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Looking after your TMJ in Kingston-upon-Thames

It probably true to say most of us go through the average day in Kingston-upon-Thames, talking and chewing and biting on some level. If we get stressed, some of us may even resort to grinding our teeth and all these functions rely on the temporomandibular joint or the TMJ; it’s where the bottom jaw is attached to the upper jaw through two little joints, cartilage and muscles. This area has to take a lot of forces everyday, so what it doesn’t need are extra stresses being placed upon it. This is where the work of your dentist comes in, to protect the bite of the mouth using braces, aligners, mouth-guards, bridges and dentures, all designed to ensure the teeth come together correctly to remove any extra pressure from the TMJ, otherwise the jaw can become suceptible to TMJ syndrome; this is where the joints become worn and damaged. Signs of this are clicking when moving the jaw, constant ear and headaches and pain in the upper back that if allowed to continue unchecked, could call for surgery to correct. People who play contact sports need to be doubly careful, and wear the best mouth-guards to protect the mouth and jaw from damage; those who grind their teeth are also at risk as this is considered to be one of the prime causes of the breakdown in the TMJ.

Protect your teeth with a mouth guard from a Molesey dentist

Mouth guards are fairly common in certain sports such as rugby and boxing but you might not know that dentists recommend wearing a mouth guard when playing any physical sport involving contact, balls or high speed. This is because the majority of dental injuries resulting in dental trauma are caused by accidents occurring during sport, and not just high contact sports such as rugby and boxing.

Cracked, damaged or knocked out teeth cannot only be very painful, but they can also be the cause of months or even years of painful and costly dental complications. A knocked out tooth that cannot be instantly replaced will need to be repaired with a dental prosthetic such as a dental implant or dental bridge. These replacements can cost thousands of pounds and usually only last between ten and twenty years. This means that they will need to be replaced possibly several times throughout your life and will never provide the same level of security and comfort of a real tooth.

Mouth guards can provide protection against damage to teeth limiting the risk of the need for this treatment. Although mouth guards are available from most sporting good stores, Molesey dentists recommend you have a mouth guard fitted especially by a dentist for the maximum degree of protection as generic mouth guards can often be ill-fitting and slack.

Wearing a mouth guard may not be the most fashionable thing to wear when playing sport but when compared to the alternative of having a painful and unseemly missing or cracked teeth, it really does make sense. Make an appointment with your dentist to discuss the benefits and costs of mouth guards.