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Time for your Dental Check-up in Sunbury

Okay, going to see your dentist may not be top of your yearly agenda in Sunbury, but just give Mulberry Dental a call, they serve the area and will tell you just how imperative it is to go along for a check-up. Your teeth and gums can go wrong very quickly; gum disease and tooth decay can set up stall very quickly inside your mouth and though you try a do everything you can at home to stop such problems from happening, they will happen the moment you drop your guard, which makes it vital that you keep visiting your dentist for a check-up. You will miss things which your dentist will spot with an x-ray or a poke around your mouth and if need be, patch you up with a filling or two. But it should be a time to chat about your oral health as well and discuss such things as cosmetics, the future of your teeth and gums, and how you can avoid the pitfalls that will devastate your mouth. Talk about your lifestyle, your diet and the way you live your life and maybe come up with a plan to avoid all those nasty things that can not only ravish your mouth, but also cost you fortunes in the future.


Molesey dentists are ready and waiting for patients in need of a dental visit

With excellent care of your teeth at home, you should find yourself with a handy set of strong teeth and healthy gums. This will help you to eat, drink and talk with ease and look good too. Even if your standards of home care are excellent, it is still worth your while to visit your local dentist every six months, just to have things checked over by a professional. Find out more about what you can expect at one of these dental visits.

Your dentist will be looking to check every area of your mouth thoroughly to ensure that it is in good health. Your teeth will be examined in detail to check that the enamel is fully intact and not succumbing to the acidic influence of erosion from plaque. The alignment of teeth will be checked too as having misaligned teeth or teeth which are too bunched up might cause bruxism or make cavities more likely. If you are of a certain age then the development of your wisdom teeth will be monitored too.

The gums will be checked over too as their health is paramount for your mouth. Inflamed gums that are experiencing gingivitis can start a process that might end with periodontitis and a substantial risk of tooth loss. If gingivitis seems to be present in the mouth then your dentist might advise you to brush more thoroughly or make sure that you floss. In some cases, antibiotics are prescribed to the patient.

Book an appointment to go and see your Molesley dentist at the next opportunity. Don’t be embarrassed if it has been a while since you last had a check up.

Keeping up with Dental Check-ups in Surrey

Keeping up with your regular, bi-annual check-up in Surrey is the perfect support you need for your already superb oral hygiene program that you carry out everyday at home. Dental products are big business these days and they get the job done superbly; you’ll find a product for every ailment in the mouth and that can only be good for the overall health of your mouth. However, you’d be foolhardy to get complacent and think that you don’t need have a checks-up as often as you should, just because of the products you use, and in all honesty, can anyone truly say that they carry out their oral hygiene techniques with precision each day? This is why you need the back-up of your dentist: bacteria can form in the mouth very quickly that can lead to the growth of plaque and tartar. This is the point at which you are moving into the ugly world of tooth decay and gum disease. At a check-up, your dentist will check for plaque and tartar and remove them by de-scaling and then polished. But it is also the time to have an x-ray to check for the development of tooth cavities. If caught early, they can be remedied with a filling, but if you have missed an appointment or two, the decay will require a root canal to fix the problem. Gum disease also needs to be checked too, and by regular visits, you can discuss with your dentist the best way to overcome these problems and talk about all aspects that concern your mouth, from diet and the products you use, to cosmetic dentistry.

The Importance of a Dental Check-up in Shepperton

If you’re a 24 hour working and party animal in Shepperton, chances are you have little time to fit anything else in to your diary. You will probably find going to the dentist an annoying inconvenience as well unless in an emergency. Well if you carry on in this vein and ignore the needs of your teeth, chances are you won’t have any teeth to worry about in 10 years time. Having a regular dental check-up is not only imperative to the health of your teeth, but to the health of your body too. Ignore it at your peril, for your dentist is the person who can prevent you from ill-health now and health complications later on in life. Poor oral hygiene can lead to oral cancer, tooth loss and even heart disease- a dental check-up can prevent this from happening. When you pay a visit, your dentist will carry out the normal things that you’ve come to expect; they will check for decay, gum disease, cavities and then be able to rectify them- they will also remove any build up of plaque and generally clean your teeth. But this is the perfect chance for you to discuss any problems you may have with your mouth- the sooner problems (of any nature) are identified, the easier they are to correct. Discussing your dietary habits and oral hygiene program can help to keep your mouth free of problems and save you a fortune further down the line in corrective treatments and cosmetic procedures. Sure, modern dental techniques and procedures can put almost anything right these days but a 10 minute check-up can prevent it happening in the first place- you’d be a fool to miss that appointment in the long run.

