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Pure Dental freedom through Implants in Kingston-upon-Thames

It can be quite tragic when your teeth start to fall out- for whatever the reason in Kingston-upon-Thames, but it is also the most imperative time to do something about it in order to maintain the future health of your mouth….and that may well involve getting a replacement if your tooth has been lost. There are several ways you can go about this but one of the more permanent options is to have a dental implant fitted. Once a very complex treatment, this has now become a very simple procedure thanks to the evolvement of technology and you can be in and out in a day now. Yes, you still have to have a titanium rod screwed into your jaw, but it has never been easier, and once it is in, it’s there for life and devoid of infection and problems from infection. This sort of surgery can be done in a day now and it will give you a freedom that dentures never can. It can be a little pricey compared to other treatments, but you can set yourself up with insurance or a payment plan- just ask Mulberry Dental who serve the area, because this is a far better option to dentures and again, the freedom gained from this is unbelievable when it comes to tooth loss.


The instant benefits of a Dental Implant in Surbiton

The problem of tooth loss is always going to be hanging over us throughout our lives. It can happen suddenly through injury, or it can catch up with us later in life through gum disease or tooth decay. How it happens is not so much the issue, as is, what you are going to do about it. The thing is, it is important to get a tooth replaced: it can prevent further complications and help retain your smile. There are options, but before you settle on a choice, give Mulberry dental care of Walton a call (they serve the Surbiton area), and find out as much as you can about dental implants. This is probably the most solid and permanent solution to tooth loss, and has become refined and cheaper over the years as well. Laser technology has made this a very simple procedure to have done: It involves first taking digital x-rays of your mouth to determine the precise point the implant should go. Then the laser will make a hole through the gums and into the bone, into which the implant is screwed. This can be over with in an hour and because a laser causes the minimal amount of damage, healing is quick and in some cases, you can be fitted with your new tooth the same day.

Shepperton and Multiple Dental Implants

If you have suffered badly from tooth loss and are searching for a way to overcome the problem, there are two ways you can tackle this: you can opt for dentures or you can have dental implants and crowns fitted. Implant surgery has become a very simple procedure to have done these days, to the point that you can have many fitted at one sitting. Ironically, multiple dental implants can also be used to help anchor dentures as well, and many mini versions can be located and ready to use in a day. Such ability to place so many implants in such a short time means that it is over and done with quickly so that any new fitting can be put in straight away. Of course there will be a healing period, but this has been vastly improved because of accurate keyhole surgery done by lasers. Implants are also in for life and are very robust as well, so they will go the distance. However it is one of these treatments that has a lot of stigma attached to it and so for some people to go down this route, they need to know all of the facts first. If you live in Shepperton, you can always call Mulberry dental care over in Walton; they serve the area and are only too willing to give you information about multiple dental implants and the surgery involved.

Getting Multiple Dental Implants in one go in Shepperton

Most dentists have gone crazy for the dental implant, as have their patients and it is quickly becoming the most sort after treatment in order to overcome the problem of tooth loss, just ask the people of Mulberry Dental care who serve the Shepperton area from Walton in Surrey. But although the procedure has become as simple to do as a filling, if your teeth have been lost due to decay and gum disease, you may have lost some bone in the jaws, so you’ll need a bone graft and possibly some tissue graft before you can have the implant screwed into your jaw bone. If you have suffered serious tooth loss, you will have to have multiple implants in order that your new teeth can be attached. If your jaws and gums are in fairly good nick, you can have a one-step procedure where the implants and abutments (new teeth) are fitted in the same day: laser technology has allowed all of this to happen and reduces injury whilst enhancing healing and recovery. However, the two step procedure is better as it allows the dentist to monitor how this ‘alien’ root has been accepted and it also allows the gums and bone to recover from the trauma of this foreign invasion. Multiple implants can allow individual abutments to be fitted, or to have sections of three teeth joined together (a bridge) put in place. Whatever you have done, implants are in for life and have allowed a freedom to sufferers of tooth loss that dentures can never offer. In fact, they may also signal the death of the denture in the not so near future.

The Delightful Dental Implant in Surrey

For some people, the idea of anything dental related being delightful would take a lot of convincing, but when it comes to overcoming tooth loss, the dental implant truly is delightful. The amount of freedom it restores to the mouth after teeth have gone AWOL is incredible. It’s not a difficult procedure to have done either, whatever history says. In the past, the operation was fraught with problems because it was all done with traditional drills and scalpels. Now however, the introduction of the laser to dental procedures has made having a dental implant fitted as simple as having a filling done. Your mouth will first have a series of digital images taken and then fed into the computer in order to pinpoint the exact location where the placement should be made. Then, a laser burns a tiny hole through the gum tissue and into the jaw bone, after which, the tiny titanium implant is screwed into the bone. The joy of the laser is that it does a minuscule amount of damage and hence, the whole area recovers and heals extremely fast. Then when the healing is complete, the new tooth (crown) can be attached to the implant and you are as good as new (in some cases, when using mini-implants, such fittings can be fitted in a day). The joy of going down this route is that an implant is nowhere near as vulnerable to bacterial infections as your normal teeth, it’s as strong, if not stronger than your old teeth and once in the mouth, you have your implant for life. For more information on implant surgery in Surrey, you should contact Mulberry Dental Care of Walton.



