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Looking out for TMJ in Kingston-upon-Thames

Your mouth is very intricate and a lot of things can go wrong with it, but one of the most delicate areas is your jaw-joints. The temporomandibular joints (TMJ) have to do a lot of work each day whenever you open your mouth, so you have to ensure that you are aware of this, look after them and don’t place stress upon them. One of the most destructive elements to the TMJ is teeth grinding and it can wreck your jaws, but you will soon know about it when you find them starting to ache or click whenever you eat or open your mouth. To recover from this may require surgery; you will certainly need to find a way of stopping your grinding problems. Kingston-upon-Thames is lucky to have Mulberry Dental care operating in the town and these are the people to talk to if you are having problems. They are more than happy to offer advice about TMJ issues and can lead you into the right direction to get over any difficulties you may be having. You need to identify this quickly; you will not only be saving yourself from some serious surgery in the future, but saving lots of money in the long run.

A fast fix in Kingston-upon-Thames with the Inman Aligner

Fancy getting those funny old front upper buck-teeth fixed up in a flash? Then you should seriously consider taking a look and the fast and furious Inman Aligner. This is a blast of a device that can have your teeth in place in as little as 6 weeks and although you will require a retainer after in order to stop them springing back again because of the rapid movement- come on, 6 weeks? Who wouldn’t want this? This is a very unique device that is made especially to suit your mouth and once you put it in, it will loosen your teeth up by gently rocking them back and forth and then pull them into the correct position so fast, you will be fixed up and ready to smile again in no time at all. It is also easy to take out and pop in again whenever you need to, so this is brilliant for looking after your oral hygiene throughout the treatment; it isn’t that expensive either so you should really check-out this device as it will finally put paid to those teeth that have been getting in your way all of your life. If this has caught your imagination, then contact Mulberry Dental who operate out of Surrey. They can tell you all you need to know about this wondrous little device and how exactly it can work for you.

Dishy and delightful Dentures in Kingston-upon-Thames

Dentures- whether you like them or not, you may well find yourself having to choose them if you haven’t looked after your oral health over the years. Now for some people in Kingston-upon-Thames, this may come as a real shock and you may well start conjuring up mad images about how dentures look- or did look in the past. Thing is though, modern dentures have changed completely in the way they have been designed and the materials they are made from. They look more natural than ever, cements have improved and with the aid of the dental implant, they stay in the mouth very rigidly. They are also the cheapest option to overcome tooth-loss with. More and more people are turning to dentures because of the shift in how they are manufactured and also because they are easy to manage. If you’d like the full low-down on just how good modern dentures are, then give Mulberry Dental a call; they work the area and are experts in this field.

Kingston-upon-Thames enjoys Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry has gone cosmic over the past few decades and what with TV shows, magazines and the red carpet at the Oscar’s, everyone is clamouring for the benefits that a beautiful smile can bring, but so before you jump in deep, get advice and living in Kinston-upon-Thames, you are served by the best: Mulberry Dental Care of Surrey are around in the area and are only happy to answer any questions that you about anything cosmetic. If anything goes wrong in your mouth, or if you have grown up with an awkward smile, there is nothing that your dentist can’t do for you. If you have a ‘gummy smile’ get it laser treated; discoloured can be whitened with again, lasers or stuff you can buy at the shops, like toothpastes or DIY kits. If your teeth are beyond whitening and are in a bad way, you can have veneers or a touch of cosmetic bonding done to cover up the flaws: braces, aligners and the basics of dentistry are all designed to make you look as pretty as you can. And it goes beyond just the teeth with these wily old dentists these days: they can smooth away the wrinkles around your face as well with BOTOX and dermal fillers so come on, treat yourself and join the elite- because you’re worth it!

TMJ Issues In Kingston-Upon-Thames

When we are young and devil-may-care, we can be forgiven for taking our bodies for granted; we don’t even consider what we put our systems through. But when you break the body down, it is very fragile in places- like the jaws for example. Where the jaws come together on each side, they are hinged by the temporomandibular joints, or TMJ- an abbreviation also used to describe the condition when these joints start to go wrong. They are very tiny and fragile; the only protection they have is from the muscle tissue that surrounds them. Now, they can take the everyday things that are thrown at them, like chewing and talking, but they don’t take kindly to being exposed to extra curricular threats, like from contact sports or teeth grinding; grinding especially can devastate these joints. The first signs of something going wrong are when your jaws click when you chew, or open and close your mouth; they may also ache a lot. You are now descending into a dangerous area because if you don’t identify and stop the cause of the problem, you will need some pretty hefty surgery to repair the damage done. Mulberry Dental Care of Surrey can help you with any problems you may be having with your TMJ and offer their expertise on how to look after them: they serve the Kingston-upon-Thames area- so get in touch.

