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The joy of Lasers in Dentistry in Kingston-upon-Thames

There was a time in Kingston-upon-Thames when all the dentist could offer you when it came to complex procedures, was a good slicing with a scalpel and a good drilling followed by some hefty stitching afterwards and though this equipment got the job done, the trauma that was left meant some pretty hefty recovery times after the operations. But it worked, albeit a tad draconian. However, take all of these brilliant treatments and lay it at the feet of a laser and it’s like the HMS Victory doctor meeting a counterpart from the USS Enterprise. The laser has been the miracle of the century and has hopefully resigned drills and scalpels to the history books. It does such little damage to tissue when it cuts and so the wound heals fast, which is why it is great for gum contouring and the placing of dental implants. It can wipe away decay in the teeth painlessly and within a couple of minutes, but it can also be used for teeth whitening as well. It is becoming more prominent in dental surgeries, which is only good for the patient, because it has made the basic to the most complex treatments, a precise art-form. If you are keen to know more, you should ask about laser treatment from Mulberry Dental Care.

The Surrey Dentist and the Nervous Patient

If you are of a nervous disposition in Surrey, the chances are that you will find a trip to the dentist quite uncomfortable and your nerves will not make it any easier for the dentist either when it comes to treating you. The people of Mulberry dental care are only too aware of this problem, so maybe you should take a few tips from them before the next time you go for treatments. Your dentist is a very, warm and lovely individual who understands this problem so maybe you should sit down together and have a chat about what it is that makes you edgy- is it the fear of pain, something going wrong? You should enlighten yourself to the type of equipment modern dentists are using to treat their patients with these days; lasers are very vogue right now as the do limit damage and are very painless. But if you are still not sure, the dentist will endeavor further by trying to calm you before beginning with aroma therapy and even music of your choice. Still not convinced? The dentist can lay down his trump card by offering you a range of sedation techniques, from local anesthetics to pills, intravenous injections or gas. You do have these options to choose from and by giving you the choice, you are suddenly making decisions about the way you get treated and with this new knowledge and gusto, you will suddenly find your nerves becoming less of a problem at the dentists, after all there are bigger fish to fry in the world that you should be worried about!

Laser Your Teeth to Health in Weybridge

If you’ve been down to your dentist in Weybridge of late, you may well have noticed that your last treatment was painless and though they say you had a filling, there was a distinct lack of drilling going on.

The truth is that the drill may soon become one of those old fashioned dental instruments, among others, that are on the endangered list, because the age of the laser has arrived. More and more dentists are turning to their use because they are just so efficient and precise.

Start with the drilling process. A normal drill can cause vibration and further damage, but with a laser, it just burns its way into the tooth with extreme accuracy and clears away the decay inside. It is perfect for root canal treatment as it can remove the roots effortlessly as well as the dead pulp. The laser can also be used for gum contouring as it causes the minimal of damage to tissue, making the healing process faster.

Dental implants used to be quite a long, drawn out and cumbersome operation, but thanks to the laser, and a little computer work, the implant can be placed into the jaw in no time at all, with pin-point accuracy, and again with little damage to the gum tissue, increasing healing. Dental implants can be done in a matter of hours today when combined with laser dentistry.

The most popular use of a laser though, is in the use of laser teeth whitening. In as little as an hour you can walk out of the dentists and onto the cover of a magazine- it’s that good. So next time you’re in, ask your dentist all about lasers treatments.


The World of Lasers and Dentistry in Worcester Park

The words scalpel and drill do not exactly fill you with the comfort of thought that you are going to get a painless and beautiful treatment from your dentist, and that is a fair point- because generally you won’t, because the very nature of how a scalpel and drill works involves trauma and careful recovery.

But in many surgeries these days around Worcester Park, there is a new player in town that has revolutionized the way dental treatments are performed, the laser. This carries out work without doing hardly any damage to the teeth or gum tissue meaning that the procedure is virtually painless.

One such treatment is Water-lase, and incorporates a fine jet of water around the laser as it burns. It is so precise that treatments are carried out with the minimum of pain but with maximum efficiency and because little damage is done due to the lack of vibration, recovery afterwards is rapid.

Laser treatment has replaced the drill and you will find it being in all walks of life by your dentist; it can be used for teeth whitening, fillings, root canal treatment and gum contouring.

But possibly its flagship use has come in the placing of dental implants. This was once a complex operation, but now, thanks to the laser, it has become so easy and comfortable to do, getting an implant fitted these day is as simple as having a filling. Pain free dentistry though, come on, who ever thought that day would arrive?!

