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Treating Bruxism in Shepperton Through Mulberry Dental Care

One of the most destructive yet most unnoticed conditions that your mouth can suffer from is bruxism, or teeth grinding. Over a long period of time you can destroy your teeth and do dramatic damage to your head, neck and upper back and damage that can seriously impair your health in the future. At first it is difficult to detect, although eagle eyed dentists will be able to spot the problem the next time you go for a check-up. They can issue you with a mouth-guard to protect the surfaces of the teeth from damage when you sleep, the time when most grinding is done, but that doesn’t address nor solve the core root of the problem that causes you to grind- stress. Stress is never good for the soul and it certainly isn’t healthy for your body either. In a busy place like Shepperton, you probably don’t realise how much tension you can put your body through each day, but you will take it home with you and it is at this point of the day that you must release all the stress and tension from your body in order to completely relax and get a worry-free night’s sleep and free from the problem of teeth grinding. This is not as easy as it sounds and it may take some counselling in order to understand the problem and then cure it. Mulberry dental care helps you with advice on stress management and anger management in order to overcome the issue of teeth grinding.

Mulberry Dental Care Identifies the Problems of TMJ for Patients in Molesey

The temporomandibular joint or the TMJ as it is more commonly referred to, is probably one of the smallest of joints in the body, yet does the most important job too for patients located in Molesey and adjacent areas. It is the joint where the bottom jaw meets the top and though very delicate, it relies on the muscle around it to give it strength. Now if you take just one hour in the day and think about how much just how many times the joint is moved and then you can start to see just how much we use and rely on this joint. We are constantly opening our mouths in some way or other, be it gossiping, eating, chewing gum- all manner of things so this tiny little joint has a lot of expectations and stresses placed upon it during a lifetime. What it doesn’t need is extra stress placed upon it. In sports for example, the jaw is badly exposed to impact, especially contact sports, which is one of the reasons why we wear mouth-guards. But the biggest danger to the TMJ is that of stress, because we may be ignorant of the fact we are grinding our teeth that over time, can cause terrible damage to this joint that will take surgery to overcome. If you need to know about your TMJ, you can get information from Mulberry dental care in the area.