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Patients from Molesey can have a Dashing Dental Implant at Mulberry Dental Care

No patients from Molesey or nearby areas like tooth loss, as it can looks ugly and is unhealthy for the bite of the mouth as well. It can also cause the face to sag, meaning you will look younger than you are.

Dental implants have all the answers to tooth loss and involve a small titanium spike being implanted into the jaw using pin-point laser surgery. Once you have recovered from the short, healing process, the new tooth is attached to your new implant.

To some people, this can sound like quite an extreme answer to tooth loss but you should take heart from the fact that this has now become a refined and routine procedure to have.

Dental implants not only rejuvenate the look of your mouth by giving you a completely youthful aura to your mouth, but also provide the structure your face needs to keep looking young. Teeth are important to us and dental implants can help us to prolong the look of our smiles.

If you have suffered tooth loss you should get down to your dentist and discuss the possibilities of having dental implant treatment.

The freedom of the Mini-Implant in Surrey

It would have been unheard of 10 years ago that you could fit 20 dental implants in a day? Let alone it be available in Surrey?? But it’s true, those Americans, who else, have found the answer. Normally, a mini-implant is more associated with the wearing of dentures. But now it can be used along with bridges and crowns. Prior to having them fitted, you’ll have a consultation and some x-rays taken to assess any tooth decay or gum disease and the best place for location of the implants. If you get the green light, you will then have them placed through precision laser micro surgery. This damages very little of the jaw and gums and heals within two months properly. But don’t worry because you don’t leave the surgery with just a mouthful of tiny spikes, you will be fitted with temporary fittings until the healing is complete, and then an impression is taken of your mouth from which the new fittings are made. Prices for these treatments can vary wildly so you will have to see your dentist about prices and payment plans. But for the freedom you achieve from this treatment has got to be worth investing in.


Taking the plunge with Dentures in Kingston-upon-Thames

It really is a bit of a leap of faith and a nervous one to take when you have to wear dentures; images of teeth falling out and in being dropped into a jar late at night doesn’t do anything to alleviate those fears either. But take heart because there is a new breed of dentures around in Kingston-upon-Thames today and if you take a look at what’s available, it will ease you worries no end. For a start, they look a lot more natural than they ever did, because of the naturally colored softer materials they are made from and also because the material then houses hard porcelain teeth. Being softer also means that it adheres to every crook and cranny inside the mouth. Fixodent’s have also been through an amazing transformation over the years and stick the dentures into the mouth with incredible strength. But the most amazing thing to ever be offered to those who wear dentures is the mini implant. Simple to fit, it’s a tiny titanium spike that is screwed into the jaw in a day: five or six of these to one denture that then clicks onto the little spikes. This removes virtually any chance of the dentures coming out in mid conversation and combined with a Fixodent as well, and you could gnaw your way through a scaffolding pole. Not so frightening now eh?


Surrey dentists secure dentures with mini-implants

Losing your teeth can be a very traumatic experience and can be very embarrassing but there is always the option of wearing dentures to restore the appearance of the teeth. Modern dentures are far superior to the dentures of the past and can look very realistic and be very comfortable. However, even the best pair of dentures can sometimes feel loose and be in danger of slipping out. This is the source of great anxiety for many denture wearers. This often leads many denture wearers to use denture adhesives to keep the dentures in place.

Denture adhesives can be effective but they also have many drawbacks, including that they can be sticky and messy and prevent you from eating certain foods. But there is another option for denture wearers to keep the dentures firmly in place. Mini-implants are small titanium screws that are placed directly in the jawbone to act as a solid base for the dentures. The procedure involves drilling the small screws into the bone and allowing them several weeks to fuse and become set. In this way they actually become part of the jawbone itself and are very stable.

The existing dentures are then fitted with clips that can attach to the implants holding the dentures in position. The dentures can easily clip on and off to the implants so they can still be removed at night and for cleaning. Not only does this alleviate the anxiety of loose dentures but it also means that patients can eat what they like, when they like without having to worry about it being messy or unpleasant.

Mini-implants from Surrey dentists are becoming very popular as a very effective method of dental treatment.

Modern denture technology at Kingston-upon-Thames dentist

Kingston-upon-Thames dentists have been fitting patients with dentist for many years but they say that today’s modern dentures are the best ever. It is true that in the past dentures have left a lot to be desired in terms of realism and comfort but with modern technology, it s now possible to design dentures for individuals that fit well and don’t cause irritation.

Losing your teeth due to decay or some other kind of dental trauma can be a very unpleasant experience. It can often lead to both physical and emotional problems so it is important that a solution is found as soon as possible. In many cases this involves having a set of dentures fitted to restore the appearance of teeth. In some cases these dentures can be ill fitting and loose, despite the fact they are supposed to stay in place by suction around the gums alone. This means that many patients resort to using denture adhesives and gels to keep the dentures in place. These can often be very messy and prevent you from eating various foods.

It is now possible to have mini-implants fitted into your jawbone which will act as a solid base for your dentures. Clips will be fitted to your existing dentures which can snap on and off to the implants, meaning you no longer need to worry about dentures falling out or being loose, and you are free to enjoy whatever food you want. This is just one of the many technological advances that have been made in recent times to improve the standard of treatment for denture wearers. Find out more about dentures at your next appointment with your dentist.

Secure dentures with mini-implants from Surbiton dentist

It is an unfortunate probability that many of us will end up wearing dentures at some point during our lives. Whether it be due to some kind of physical trauma from a head injury or because of tooth decay or gum disease, it is common to loose teeth as we get older. However, denture technology has come a long way since the traditional unrealistic dentures of our grandparents’ generation.

Modern dentures are manufactured to be more realistic and to fit the mouth more accurately. Dentures should ideally be kept in place by suction alone but this is sometimes not the case. Many people resort to wearing denture adhesives to hold dentures in place, which can be messy and unpleasant. But there is an alternative to denture adhesives that can provide the necessary degree of reassurance.

Mini-implants are a series of small titanium screws which are anchored directly into the jawbone and act as a solid and permanent base to attach the dentures. Like larger implants, which are used as anchors for single teeth replacements, mini-implants are a very secure and realistic way to attach artificial teeth.

This solid base can provide a great deal of reassurance for denture wearers concerned about embarrassing loose dentures. Mini-implants will last a lifetime if properly maintained and are very resilient to damage. They will be attached by a Surbiton dentist over the course of several appointments spread over several weeks or months, but the long-term security achievable are more than worth the fitting procedure.