consumption of alcohol can also increase your chances by a similar degree.

Other factors that can increase the risk of oral cancer include excessive exposure to sunlight and a family history of cancer. People who use smokeless tobacco products such as snuff, dip or chewing tobacco are a massive 50 times more likely to develop cancer of the cheek, lips or tongue. Although it is important to note that a quarter of people who contract oral cancer do not use tobacco products and only drink alcohol in moderation.

The symptoms or oral cancer include: unexplained bleeding in the mouth; the development of white or red patches in the mouth; difficulty chewing speaking or swallowing; swelling, lumps or eroded areas in the mouth; dramatic weight loss.

These are only some of the symptoms so it is always best to consult your dentist if you have any concerns. Your Shepperton dentist can conduct an oral cancer screening exam as part of your regular dental check-up and can perform a brush biopsy of any suspicious looking sores in the mouth. This test is completely painless and involves taking a small sample of tissue for analysis. Your Shepperton dentist will also be able to check for any tissue changes in your oral cavity, neck and head. If oral cancer is detected in its early stages patients have a greater than 80 percent chance of successful treatment.

Visit Sunbury Dentists for Smoking Cessation Advice

Dentists in Sunbury are holding hands together to help people quit their smoking habits. There are many techniques developed which will prove beneficial for the people to come out of their bad habit. Tobacco addiction is increasing nowadays and it is high time to make people aware of the bad effects of this habit. There are many health hazards which can be avoided by stopping smoking permanently. Cancers, renal failures, cardiac complaints and pulmonary diseases can be controlled to a great extent by quitting smoking. Researches are going on with relation to dental surgeries which can decrease smoking in people.

Dental nurses are given special training to deal with patients who are chronic smokers. Counseling will help people to drop their bad habits and try to lead a normal life. According to the recent studies conducted it has been reported that people between the age group of 18 to 45 are getting addicted to nicotine. The constant stress in their life and job are making matters worse. Smoking cessation advice is beneficial for the overall health of the patient. Tooth decay and infections are common in people who are exposed to regular smoking.

This matter should be handled with care as it is sensitive. Oral cancers and gum diseases are often seen in such persons. These ailments occur recurrently and are hard to treat. Dentists can advice people the importance of oral hygiene and the steps they should take to protect their teeth. They can also suggest different food substances which will increase the shine of the teeth. Good oral hygiene is also important to prevent further infections.

Consult a Sunbury Dentist to Quit Smoking

Smoking has an immense detrimental effect on oral health causing oral cancers, gum diseases and poor wound healing apart from causing plaque, tooth decay and dental caries. Studies have shown that smokers are more prone to losing their teeth faster than non-smokers.

Of all the medical practitioners, dentists can play an important role in aiding a person to quit smoking. Since most smokers suffer from periodontal disease, a dentist is always approached for regular check-ups which give them a chance to help kick the habit. Recent research studies have shown that quitting smoking along with gum treatment gives a person healthier gums.

Dentists in Sunbury can also perform the twin role of a smoking cessation counsellor which is very helpful for people who are chain smokers. A dental practitioner or a dental hygienist can hold counselling sessions and is at a much better advantage to advice people on the harmful effects of smoking like development of oral cancer, severe periodontal disease and tooth decay which ultimately leads to premature tooth loss.

Dental practitioners must also educate their patients that poor oral health caused by smoking can lead to other diseases like heart disease, stroke, lung cancer and other respiratory problems. It is a common fact that patients often listen to their doctor’s advice, hence the brief time spent with the dentist can actually be turned into an advantage by talking to the patient about the health benefits of giving up this dreadful habit. Showing pictures of periodontal diseases in other smokers can also be helpful in gaining the patient’s attention and promote smoking cessation.