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Getting over the Gummy Smile in Shepperton

If you have been born with an excess amount of gum tissue covering your teeth, you will know only too well how this condition can suffocate the way you smile in public. Similarly, having lips that retract too high above your teeth can also have a detrimental affect on the way you present yourself in front of other people. However, the world of modern dentistry has the answers to your problems and can free you from up in the blink of an eye. Thanks to laser technology, your gums can be contoured easily in about 30 minutes and put the length back into your teeth for a very reasonable price. With the problem of the ‘over-smile’, a simple operation can pin back your lips and stop them from riding up. The freedom that these treatments can give to you are so rewarding and can change the way you smile physically and how you feel psychologically. So if you want to know how, when and how much about these procedures, the people to ask are Mulberry Dental from Walton-on-Thames in Surrey. They serve the area and can supply you with the facts you’ll need to know.


Getting rid of the Gummy smile in Shepperton

The ‘gummy’ smile is not exactly an attractive one to have in Shepperton, but for a very cheap price, you don’t have to have it at all. Laser surgery has made this procedure very simple indeed and once you have paid your money, it will all be over with in thirty minutes. All you require is a local anaesthetic and then the gum tissue is removed from around the teeth that are most prominent when you smile. Afterwards, you may feel some discomfort but nothing that can’t be handled with a couple of painkillers, but the problem would have receded anyway in few days. During this time, it is important to refrain from smoking and be sure to use an antiseptic mouth-wash until your gums are completely healed, by which time you will be back at the dentists to discus whether or not veneers need to be fitted to finish the transformation off. Again, it’s the use of a laser that makes this treatment so quick and affordable. If you would like to know more about this treatment, you should contact Mulberry Dental Care in Walton: they serve the area and can also tell you the best places to go to get this treatment done.

Getting ‘The Sunbury Smile’- A Dentist Explains

Having good teeth years ago seemed to be the domain of the rich and privileged. We are constantly being reminded of how beautiful Hollywood’s teeth are in films and on TV and how the British ‘smile’ was the constant butt of an American joke. But now, cosmetic dentistry is available to all- a dentist in Sunbury explains. There are so many treatments available to give you the perfect smile- what you need and the cost, depends on the amount of work required, but with the range of treatments around, almost anything is achievable. The cheaper end of the market starts with teeth whitening and home bleaching. Kits are available from most chemists and dentists. Then we move up to veneers, crowns and white fillings. These require work from your dentist over a couple of weeks but the results are rewarding. Gums can be contoured to relieve you of that ‘gummy smile’. These treatments have become quite standard, assuming the teeth are generally, in good order. But the prices start to rise when teeth are missing, crooked and decayed. Implants can cost anywhere upwards from £3000 per tooth, as can invisalign procedures. Bridging is an alternative to implants and cheaper, but if you simply can’t bear the thought of these treatments or their prices, there is the option of dentures. If you have the inclination, almost anything is achievable in cosmetic dentistry from fangs to diamond inserts. However, the most important thing to consider is the credentials of the dentist doing the work.

Surbiton dentist can offer advice on gum contouring

Healthy looking gums frame the teeth. This framing of the teeth is just as important as the framing of a picture. Sometimes overly large or misshapen gums can lead to an appearance known as a gummy smile. This excess of gingival tissue affects 7% of adult males and 14% of females when in full smile. Although there is nothing wrong with the teeth themselves, the symmetrical appearance of the gums is just as important to a great smile as the teeth and a gummy smile can often be a source of embarrassment.

The overgrowth of gum tissue can be caused by several factors. It is often nothing more than a hereditary disposition but it can be caused by some common blood pressure medication. Excessive gum tissue can easily be treated by a process known as gum contouring or lifting.

This treatment consists of applying a local anaesthetic to the gums, and a laser is used to remove the small amounts of excess gum tissue and to reshape the edges of the gums. This is usually carried out on the six front teeth on the top row, which are usually most visible when smiling. Discomfort to the patient is kept to a minimum, as the blood vessels are sealed by the laser, allowing for a speedy healing process.

There may be occasion when tissue reshaping alone is not enough to solve the problem. In these circumstances the bone at the root of the front six teeth itself may have to be reduced. This is to make sure that the gums are the standard three millimeters from the bone. If this bone is not reduced there is a chance that the gum tissue may grow back. Although more complicated than a simple gum lift, it is still relatively comfortable for the patient.

Although not completely without risk, gum contouring is a relatively painless way to achieve the smile you always wanted. Surbiton dentist will be able to explain the treatment in more detail and assess whether gum contouring could be effective for you.

Kingston Upon Thames Gum Reshaping with Laser Surgery

Gum reshaping is increasingly becoming popular in Kingston Upon Thames for it addresses several cosmetic issues such as:

• Uneven gums
• Receding gums
• Gummy smile

With the latest technique in laser  surgery, all of these gum conditions can be treated effectively and efficiently. In no time at all, you will be able to smile without feeling self-conscious about your gums.

