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A New Kind Of Bridge on the Thames for Patients from Kingston-upon-Thames!

We have all had the awful experience of biting down on our favourite snack only to find a tooth or part of a tooth stuck in the snack! It is a common fact that many of us will lose a tooth or teeth at some point in our adult life for whatever reason. Some of us try and forget about it, especially if it isn’t particularly noticeable thinking it doesn’t matter and there will be no consequences.

What are the problems associated with missing teeth?

Unfortunately not replacing missing teeth can cause many problems to your oral hygiene. A missing tooth can affect your bite, putting more strain on other teeth. Also, with big gaps in your teeth there is more chance of food getting stuck there which breeds bacteria, gum disease and is therefore dangerous for your dental health.

Missing teeth can also affect your facial appearance such as your smile and the shape of your facial features. It can also affect how you speak. So, what can we do to stop these problems occurring?

Solution to missing teeth

Dental bridges offered by Mulberry Dental Care for patients from Kingston-upon-Thames and other nearby areas work to replace missing teeth using the teeth on either side of the missing tooth to anchor a false tooth in place creating a sort of bridge effect. The two teeth are crowned to offer maximum support.

Normally, two appointments are required and a mild anaesthetic is used for the procedure. The dental bridges should last between 10-15 years as long as you maintain a good routine of brushing and flossing on a daily basis.

There are three types of bridges and your Mulberry dentist will be able to decide which is best for you, looking at which tooth or teeth need replacing. The false teeth can be made of porcelain, porcelain and metal, or gold. After having porcelain veneers you won’t be able to stop smiling!

Mulberry Dental Care can Help Fill in Lost Tooth Gaps for Patients from Kingston-upon-Thames

If you happen to go through the experience of losing a tooth, it can initially leave you in a state of shock.

At first you may not know what to do about replacing your missing tooth, but that’s why we have dentists and Mulberry dental care is on hand for patients from Kingston-upon-Thames and neighbouring areas who are in need of dental restoration.

For some people it isn’t a problem, there isn’t an issue of how it looks cosmetically, in fact, it can look quite ‘tough and ready’. But problem of vanity isn’t the question here, the future health of your teeth and gums is.

Losing a tooth can have a knock-on effect in your mouth, as teeth can move and infection can spread. The real solution to both cosmetic problems and your long-term oral health is to fill in the gap left by a lost tooth and one of the most popular methods is to have a dental bridge.

In simple terms a dental bridge means having ‘new’ artificial teeth bonded to the opposing teeth left at either side of the gap. In some cases this means a combination of wires from the new fitting being wrapped around the surrounding teeth and then bonded with resin. If the tooth or teeth have been lost in the middle of a row, the new teeth are bonded onto two crowns and then cemented over the original, adjacent teeth.

The procedure is easy to do and durable as well- lasting up to a good 20 years with care and affection.