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Straightening your teeth through Veneers in Surbiton

In years gone by, it was generally perceived that to get your crooked old teeth straightened, you would have orthodontic treatment in the form of a brace or an aligner. But in some cases, this can be a long treatment and a seemingly unnecessary one if only the odd tooth is causing you a problem with your smile. Now in this instant, it does seem an awful lot of brace-wearing time for just the odd tooth, which is why people turn to Veneers to get over the problem. A dentist will first take X-rays of the problem to see if a veneer is viable and if so, get then get to work on you. The teeth must first be prepared by shaving away the part of the tooth that offends. Then a cast can be taken and sent off to a lab so that the veneer can be made. When it returns, the new fitting is cemented into place and then ‘cured’ with a heat source: all of this is done in a couple of weeks which is what makes it more attractive than wearing a brace, and it’s cheaper too. Mulberry Dental Care serves Surbiton and can give you top drawer advice on this treatment, along with your dentist as well.

Replacing Veneers more than Once in Weybridge

If you are considering getting veneers fitted, you should do your research first, as there are quite a few on the market to choose from. The Weybridge area is served by Mulberry Dental Care based in Walton Surrey, and they can supply you with all the information you need and you should look into how long a veneer will last and what the implications are of having them replaced. Cosmetic bonding will illuminate your smile again, though being resin based, they will not have the longevity of their porcelain based cousins, but resin being ‘flexible’, it can be removed or simply touched up in the future- it’s a kind of on-going work in progress. Veneers such as Lumineers are generally designed as a quick fix: they a very thin and are simply cemented onto the surface of your teeth. They last anywhere up to 10 years, and if they need replacing (even get damaged), they are taken off and new ones attached- like resin, these veneers can also be taken off altogether. Thicker porcelain veneers however pose different questions. Again like the others, they rejuvenate and beautify your smile brilliantly, but to put these on your teeth involves the removal of the tooth’s enamel first, a process that is not reversible and so once they get damaged or reach the end of their life-span, and you have little choice- they have to be replaced in order to save the surface of the tooth below from acid attacks and bacteria.

Instant Teeth Repairs with CEREC in Sunbury

If you wonder where the future of modern cosmetic dentistry lies in Sunbury, just take a look at CEREC. If you’re in need of a bridge, white fillings, a crown or a veneer, traditionally, that would be a 2-3 week procedure, simply because the moulds taken of your mouth would have to be sent away for manufacture, but CEREC incorporates everything new in dentistry. When you walk in for the treatment, firstly, digital images are taken of your mouth and fed into a computer, which in turn is fed into a milling machine that makes your new fitting on site to the shade that suits your mouth. This process allows your dentist to get your teeth ready for your fitting. The major benefit is that any ‘tweaking’ or adjustments to the fitting can be also done there and then- in one visit! Essentially, what this treatment offers is complete restoration to your teeth in as little as an hour and a half. Now if you’re a person on the go, always busy, but also always need to look good at all time, this treatment is a godsend. It’s getting popular, so prices are tumbling, making it as comparable to traditional ways of fixing your teeth, but without the wait!

CEREC techniques allow Surbiton dentists to treat patients quickly and efficiently

What puts some people off going to the dentist is the thought of having to wait for hours in the surgery for a lengthy procedure to be carried out. If you have a busy life then it might not be possible for you to take the whole morning or afternoon off work to go to the dentist. Thankfully, advances in modern technology mean that the time many dental procedures take has been dramatically slashed.

CEREC techniques harness the very latest in cutting edge computer technology. For example, CEREC has revolutionised the way that porcelain crowns and veneers can be fitted. Your dentist need only take one digital x-ray of your mouth, which is in three dimensions. This is a great improvement on the need for expensive traditional x-rays and the associated lab fees.

This digital data of your mouth can then be sent to an online milling machine. This machine constructs a veneer or crown in an incredible six minutes. Your dentist will then be able to match it to your surrounding teeth and fit it there and then, with no need for temporary crowns or veneers. The reduction in waiting times is a huge bonus for anyone who is on a tight schedule.

Despite the use of such cutting edge technology, techniques using CEREC are actually on the whole cheaper or similarly priced to traditional methods. This is because there is no need for lab fees and the construction of temporary replacements, all of which could add to the price.