Painless visits to Weybridge dentist using laser dentistry

Laser dentistry allows dentists to perform many dental procedures with a greater degree of control and accuracy. The precision of a laser enables the dentist to control the exact power output and duration of exposure to the tissue. This means a specific area can be targeted without any damage being sustained by surrounding areas. This has done a great deal to limit the amount of pain felt by patients in dental operations and has assuaged the anxieties of others. If you suffer from a fear of the dentist it is recommended you see a dentist with laser technology who can minimise pain and recovery times.

Minimal pain is just one of the significant benefits that lasers have brought to dental surgery. The risk of post-procedural infection is greatly reduced because the high-intensity light of the laser sterilizes the area where it is working. The light beam also inhibits blood loss during procedures as it acts as a coagulating agent on the exposed blood vessels. This also allows wounds to heal faster and tissues to regenerate quicker, greatly reducing the recovery time for patients. Because of the accuracy of lasers, certain procedures will not require anesthetics, and certain soft-tissue lasers have eliminated the need for stitches.

Lasers can be used for both hard and soft tissue procedures. Hard tissue involves treatment of the teeth themselves in processes such as cavity detecting and dental bonding. Soft tissue surgery involves using the laser to repair and restructure gum tissue.

Laser dentistry has opened the door for dentists to perform many treatments, that were previously though incredibly difficult or even impossible, with relative ease. This has reduced the need for repeat visits and reduced waiting times for other patients. More and more dentists are being introduced to the innovative and exciting world of laser dentistry. Find out if your dentist in Weybridge is using lasers and remove the pain and anxiety from your next trip to the dentist.

Kingston Upon Thames: Your Source for Lasers in Dentistry

Today, lasers in dentistry are becoming very popular. While they cannot take the place of a dental drill, they are being used for a wide range of applications. This includes teeth whitening, as well as gum surgery. If you want to have the benefit of the latest dental techniques, you may want to ask your Kingston Upon Thames dentist if laser based procedures are available.

As with other areas of modern medicine, lasers in dentistry often do less damage to healthy tissue. In addition, many people that have laser procedures recover much faster. Without a question, if you often have a difficult time with wound healing, or other issues, it may be to your advantage to seek laser options.

There are some purely aesthetic procedures that lasers can be used for. In particular, if your teeth are discoloured from smoking or drinking coffee, laser therapy can restore each tooth to a natural colour. Typically, this procedure is much safer than conventional methods. Without a question, if you stopped smoking, or no longer eat foods that stain your teeth, ti may be a good idea to have at least one laser whitening treatment. In some cases, you will be able to enjoy perfectly coloured teeth for at least 2 years.

You may be surprised to find that some of the most common problems associated with gum disease can be managed with laser therapy. In particular, if you have periodontal pockets, your dentist can use a laser to get rid of them. Unlike conventional treatments, you will have far fewer complications.

Each day, lasers therapies become available for a larger number of medical conditions. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that dentistry is benefiting from laser technologies and research. Without a question, if you need to have certain types of procedures, you may want to find out if your dentist can use a laser to accomplish his/her goal.

Weybridge Dentist on Laser Dentistry

When visiting your Weybridge Dental Clinic, you may want to inquire as to whether they perform laser dentistry. The following is a brief overview of the benefits and uses of a dental laser. Laser dentistry integrates state-of-the-art equipment in an assortment of dental procedures and practices. Laser dentistry has not yet been accepted by the majority of dentists, although it increases the precision of treatment, and reduces pain and recovery time. Only about 5% of dentists have lasers available in their offices. It is extremely safe and comfortable, and can vastly improve a dentist’s precision when performing procedures. The benefits of laser dentistry include that anaesthesia or sutures may not be necessary. The dental laser also aids in blood clotting, and the reduction of bacterial infections. Also, oral tissues heal more quickly, and there is much less damage to the surrounding oral tissues.
Several procedures where laser dentistry has shown to be of therapeutic value in dentistry include: the removal of benign tumours; as a dental caries detection device; better viewing of teeth and gum tissues; reduction of pain from cold sores (i.e., fever blisters); crown lengthening; dental fillings, repositioning of muscle attachments; nerve regeneration; sleep apnoea; removal of excess soft tissue(s); teeth whitening; temporomandibular joint treatment; gummy smile, and; tooth sensitivity. Note: Laser dentistry is not used for replacing defective amalgam fillings, onlays, or dental crowns. So, call and visit your Weybridge dentist to see if laser dentistry is for you!