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Cleaning your teeth in Shepperton

You may find hard to believe in a world flooded with dental products, but tooth decay is as strong in Shepperton as it ever was and it leads to one quite worrying conclusion: that people still do not know how to clean their teeth properly. Shocking, well maybe not so, because do you ever really remember anyone showing you how to clean your teeth? Still, in today’s world, there really is no excuse for it. You will find a demonstration on the internet somewhere if you still have problems, but with what you can buy in supermarkets and chemists, there are some fantastic toothbrushes around, especially electric ones that make the process easier to do than ever and that get into places where a generation ago, brushes feared to tread. But also, unlike a generation ago, there’s a whole array of extras to help you get the job done too. Flosses and small inter-dental brushes are designed to remove food and bacteria from between the teeth and are there to accompany the brushing process. Then, there are pastes and powders for every occasion, from some designed to remove plaque specifically, to stain removers and whitening- others for more sensitive teeth that actually help to preserve the enamel on the teeth and are understanding on the gums. And let’s not forget mouthwashes too. Surely with these products around, tooth decay should be on the decline? And then of course, there is also the dentist to sound off to for advice.

Molesey dental hygienists offer best advice about flossing

Dental floss is an efficient way of removing unwanted food and plaque from the teeth and is an alternative tool to using an interdental brush, it is composed of either nylon filaments or of plastic ribbons and is often flavoured to help with freshness of breath. Dental hygienists and dentists such those in the town of Molesey urge the daily use of floss to increase oral hygiene. In combination with brushing flossing can vastly improve your dental health and keep it that way, regular flossing can prevent severe problems such as, gum disease, dental caries (cavities), and bad breath (halitosis). Its use is very straightforward and it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes usually long and string like with a dispenser, however there are some floss brushes which are just as effective. The floss is placed between the teeth and scraped along the edges particularly along the gum areas as this is where food and bacteria tend to build up.