The need for a check-up in Sunbury

Getting a dental check-up is not always high on most peoples ‘to do’ list in Sunbury. But ignore it at your peril for regular check-ups are important, not only for the hygiene of your mouth, but for the health of your whole body and bank account in the future. It should not be seen as an inconvenience in your diary, but as a chance to identify and sought out problems, and discuss any anxieties that you have about your mouth. The mouth is very complex and complications can build up very quickly if untreated. A build up of bacteria can lead to plaque and tartar, gum disease, cavities and eventually tooth loss. And this can have a knock-on affect throughout the body- heart problems and diabetes. At the check-up, your dentist will examine teeth, gums and tongue for any signs of problems, de-scale plaque and tartar and decide on a course of action for treatment and repairs if required. You can discuss any problems you may have encountered since your last visit. It’s the chance to discuss all manner of subjects, diet, oral hygiene at home, drinking and smoking and the possibility of cosmetic work in the future. It’s an old saying but prevention is always better than cure, and cure can be very expensive in the long run. Basic procedures and cosmetic treatments, though more readily accessible these days, are not getting any cheaper. So, now will you go for a check-up?

Dental Bridges and what they are, by a Surbiton dentist

A Dental Bridge is exactly what it says on the tin, a bridge between other teeth, says a Surbiton dentist. A tooth can be lost prematurely for a number of reasons, and a gap in between teeth isn`t a nice thing. The Bridge is in fact a false tooth that is permanently fixed in place, unlike a denture which is taken out and refitted every day. The false tooth is attached to two other false, but hollow teeth. These are shaped inside like a square and they fit over the teeth either side of the gap being filled. Of course the teeth that will be the anchors for the bridge won`t be a perfect shape to take them, so they have to be ground and filed down so they are the exact same shape and size as the inside of the anchors. If you think of the anchors as a crown then you`ll get the picture better, they will act as supports to the suspended false tooth so they need to be a perfect fit. The whole bridge is usually made from Porcelain, as most false teeth are, and as such they need no special treatment or looking after, many wearers simply forget after a few weeks that they are wearing a bridge, that`s the magic of them. They are cleaned like a normal tooth and cleaned every six months on your half yearly check up. The whole procedure is also painless even though it sounds a complicated treatment to have.

Dental Checkup in Sunbury

When your Sunbury dentist performs a dental checkup, the factors that contribute to oral diseases will be identified. Thorough dental checkups are performed to locate oral disease(s) and to determine the course of action and correct dental treatment for a patient. Nothing should be overlooked, as this can result in future dental diseases. Thorough dental checkups will be performed in Sunbury by a talented dentist who knows and understands dental disease(s) and how best to treat them.
The dental checkup should include the following; a complete oral examination and charting of the mouth including, existing dental fillings, tooth decay, dental abscess(es), missing teeth, fixed and removable prosthetic bridges/appliances, along with a complete periodontal charting with the use of a periodontal probe to determine if any gingival and/or periodontal problems are present. Teeth mobility should be closely examined, as well as teeth sensitivity and/or gingival recession. A thorough dental checkup also includes a full-mouth dental X-ray series and study models (mounted on an articulator). The patient’s bite is also thoroughly examined both intraorally and outside of the mouth on the study models. All abnormalities should be written in the patient’s chart. Your Sunbury dentist and you will decide if any missing teeth should be replaced. The cosmetics of the patient’s teeth should also be evaluated. All medical problems, complications, allergies, medications, and lifestyle habits should also be noted in the patient file. Your Sunbury dentist will also perform an oral cancer examination.