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The logical solution- Lumineers in Weybridge

The problem of fading teeth, for whatever reason, needs a logical solution if you are to keep looking your best, and there is none more logical than having Lumineers fitted to hide away the problems. All you have to do is to pop into your dentists and get yourself measured up: all this involves is simply have moulds of you teeth made up so that fittings can be made up. In a matter of weeks, they with arrive and all that you need to do then is simply have them cemented over the surfaces of your teeth. Sounds easy eh….it is, but the affect it will have on your smile will be mesmerising. It will hide up general wear and tear, gaps and cracks; it will even hide any signs of receding gums. This will not only turn back the years for you but it will do wonders for your self-confidence. If this is for you, give Mulberry dental care a call for more information; though they are based in Surrey, they serve the Weybridge area…..what are you waiting for?!


Lush your smile in Kingston-upon-Thames with Lumineers

There are different types of cosmetic treatments around Kingston-upon-Thames that suit different people, but if you are one of those that is always on the move and need to look at your best at all times, you need to have your teeth looking at their best at all times and if something goes wrong, you will need a quick fix to get your teeth back on track. Lumineers fall perfectly into this bracket and can restore the sheen to your smile. They are an extremely thin patented-porcelain veneer that cover the surface of the tooth and hide things in a hurry. Preparation involves taking a mould of your teeth and then waiting until the lumineers have been made. Now in most cases this could take a while, but combine the lumineer with CEREC and you could be in and out in an hour because they can be made on the spot. And then, they are simply glued onto the surface of your teeth and away you go. Although they have a throw away quality to them as they have a short life span in the scheme of all cosmetic things dental-wise, but they are quite robust when fitted and the treatment can be reversed- unlike porcelain veneers.