There are several advantages to laser  surgery. Among them are:

• Immediate results
• Safe and effective
• Cost-efficient
• Non-invasive
• Long-term benefits
• Less visits to your  dentist

If you are interested in a gum reshaping procedure, here are some of the things that you need to know:

• The procedure is done under a local anaesthetic which makes it pain-free
• On the average, the procedure takes about two minutes per tooth
• Gum reshaping can be done in conjunction with other dental procedures like crowns or porcelain veneers
• Healing and recovery period is usually just for a couple of days

In addition to gum reshaping, laser  surgery can be performed as part of the treatment for soft tissue problems, lesion removal and treatment of periodontal or gum disease.

With laser gum surgery, there is no more reason for you to hide your smile. You can enjoy having even and healthy-looking gums – thanks to this simple yet effective cosmetic procedure!

Gummy Smile No More with Shepperton Dentist

You can improve your gummy smile with the expert cosmetic dentistry services provided by your Shepperton dentist.

Gummy smiles refer to having uneven gum levels or low gum lines. There are different ways to correct gummy smiles in Shepperton, usually depending on the case. Some of them include:

• Gum lift plus addition of porcelain veneers to close gaps
• Gum lift, porcelain veneers and aligners

If you are worried about the corrective procedure, your Shepperton dentist will ensure a painless gum lift via laser sculpting. The healing period is even quite short although it may take longer in some cases where extensive corrective procedure is required.

The corrective procedure itself is simple. Your Shepperton dentist will simply look at the way you smile — taking note of the gum lines and teeth alignment. In addition, the crown length is checked as well as the depth of the pocket. After, a gingivectomy plan will be created and drawn with a marker on the gum line. During the actual procedure, you will notice very minimal bleeding on the surgical site. If needed, veneer preparations will be done.

Your Shepperton dentist is equipped with the technology as well as the know how to correct any kind of gummy smiles. You can always consult one if you have questions pertaining to the gum lift or contour procedure. Your Shepperton dentist will be more than happy to answer your queries and assure you of the procedure’s safety.

In no time at all, you will be smiling perfectly and confidently.

Weybridge Dentist on Laser Dentistry

When visiting your Weybridge Dental Clinic, you may want to inquire as to whether they perform laser dentistry. The following is a brief overview of the benefits and uses of a dental laser. Laser dentistry integrates state-of-the-art equipment in an assortment of dental procedures and practices. Laser dentistry has not yet been accepted by the majority of dentists, although it increases the precision of treatment, and reduces pain and recovery time. Only about 5% of dentists have lasers available in their offices. It is extremely safe and comfortable, and can vastly improve a dentist’s precision when performing procedures. The benefits of laser dentistry include that anaesthesia or sutures may not be necessary. The dental laser also aids in blood clotting, and the reduction of bacterial infections. Also, oral tissues heal more quickly, and there is much less damage to the surrounding oral tissues.
Several procedures where laser dentistry has shown to be of therapeutic value in dentistry include: the removal of benign tumours; as a dental caries detection device; better viewing of teeth and gum tissues; reduction of pain from cold sores (i.e., fever blisters); crown lengthening; dental fillings, repositioning of muscle attachments; nerve regeneration; sleep apnoea; removal of excess soft tissue(s); teeth whitening; temporomandibular joint treatment; gummy smile, and; tooth sensitivity. Note: Laser dentistry is not used for replacing defective amalgam fillings, onlays, or dental crowns. So, call and visit your Weybridge dentist to see if laser dentistry is for you!

Sunbury Dentist Can Treat Gummy Smile

While smiling, do you feel you are showing too much gums, in comparison to the amount of teeth that you show? This so-called “gummy smile” can be treated and corrected by your Sunbury dentist. Some causes of a “gummy smile” are: faulty tooth eruption; your upper lip moving higher than it should move; and jaw bone and teeth developmental anomalies. Your dentist will perform a complete dental examination and take impressions and radiographs of your teeth and surrounding hard oral tissues. Your dentist will then evaluate your smile line, facial muscles, size and shape of your teeth, and gingival tissue configuration.
Dental treatments for a “gummy smile” are dependent upon the extent of the problem. Your dentist may refer you to the proper dental specialist to rectify this problem. You may be referred to an orthodontist, oral surgeon, or periodontist, or a combination of these specialties. Your treatment may include: dental laser treatments; surgical lip repositioning, orthodontics, recontouring of the gingival tissue and/or underlying bone, and/or maxillofacial surgery if required to relocate the bone. Therefore it is important for you to visit your Sunbury Dental Clinic in order to educate yourself when it comes to “gummy smile.” This way you and your dentist can work together can get you the best result possible. This may seem like a rather easy dental procedure, and it is in many cases. However, some of the treatment procedure(s) for “gummy smiles” may at times be complicated.