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That Crowning glory in Molesey

Dental crowns have been used for decades now and they have a very good track record, just ask Mulberry Dental who are experts in all fields of dentistry- and you are lucky because they operate around Molesey. The idea behind a crown is to repair or replace anything that has gone wrong in your mouth. From a health angle, getting your teeth back on track, for whatever reason, is imperative in protecting the occlusion of your mouth- one of the main priorities in dentistry. Crowns come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the work you require, but they are perfect for repairing damage caused by tooth decay, or filling up a gap where a tooth has been lost. Generally, the crown you choose is dependant on the type of work it has to do: at the front of the mouth, a pure porcelain crown is perfect for doing the job of stabilising the rest of the teeth around it and for looking natural too. Gold is also and option as well, for it does have a sense of ‘cool’ attached to it. But gold is also very durable and is perfect for areas that have to endure a lot of forces going through them, like the back of the mouth where a lot of chewing is done. Prices vary from dentist to dentist, so you should shop around a little, but don’t leave it too long- this is your oral health we are talking about here.


Advice from Mulberry Dental Care on Dental Implants in Weybridge

If you have ever had to have a major piece of surgery done in Weybridge on your body, it’s a stressful time, especially if you have to have an alien fitting made from a material that the body is not used to- this can also put an extra strain on you as your system tries to adjust to the ‘foreigner’. In dentistry, having a dental implant fitted is the same, and in time gone by, it could be an extremely complex operation. That was then, for dentistry has made incredible leaps forward with laser technology and computers, and procedures like dental implants have become as easy as having a plaster put on your finger. Yes, it does still involve a small titanium rod placed into the jawbone, but lasers have reduced the amount of stress placed onto the operational area, and that alone allows the gums and jawbone to recover faster. What the dental implant gives to your mouth however is phenomenal; an implant is going to be there for life and via any sort device you choose to put the smile back on your face….bridges, dentures or crowns, you will regain an incredible sense of freedom after tooth loss. This treatment is on your doorstep and if you have suffered from tooth loss for any reason, you should contact Mulberry dental care, get the advice you need and then plump for the treatment- pricey maybe, but get the right financial people on board and anyone can get this done.

Crowning Your Teeth in a Day in Shepperton with CEREC

Crowns are one of those fittings in the mouth that have evolved over the decades as new and more stronger materials have been found to make them from. But generally fitting them would have taken anywhere up to a month to fit, but oh, modern dentistry, don’t you just love it! In Shepperton right now is a style of treatment which can have you in and fitted with a new crown in under an hour- CEREC. It incorporates all that is brilliant about computers and digital imaging: when you go along for your treatment, your teeth will first be digitally x-rayed and images taken that will then flash up on a computer screen, along with an image of your new crown. The dentist will then feed the information into an engineering dream of a machine that will create your new crown out of a single block of zirconium based ceramic (extremely strong) in as little as 15 minutes, during which time you will be cleaned up and readied for your crown, which then done is fitted straight away. The beauty about this is that if there are any flaws in the crown or it is ill-fitting, it can be refined on the spot, as opposed to sending it away again. Mulberry dental care can help you make your choices and tell you where to go for treatment, but if you are in a rush, what better way to get your mouth sorted out- an hour!!


Mulberry Dental Care can Help Fill in Lost Tooth Gaps for Patients from Kingston-upon-Thames

If you happen to go through the experience of losing a tooth, it can initially leave you in a state of shock.

At first you may not know what to do about replacing your missing tooth, but that’s why we have dentists and Mulberry dental care is on hand for patients from Kingston-upon-Thames and neighbouring areas who are in need of dental restoration.

For some people it isn’t a problem, there isn’t an issue of how it looks cosmetically, in fact, it can look quite ‘tough and ready’. But problem of vanity isn’t the question here, the future health of your teeth and gums is.

Losing a tooth can have a knock-on effect in your mouth, as teeth can move and infection can spread. The real solution to both cosmetic problems and your long-term oral health is to fill in the gap left by a lost tooth and one of the most popular methods is to have a dental bridge.

In simple terms a dental bridge means having ‘new’ artificial teeth bonded to the opposing teeth left at either side of the gap. In some cases this means a combination of wires from the new fitting being wrapped around the surrounding teeth and then bonded with resin. If the tooth or teeth have been lost in the middle of a row, the new teeth are bonded onto two crowns and then cemented over the original, adjacent teeth.

The procedure is easy to do and durable as well- lasting up to a good 20 years with care and affection.

Patients from Molesey Receive a Helping Hand in Their Choice of Dental Crowns at Mulberry Dental Care

The wonderful thing about Mulberry dental care is that it has the answers to all of the dental queries of patients from Molesey and nearby vicinities, especially when it comes to the delicate subject of teeth reconstruction.

If you have suffered with serious dental decay and have had to have a root canal treatment, you will have to have a crown fitted in order to reinstate the strength and size of the tooth. This will protect your bit and, of course, keep your smile looking pretty.

The most common crowns are made from porcelain and porcelain-over-metal. Both look attractive in the mouth, although the latter is designed more for strength, but the real show off/trendy option is to have a crown constructed from gold. This has enormous strength, whilst bringing a very youthful, ‘in’ look to your smile.

Your dentist will also help you make an informed decision, which will help restore the strength and appearance of your smile.