It’s All About The Inman Aligner In Kingston-Upon-Thames

If you have a problem with your teeth, it doesn’t often take that long to rectify; most treatments are over and done with very quickly and that’s what everyone wants in Kingston-upon-Thames-a quick fix. That is not often the case with orthodontic treatments though, well, it wasn’t until the Inman aligner strolled into town, for this device throws defiance at the orthodontic rule book. It seems impossible to say, but this device can have your teeth straightened in as little as 6 weeks, yes, 6 weeks! And afterwards you will have to wear a retainer for a while, just to ensure the teeth bed in and stay put. The shape and design of the Inman dictates that it can only work on the front upper teeth, so if you fall into this category, you are very lucky indeed. It is a plate that has two springs either side at the back; attached to these is a bar that presses up against the inside of the teeth, and also a wire, that wraps itself around the outside of the teeth and these work against each other when it is fitted into place. In layman’s terms, the device pushes the teeth back and forth, loosening them up before pulling them into position. It is this constant movement, day and night, that moves the teeth so rapidly. The other joy of this aligner is that is removable, so you have no problem brushing your teeth after a meal. If this has wetted your appetite, then get on the phone to Mulberry Dental Care from Surrey-they serve the town and for around £1200-£1500, it has surely got to be worth a punt?


The magic of Teeth Whitening in Kingston-upon-Thames

It is generally thought that if your teeth look beautifully white and healthy, then you are going to have a healthy demeanour throughout your mouth- and it’s true. People who have remarkably white teeth are those that have had them whitened, and your dentist would not allow this to have happened unless your mouth was free from gum disease and tooth decay first. This is why they don’t like you going DIY with your teeth whitening unless you have consulted with them to begin with. DIY teeth whitening is big business around Kingston-upon-Thames: you can buy endless products in the shops to get you started. Bleaching pens are great for touching up the odd off-coloured tooth here and there, whereas, using whitening toothpastes can get you teeth looking sparkly everywhere. But it is the full home bleaching kits, with trays and bleach, which people go mad for- people like to do things themselves and now they have the opportunity. But it seems an odd way to go about things when your dentist can do it for you and give you supreme results. Laser tooth whitening is superb and for only an hour in the chair, plus a £100, you can have a look that you only ever dreamed about before. Contact Mulberry dental care before you make your choices; they may be based in Walton, but they serve the area and can help give you focus in your choices.

Getting the invisible treatment through Invisalign in Kingston-upon-Thames

For today’s generation, and for future generations of people who’ll have to go through the ‘agony’ of getting their teeth straightened, spare a thought for previous generations who went through this with a gob-full of iron work, for you don’t have to. Modern orthodontic treatments are so much faster, and don’t look ugly whilst doing it either. In fact when it comes to Invisalign, you couldn’t tell it was there at all. This wonderful little aligner from the wonderful US of A will straighten your teeth quickly, comfortably and with the utmost discretion. When you start the treatment, you will be presented with a series of completely clear aligners that you will have to change as your treatment progresses and your teeth start to move, being clear, no-one will know you are wearing it, so that has already removed the playground of staffroom ridicule. Throughout, you only need to wear it for around 22 hours a day- it’s removable, so now you have the luxury of brushing your teeth in a normal way too. And to cap this all off, your teeth will be cured of their crookedness in a third of the time it takes for traditional braces to do. Give Mulberry dental care of Walton a call as they can tell you the entire why’s and where’s about Invisalign in Kingston-upon-Thames.

Sealants for your young ones in Kingston-upon-Thames

You are always going to have to be alert when it comes to your children growing up and caring for their health, especially their teeth, as these will always be changing, and with that comes the ever present threat of tooth decay, a ,major problem in children. In the beginning, keeping their teeth clean is down to you until they learn to do things on their own. If you teach them well, it should at least be damage limitation. The real problems come when you send them off to school, because with their new found freedom comes the discovery of all things containing sugar. Now you can try to get them to clean their teeth when they get home, but this is always going to be hard because sweets and drinks are lovely. So, you should drag them to the dentists and have them kitted out with dental sealants. This is a small film of plastic that is melted onto the surfaces of the teeth and prevents any acids and bacteria from eating away at the enamel of the teeth. They are robust and strong, fitted in a matter of minutes and can last from 5-10 years. It is the only way that you can at cross off at least one of the things from your worry list. For more information, call Mulberry dental care in Walton about dental sealants and they will direct you to the right places to go in Kingston-upon-Thames to have them fitted.

Cool Cosmetic Dentistry in Kingston-upon-Thames

If you want to feel really good about yourself and make yourself feel and look a lot younger, then it may be time to call in a little bit of cosmetics, and what better place to start than your mouth. The lips are the first place to start as a cosmetic dentist can sort these out for you, as well as your teeth, with a little botox or some dermal filling to smooth out those ageing craggy lines. Then it’s time to go into your mouth: essentially, if your teeth have jaded a little and become discoloured, then whitening your teeth can work wonders for you; if however, they’ve suffered damage through ageing, dental veneers would be the way to get the perfect look back. But life isn’t always as simple as the above; some people may have suffered tooth loss or even have been born with a gummy smile. Tooth loss can easily be overcome with partial dentures, dental implants and dental bridges. For those who have excess gum around their teeth, it can be easily rectified with laser contouring. Essentially, whatever you have done to improve your smile, your teeth will always need to be healthy from the start so you need to get advice on what you want to have done: Mulberry dental care of Walton serves the Kingston-upon-Thames area and can give you detailed advice on everything cosmetic, and just where and how to go to get it done.