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Surbiton Gets Ready To Bridge The Gap

Like a lot of treatments that have been around for a while, the dental bridge is one of those that has benefited greatly from the advances in technology that have swept through the dental world over the past 30 years. Mind you, it has always been an efficient way to fill the gap left after the trauma of tooth loss. New crowns would often be wired in and then covered over with resin, or, a new tooth would be moulded between two crowns and cemented to the adjacent teeth either side of the gap; this method still remains but the resin technique has been rather superseded since the mini dental implant came along. Combined with a bridge, an implant anchors the fitting firmly into the mouth for strength and durability. Cleaning has always been an issue with dental bridges; you have to ensure that you clean under and around them after eating with floss and small brushes- a mouthwash is helpful too, but this shouldn’t detract from how beneficial a bridge is to both restoring your smile, and maintaining the health of your mouth. Surbiton is fortunate to be served by Mulberry Dental Care of Surrey: these are well versed on dental bridges so if you need to know more about this, just give them a call; they will be more than happy to offer their advice.

Filling the hole with a Dental Bridge in Surbiton

At the best of times, tooth loss is going to affect you both aesthetically and health wise and so it is wise to replace the tooth/teeth that have gone missing for your own good. One of the tried and tested methods of having this done could be to have a dental bridge fitted, for this can restore your mouth and smile to its former glory. Dental bridge-work comes in very various shapes, sizes and forms and it has got better with the advancement in dental techniques over the years. In the past, it was all about resin and wires to attach a new tooth in place, and this is still a technique that can be employed today. However, the technology involved in dentistry these days has evolved so much that having a bridge fitted is simple and more permanent. Basically, having a bridge fitted can be done in a matter of weeks and can fill that horrible hole up. If you have lost a tooth or two, then give Mulberry Dental a call from Walton-upon-Thames: these are experts on everything dental and can tell you all you need to know about dental bridges in Surbiton.


All about Dental Bridges in Sunbury from Mulberry Dental Care

The loss of a tooth for whatever reason can be a devastating time in Sunbury, but you can take heart from the fact that there are a good few ways to get around the problem, just ask Mulberry Dental Care who serve the town. One of the more traditional and trusted methods is to have a dental bridge fitted. Replacing a tooth is necessary in order to prevent gum disease erupting as well as protecting the shape of your face, your occlusion (bite), your speech and of course, your vanity. It will also help to prevent further movement and strain in the remaining teeth. The process will take about a month in all to complete: the adjacent teeth to the gap are first shaved to take the crowns that will be fitted and then a moulding taken, from which the bridge will be made. This will take a couple of weeks and when it returns from the lab it will be temporarily cemented in- this is to check for fit and bite, before it is cemented permanently (some longer bridges can be anchored using a mini-implant for extra strength). In the first months it will constantly be checked by your dentist to ensure the bridge is working well but one of the things you must learn to master from the off is cleaning around the bridge- your dentist will show you how and once you have got the hang of it, there’s no reason why you and your bridge should remain healthy for a good 15 years.

Dandy Bridges in your mouth in Kingston-upon-Thames

There are quite a few ways to repair the loss of teeth in the mouth, but as a Surrey practice suggests, you can do no wrong by opting for the tried and tested method of a dental bridge; the fact that they have been around for decades rather indicates just how successfully durable they are and they have even evolved. If you have only a single tooth to attach the new fitting to, it will be done using wires and resin. This can also be done when placing a fitting between two teeth, but the more traditional method around Kingston-upon-Thames is to have a new tooth moulded to two crowns that are then cemented over the adjacent teeth that remain. This bridge can cover several teeth that have been lost- however that could make the bridge weak in the middle, that was until the mini-implant came along- fit a couple of these and you can anchor the bridge solidly into place, making it last even longer than before. When you are fitted with your bridge, you will have to learn how to clean in and around them as they a notoriously good at housing food, but with a little help from your dentist you’ll be up and running in no-time, as will your beautiful smile that you may have thought you had lost forever.

Kingston upon Thames Dentist Fixes Missing Tooth with Dental Bridge

For most people missing teeth are unattractive and debilitating. There are now several options available to fill the gap one of which is dental bridges. Using healthy teeth as the support structure, dental bridges offer a strong and durable replacement tooth that blends in with the rest of your teeth with its natural appearance.

Dental bridges become a permanent fixture of your mouth and, unlike dentures, cannot be removed accept by a professional once they have been put into position. The most common type is the fixed bridge, these use healthy adjacent teeth to support the false tooth. Either side of the missing tooth, the healthy teeth are filled down to create the perfect service for crowns to be placed. Designed to the measurements of your teeth, a false tooth is created which is firmly bonded to a crown on either side. The crowns are then positioned on the healthy teeth and anchor the false tooth in position. Your new tooth will then have a similar strength to your original, natural tooth as well as the same functionality. If there are not two healthy adjacent teeth your dentist may recommend a resin bonded bridge which uses metal strips bonded to a one other tooth, instead of the two crowns.

Before making any decision about your missing teeth speak to your Kingston upon Thames dentist. They will be able to layout all of the possibilities: bridges, implants, dentures and more. Each option has different strengths and weaknesses, your dentist will know which is best for your specific condition.

A New Kind Of Bridge on the Thames for Patients from Kingston-upon-Thames!

We have all had the awful experience of biting down on our favourite snack only to find a tooth or part of a tooth stuck in the snack! It is a common fact that many of us will lose a tooth or teeth at some point in our adult life for whatever reason. Some of us try and forget about it, especially if it isn’t particularly noticeable thinking it doesn’t matter and there will be no consequences.

What are the problems associated with missing teeth?