Pretty Porcelain in the Mouth in Molesey

Next time you take a trek in Molesey to the museum, really take a good look at anything porcelain; feel it, touch it and look at it and once you have enjoyed the moment, consider something like that in your mouth and what it could do for you. If you have been neglecting your teeth and are suffering from a little tooth decay, there’s a good chance that you are going to have a root canal to save the tooth, or if you have lost the tooth altogether, have an implant to attach a crown to. You can pretty much have a crown made from anything that takes your fancy, but if you want to look natural, a porcelain crown is most definitely an option to consider. Fragile they may be but if you put a full porcelain crown towards the front of the mouth where biting stresses are not so intense, it will well and truly compliment the teeth around it. At the back of the mouth however, you may be better off opting for something a little stronger- like porcelain-over-metal crown that can take all the heat that you throw at it. For the health and natural beauty of your mouth, porcelain crowns will retain and support both of these elements and at a reasonable price too.


The benefits of Dental Crowns in Sunbury

You’d like to think that people in Sunbury would know how to care for their teeth what with all the lovely little oral hygiene products on sale in the shops. But, we are all human and can make mistakes when it comes to looking after our teeth even if we are using the best that dental companies can throw at us. The problem is, things can go astray very quickly in the mouth: plaque soon turns to tartar, and this can lead onto gum disease and tooth cavities and before you know it, tooth decay. When the problem is at level, you are going to have to have a root canal, followed swiftly by having a crown fitted. Dental crowns help to restore the shape of the tooth and ensure you retain the ‘bite’ of your mouth; they also help to keep the beauty of your tooth. You have a choice at this point as to what ‘style’ of crown you can choose- if you have the money you can have it made from anything that floats your boat, but you should also consider where the crown is to be fitted as different areas of the mouth go through different stresses. All porcelain crowns are pretty and look so natural, but they are the ‘weaker’ option so they would really be best at the front of the mouth. Gold and porcelain-on-metal crowns are toughies on the over hand and can take a good bashing- especially is you love your food so these would be your good choices towards the back of your mouth.


Using CEREC techniques is a great way to speed up common dental practices, say dentists in Sunbury

Dental surgeries all over the United Kingdom are being improved through the infiltration of new technology. The benefits that this brings to patients are something that many people are getting a great deal of satisfaction from. The use of digital techniques is allowing patients to be in and out of the surgery quicker than ever and they find that common dental practices are a great deal quicker than they used to be.

CEREC is the commonly used name for practices that employ digital and internet techniques in dentistry. The most significant way this is affecting dentistry is in the way that traditional x-rays are being phased out of use in many practices. The traditional x-ray is flat and displays images in only two dimensions. What’s more, these useful but flawed images have to be sent off and developed in specialist labs, adding to the cost and increasing the overall time that treatments take.

Digital x-rays used in CEREC-driven treatments yield images that are presented in three dimensions and navigable on a computer screen. This means that only one image needs to be taken and it can then be used in conjunction with internet technology, giving practice an efficient edge.

A good example of how CEREC techniques are changing dentistry is when it is used in the process of fitting porcelain dental veneers or porcelain dental crowns. Many dental surgeries, including some in Sunbury, now have so-called ‘online milling machines’ which are hooked up to the internet and can construct crowns or veneers in a matter of minutes when the data from digital x-rays is fed into them.


Get dental crowns from Sunbury to improve the appearance of your smile

Having a smile you can be proud of means you will be showing it off at every opportunity. This will put others at ease in social occasions and means you will get along with people better. The boost this gives to your confidence will be huge. But how can you do this if you have lost a tooth or have a tooth that is broken down or cracked? Dental crowns might be the answer you have been looking for.

Dental crowns can be fitted over broken down teeth or placed where you have lost a tooth. They are basically replicas of teeth and modern dental crowns are incredibly life like, with your dentist able to match it to your surrounding teeth in terms of colour, shade and even texture.

They are also incredibly convenient to have fitted thanks to advances in technology. CEREC techniques allow your dentist to take a digital image or x-ray of your teeth and send it to an online milling machine. This machine can construct your dental crown in about six minutes and it will be ready to fit there and then.

Having matched the crown to your surrounding teeth, your dentist will clean the area of any debris and attach it using a strong dental bonding agent. The result is a lifelike appearance that is incredible durable. Modern dental crowns are usually made of porcelain which is extremely lightweight but extremely hard wearing.

In time you will even forget that you ever had a dental crown fitted because they can be treated just like regular teeth. If you would like more information, talk to your Sunbury dentist the next time you see him or her.

The advantage of Cerec in Weybridge

“I just don’t have time to get to the dentist and get my teeth done- I’m too busy.” Sound familiar? But what if you could get everything ship-shape and shiny in around an hour? Well, help is on hand in Weybridge with CEREC treatment. This treatment can fit crowns, veneers, inlays and bridges and it’s comparable in price to traditional methods. It’s incredibly simple. You arrive at the dentist and have a digital image taken of your teeth, that’s fed into a computer. The product is manufactured there and then in around 15 minutes to correct colour and size. Whilst this is going on, regular dental treatments can be carried out as well as the preparation for the fitting. If any problems arise, they can be rectified on the spot, unlike the more traditional wait of a couple of weeks. If you consider that this can be combined with other treatments such as ZOOM! whitening, it’s possible to go into the dentist as an ugly duckling and come out a swan in the same sitting. That’s the beauty of this technology- speed and results. Ok, so you may have to miss lunch, but you’ll look fabulous eating dinner!