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The huge benefits of Lasers in Dentistry today in Kingston-upon-Thames

About 40 years ago, it would be safe to say that the world of dentistry was in limbo: it was coming up with all these remarkable ideas and concepts which seemed to work okay, yet the tools to see these ideas through were holding the treatments back; scalpels and drills did the job, but also did a lot of damage too, which meant the recovery period after any procedure could be lengthy. Then one day, the laser came along and from that point on, dentistry set itself free. The wonderful thing about laser surgery is how slick it is: it works without vibration, so causes minimal damage to your teeth; it cuts through tissue without causing the surrounding areas trauma like a scalpel would, and hence removes the need for stitching. And as laser surgery developed, it began being used for all manner of dental treatments; the obvious benefactors of this are tooth decay treatments- now quick and painless. More intricate operations like solving periodontal and gum disease conditions have been massively improved thanks to laser surgery. Gum contouring too has radically changed and can be done in as little as 30 minutes and variations on the theme can also whiten your teeth effectively in an hour. But probably the best example of the way the laser works is in the treatment of tooth loss and the placement of dental implants; once very complex, you can now have them fitted in a day. If you want to know more about how lasers have defined the future of dental treatments in Kingston-upon-Thames and how you can benefit, Mulberry Dental of Walton-on-Thames in Surrey can tell you all you need to know.


The joy of Lasers in Dentistry in Kingston-upon-Thames

There was a time in Kingston-upon-Thames when all the dentist could offer you when it came to complex procedures, was a good slicing with a scalpel and a good drilling followed by some hefty stitching afterwards and though this equipment got the job done, the trauma that was left meant some pretty hefty recovery times after the operations. But it worked, albeit a tad draconian. However, take all of these brilliant treatments and lay it at the feet of a laser and it’s like the HMS Victory doctor meeting a counterpart from the USS Enterprise. The laser has been the miracle of the century and has hopefully resigned drills and scalpels to the history books. It does such little damage to tissue when it cuts and so the wound heals fast, which is why it is great for gum contouring and the placing of dental implants. It can wipe away decay in the teeth painlessly and within a couple of minutes, but it can also be used for teeth whitening as well. It is becoming more prominent in dental surgeries, which is only good for the patient, because it has made the basic to the most complex treatments, a precise art-form. If you are keen to know more, you should ask about laser treatment from Mulberry Dental Care.