If you need a procedure to be carried out in your mouth, talk to your Surbiton dentist and see if CEREC technology can be used to reduce the time the process takes.

Veneers on your teeth can solve many problems. By a Sunbury dentist

A tooth veneer is the reverse of a veneer on a piece of furniture, with furniture it is a natural covering on a substandard wood, with a tooth veneer it is an artificial covering on a natural material. A Sunbury dentist says that veneers are used in cosmetic surgery to cover up a multitude of sins in the dental department. Misaligned teeth don`t look good, they distort a smile because we are conscious of it and how it appears to other people. A veneer can fix that problem quite easily, and indeed many people plump for a veneer to do just that. Chipped teeth can happen to anyone as the enamel on the teeth is quite brittle, as an alternative to losing the tooth and having a denture fitted, a veneer can easily fix that problem too. Discoloured teeth are probably the most common reason for a veneer, when the front of our teeth becomes discoloured it looks awful and a veneer can easily be fitted to replace the enamel that has been damaged. Veneers are made from Porcelain, which is used a lot in dentistry to make artificial teeth, and they are made specifically for individual teeth using digital photography which is scanned into a computer to assist the orthodontist in making them. They are fitted directly onto the tooth after it has been shave of enough enamel for a perfect fit, they can be replaced if they become damaged. The colour lasts around 10-15 years before they need replacing with another veneer.

Tooth Restored Fast by Cerec Technology in Kingston upon Thames

In just one visit, your dentist in Kingston upon Thames can restore your teeth with a ceramic crown, veneer or inlay using Cerec technology.

The process is fast, efficient and precise because the technology uses computerized design and machining. Cerec is used to repair discoloured teeth, a chipped tooth or damaged tooth with a ceramic crown, veneer, inlay or filling.

How is the Cerec process done?
• First, your dentist will examine and prepare your damaged tooth for the Cerec process.
• Then a digital image of your tooth will be taken with a camera.
• Using computer-aided design, your dentist designs your crown or veneer.
• A milling machine will fabricate your crown using high-quality ceramics in just several minutes.
• Your crown will be polished or glazed in a dental furnace.
• The dentist will cement your crown or veneer into place using a chemical bond.

Cerec technology gives you the following benefits:

• Just one visit. At the end of your first visit, the process is done.
• Dentist-designed crown or veneer. Your dentist who has examined your teeth is also the one who will design and fabricate your crown.
• Resistant to cracks. Your teeth, crowns or veneers are made of ceramic blocks that can endure pressure.
• Matched colour. Your crown or new tooth matches your natural teeth.
• Tooth preservation. Much of the strongest part of your teeth is preserved through chemical bonding.

With Cerec technology, you do not need to suffer weeks of temporary fillings or crowns. With Cerec, your dentist in Kingston upon Thames can give you your most captivating smile in just one visit.

CEREC Technology at the Kingston upon Thames Dental Clinic

So, you visit your Kinston upon Thames dental clinic and you need an onlay or a crown to repair and save a severely decayed tooth. You are trying to figure out how much, and how many visits this procedure is going to cost and take, respectively. So, you meet with your Kinston upon Thames dentist and they tell you that this whole procedure will take you one hour. Shocked! Impossible! Not, with the use of CEREC technology. CEREC has been available for some time, and it enables your dentist to prepare, manufacture, and place a new crown, inlay, onlay, or veneer that usually took two weeks, in as little as one hour.
Your dentist prepares the tooth in the usual manner, but instead of taking impressions, a special digital image of your tooth is taken that is converted into a three dimensional computerised model of your tooth which serves as a guide for the new restoration. If your dentist is happy with the newly computerised designed tooth or teeth, the information will be sent to an in-house milling system to make your new restoration out of a high quality ceramic block. This will take form 6-30 minutes, and is dependent on the exact nature of the restoration.
Available in a wide array of shades to blend well with the surrounding teeth, the ceramic can also be stained and coloured to more accurately mimic the surrounding teeth. The restoration is then polished or glazed in a furnace, and then cemented into place. Several advantages of CEREC over other dental procedures that perform similar restorations are the shortened time and single dental visit required, no temporary restoration(s), the control that the dentist has over the procedure versus using an independent dental laboratory, and the minimal cost difference compared to the other dental restorations that take several visits.