A Surrey practice backs Dental Implants in Weybridge

A few of us in Weybridge may be wary of having dental implants as in the past, it was a very intricate procedure that took months and months to recover from, but as a Surrey practise is quick to point out, dental implant procedures have advanced tremendously with wonderful technology. In the past, the treatment was done with scalpels, drills and stitching of the gums, but with modern lasers and healing aids, you can have a titanium implant placed into the jaw in a matter of hours and seeing as a laser burns a tiny hole through the gum and into the bone, there is minimal damage, quick healing and no need for stitches. As with all alien additions to the body, there will be a recovery period, but this is really minimal, especially with mini-implants. The thing about having dental implants though is that they offer more freedom to the wearer than those who opt for bridges or dentures. When they are fitted, they will last for life, it is only the crowns that may break down, in which case, they are simply replaced. They are also free of the normal infections and problems that threaten a normal tooth and root. If you want this, you should consult your dentist and set up a payment plan in order to spread the costs, but you’ll never look back once it’s done.

The Debonair Dental Implant in Kingston-upon-Thames

You have probably heard about it, wanted it, but never thought you may be able to afford it- a dental implant, well think about it again.

This is rapidly becoming the treatment to have in Kingston-upon-Thames if you’re confronted with tooth loss in some form or other. It is a treatment that thanks to the laser, computer and 3D imaging etc, has become as easy to perform as having a veneer fitted.

It still sounds pretty painful, what with having a tiny titanium spike screwed into your jaw through your gums, but a laser does this with the utmost precision and with the minimal of damage, so that your mouth recovers quickly. It is so fast that you can have one fitted in a couple of hours.

Dental implants are starting to resign the dental bridge and dentures to the history books. The dental implant is robust and possibly better than the original root, as it will last for life and your teeth and gums are not as vulnerable to the abuse of bacteria. Your new teeth will also be very strong whilst looking unbelievable natural and restore the freedom to your mouth you may have thought you’d lost forever.

But the growth in the popularity of this treatment is not just borne out of how efficient and fast it is, it is also because the costs involved can be met by anyone. You can pay into dental insurance and payment plans that will help you to spread the costs if need be.

Dashing Dental Implants in Sunbury

If you are a little squeamish, especially about any dental procedures in Sunbury, you may find the idea of having a dental implant fitted into your mouth heavy reading, but make sure you are on the right page before you dismiss this treatment because implant treatment has become far more refined and sophisticated as the technology surrounding it has moved on. Yes, the idea or having a titanium spike screwed into the jaw does sound a little gruesome, but if you read up on it, you’ll be happy to find that this treatment has become as easy as having a filling. Keyhole laser surgery has meant that an implant can be located with the utmost precision and with the minimal amount of damage to the surrounding gum tissue meaning that your mouth recovers quickly. But the real advantage of having this done is that once the implant is in, it is as strong as your old root and once this is in- pretty much for life, you can use it to attach a new crown to, a bridge or to help keep your dentures locked into. You may also be surprised to find that this treatment has become reasonably priced, because it has become widespread. It has become the more preferred alternative to tooth loss.

Shepperton dentists replace lost teeth effectively with dental implants

There are many potential causes of tooth loss. Gum disease – which as many as three quarters of the adult population in Britain suffers from – is a major cause of tooth loss, more so than tooth decay itself. A one off accident can loosen a tooth, leading it to fall out. Sometimes poor health generally might cause teeth to fall out. Whatever the cause, it is vital that you have them replaced so that your mouth can function as it should.

An increasingly popular option to replace lost teeth is through the use of dental implants. Dental implants act as substitutes for the lost root part of the tooth. They are a bit like a socket for a false tooth and represent a long term and particularly stable option which allows you to treat the replacement just like a regular tooth.

Your dentist will need to make an incision into the gum in order to place the implant. This is usually done under local anaesthetic. The implant is placed against the jaw bone so that it can fuse with it. This process of osseointegration provides the tooth with an incredibly stable foundation. The titanium that dental implants are made from are ideally suited for this process and are extremely lightweight and durable too.

If you have lost more than one tooth, a replacement tooth installed with a dental implant can support more replacements using the dental bridge technique. Once installed, dental implants provide a solution to lost teeth that should last you a life time. Even your closest friends won’t be able to tell that you have had some of your teeth replaced as modern replacements are incredibly natural looking.

If you have lost a tooth or teeth, talk to your Shepperton dentist today about the solutions offered by dental implants.

Getting a dental implant in Kingston-upon-Thames

Losing a tooth is a scary moment, losing them all and the thought of dentures can signal the end of the road for some people. To have a dental implant was once considered to be an operation of Frankenstein proportions, for which you had to sell your soul, just to pay for the treatment. How dentistry has changed, even for those in Kingston-Upon-Thames.

Though the general principle behind having an implant hasn’t changed, installing metal into bone and the fitting of a new tooth, has, due largely to the introduction of computer technology and micro surgery. Treatment times are falling too thanks to new healing processes. When first introduced, the procedure could take up to a year to heal, now it’s fallen to around 4 months and in the case of mini implants used in conjunction with bridges and dentures, the whole treatment is over in a day. Having an implant now is not only considered to be as strong as the real thing, but even to look better than the real thing. Implants are seen as the future of teeth replacement and will soon resign the embarrassment of wearing dentures to the history books. As implant technology improves, prices fall, making it more accessible to all. An implant is available today for as little as £1000 and if you are not in a position to pay for the treatment you need in one go, take out a dental plan and you’ll never have to worry about the future of your teeth again.