Unfortunately not replacing missing teeth can cause many problems to your oral hygiene. A missing tooth can affect your bite, putting more strain on other teeth. Also, with big gaps in your teeth there is more chance of food getting stuck there which breeds bacteria, gum disease and is therefore dangerous for your dental health.

Missing teeth can also affect your facial appearance such as your smile and the shape of your facial features. It can also affect how you speak. So, what can we do to stop these problems occurring?

Solution to missing teeth

Dental bridges offered by Mulberry Dental Care for patients from Kingston-upon-Thames and other nearby areas work to replace missing teeth using the teeth on either side of the missing tooth to anchor a false tooth in place creating a sort of bridge effect. The two teeth are crowned to offer maximum support.

Normally, two appointments are required and a mild anaesthetic is used for the procedure. The dental bridges should last between 10-15 years as long as you maintain a good routine of brushing and flossing on a daily basis.

There are three types of bridges and your Mulberry dentist will be able to decide which is best for you, looking at which tooth or teeth need replacing. The false teeth can be made of porcelain, porcelain and metal, or gold. After having porcelain veneers you won’t be able to stop smiling!

Mulberry Dental Care can Help Fill in Lost Tooth Gaps for Patients from Kingston-upon-Thames

If you happen to go through the experience of losing a tooth, it can initially leave you in a state of shock.

At first you may not know what to do about replacing your missing tooth, but that’s why we have dentists and Mulberry dental care is on hand for patients from Kingston-upon-Thames and neighbouring areas who are in need of dental restoration.

For some people it isn’t a problem, there isn’t an issue of how it looks cosmetically, in fact, it can look quite ‘tough and ready’. But problem of vanity isn’t the question here, the future health of your teeth and gums is.

Losing a tooth can have a knock-on effect in your mouth, as teeth can move and infection can spread. The real solution to both cosmetic problems and your long-term oral health is to fill in the gap left by a lost tooth and one of the most popular methods is to have a dental bridge.

In simple terms a dental bridge means having ‘new’ artificial teeth bonded to the opposing teeth left at either side of the gap. In some cases this means a combination of wires from the new fitting being wrapped around the surrounding teeth and then bonded with resin. If the tooth or teeth have been lost in the middle of a row, the new teeth are bonded onto two crowns and then cemented over the original, adjacent teeth.

The procedure is easy to do and durable as well- lasting up to a good 20 years with care and affection.

Replacing Missing Teeth in Molesey

It’s a credit to the world of technology, that dentistry has so many options to keep your mouth in healthy condition. There is literally nothing the modern dentist cannot do to keep that smile on your face and in Molesey, you can find an incredible array of options to replace a missing tooth too. Though it isn’t always vital to replace a missing tooth, the surrounding teeth in the mouth do tend to move and can be vulnerable to a build up of bacteria from the gap. Multiple tooth-loss can also result in premature aging in the face surrounding the gaps as the muscles start to sag. Partial or full dentures offer a good solution but they can be awkward to wear, although dental implants can help to keep them in place. But then, if you are going too have implants fitted, you may as well go the whole hog and get a completely new set of teeth that will restore your mouth to its former glory and then some. Implants are very robust and once fitted, last you a lifetime. They can also be used to reinforce the fitting of a dental bridge. Bridges are a tried and tested method of teeth replacement and probably the cheapest, permanent option available. The most common is a tooth that is attached to two adjacent crowns and then cemented onto the teeth either side of the gap. Bridges do require attentive cleaning, but are strong and sustain the balance of the mouth.

Surbiton dentists fit dental bridges to restore lost teeth

If you have lost a tooth or some of your teeth it is vital that you get them replaced somehow so that your mouth is able to function as normal. Your mouth is finely tuned composite of all of its parts and it relies on having a functioning set of teeth. If you don’t have a full set of teeth, eating, drinking and even talking can be made that bit more difficult.

You might have lost teeth as result of an accident or because of dental decay or gum disease. There are a number of options for replacement such as dental implants or a set of dentures. Dental bridge work is popular because unlike dental implants, it is not invasive and, unlike dentures, it is a permanent solution and your replacement teeth can be treated like normal teeth.

Dental bridge work basically involves anchoring replacement teeth to teeth that are already in place in your mouth using a strong, dental resin. There are three main types of dental bridge. The first and most common is the traditional or fixed bridge. This is where the replacement tooth is anchored on both sides to healthy teeth. This is a very stable way of doing a bridge but it relies on there being two healthy teeth on either side of the gap.

In the case of a cantilever bridge, the replacement tooth is only anchored on one side, possibly because the tooth on the other side is not deemed to be strong enough. Maryland-bonded or resin-bonded bridge work is carried out if the resin needs to be concealed to preserve aesthetic appeal. This might be appropriate at the front of the mouth.

If you need a tooth or teeth replacing, talk to your Surbiton dentist. They will have all the information you need about dental bridges.

The advantage of Cerec in Weybridge

“I just don’t have time to get to the dentist and get my teeth done- I’m too busy.” Sound familiar? But what if you could get everything ship-shape and shiny in around an hour? Well, help is on hand in Weybridge with CEREC treatment. This treatment can fit crowns, veneers, inlays and bridges and it’s comparable in price to traditional methods. It’s incredibly simple. You arrive at the dentist and have a digital image taken of your teeth, that’s fed into a computer. The product is manufactured there and then in around 15 minutes to correct colour and size. Whilst this is going on, regular dental treatments can be carried out as well as the preparation for the fitting. If any problems arise, they can be rectified on the spot, unlike the more traditional wait of a couple of weeks. If you consider that this can be combined with other treatments such as ZOOM! whitening, it’s possible to go into the dentist as an ugly duckling and come out a swan in the same sitting. That’s the beauty of this technology- speed and results. Ok, so you may have to miss lunch, but you’ll look fabulous eating dinner!