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Quick Dental Bonding in Surbiton

As we get older, there is an element of inevitability that our teeth may start to become worn and tired.

Gums may recede a little, causing the appearance of gaps at the top of the teeth, whilst the teeth themselves can become cracked and discolored.

Not the prettiest of reading true, but it isn’t the end of the world, because if you notice this happening, you can get it all covered up in Surbiton with a little dental bonding. It’s a cheap little trick to hide all of these sins and it can be done in just a single sitting.

Your teeth are cleaned so that a first layer of resin can be applied to the surface of the teeth and then ‘set’ with the use of a heat source. This is repeated quite a few times- at least until there is enough material to work with- then your dentist will shape the resin into the desired shape, before highly polishing the finished article.

The resin will be colour coded to match the rest of your teeth, so they will not stand out. The good thing is that if your have any problems in the future, you can go back and have a touch-up. It is the versatility of the treatment and its speed that makes dental bonding very popular to those of us on the go. However, they can also be porous and suceptible to staining, but if you watch what you put in the mouth and cut down the fags, coffee and wine you will get a lot of mileage from your dental bonding.


Dentists in Surbiton use cosmetic bonding to fill cavities and patients are gratified with the results

If cavities should develop in your mouth then they will have to be dealt with. Of course it is best to try and avoid them in the first place but if they take hold then your dentist will need to fill them up. Cavities occur when plaque is allowed to stay on teeth for such a time that they erode the enamel and create holes. In order that the tooth won’t carry on decaying and become useless, dentists fill the holes up.

Traditionally it was always metal that was used for filling cavities. People of a certain generation will be familiar with the sight of black spots in peoples’ smiles where cavities have been filled using this method. It was always a slightly problematic way of doing it though because using metal for such a purpose doesn’t allow dentists to be as precise as they would like to be and sometimes the fillings would fail.

Dentists tend to fill cavities in a different way know. Cosmetic bonding is the new way that dentists carry out this essential work these days. Instead of struggling with metal, dentists can utilise cosmetic bonding that is involves a far more malleable combinations of materials. The results are far more successful in general because of the greater accuracy afforded to the dentists’ work. An added bonus is that cosmetic bonding yields tooth coloured fillings that are much better to look at.

Speak to your Surbiton dentist if you are suffering from cavities and are interested in cosmetic bonding. Many people are even having their old metal fillings replaced by the stunning, white fillings of cosmetic bonding.


Why you should have Cosmetic Bonding in Surbiton

Choosing the right cosmetic treatment that suits you in Surbiton can be a bit of a nightmare, as there are so many treatments around these days. But one of the most important factors relating to your choice is to make sure your don’t get caught up in the euphoria of what looks great from what you’ve seen on |TV and opt for the more expensive treatments, when you really don’t need them. If your teeth are generally, in good shape, then your dentist will probably advise you to have a ‘touch-up with some cosmetic bonding to restore your teeth to their former glory. It’s simple, cheap and just as affective as anything you’ve seen on the box. It’s a straight forward process: your teeth are prepped with an etching gel and then layer of resin are laid onto the teeth and ‘cured’ with a heat lamp until the tooth has been restored; then it’s sculptured and polished. This is a fantastic method for getting rid of old fillings, chips, gaps and cracks and great for plugging gaps and removing stains- they can even be coloured to suit your existing teeth.

But the main benefit of this treatment is that the minimum of damage is done to the enamel of the tooth. It’s not always considered to be the most durable of treatments around, but excellent if you’re in a rush and always on the go.

Get your dream smile with porcelain veneers from Weybridge dentist

Are you unhappy with the colour, shape and alignment of your teeth? Maybe you are suffering from chipped or worn enamel that is spoiling the appearance of your smile. The porcelain veneers could be just the thing to restore the appearance of your teeth.

As you may have seen on one of the many TV makeover shows on our screens in recent years, porcelain veneers are capable of completely transforming the teeth and creating stunning healthy looking smiles. Veneers are very thin ceramic shells that fit over the top of the teeth and are cemented in place by dental bonding. In the past, porcelain veneers took several weeks to manufacture in the lab after several appointments to measure and design had been carried out. This involved lengthy and uncomfortable dental moulds and rounds of x-rays, but in recent years new technology called Cerec has revolutionised the way that veneers are designed and manufactured.

Cerec utilises CAD/CAM technology, meaning computer aided design, computer aided manufacture. With the aid of new technology such as digital x-rays and three-dimensional imaging the dentist is now able to design the veneers on a computer screen before instructing a computer to sculpt the veneers from specially chosen porcelain. This has drastically reduced the time you will need to spend in the surgery and made treatment a lot more pleasant.

Porcelain veneers look and feel just like real teeth and with the right care and attention will last up to twenty years before they need replacing. Not only will they look great but they will also protect the teeth from external damage by plaque and bacteria. Ask your Weybridge dentist for more information

Cracked tooth repaired with porcelain veneer from Surbiton dentist

Sometimes when a tooth is chipped or cracked the dentist is unable to repair it using composite dental bonding. If the damage is too severe to repair with bonding, the patient may be in danger of loosing the tooth because its integrity has been affected so badly. In these cases dentists are left with little alternatives than to use a porcelain veneer, or cap, to seal of the tooth and protect it form further damage.

However, veneers are no longer just used to repair damaged teeth. With the advances in dental technology over the last twenty years, veneers are now incredibly realistic and can be used for a variety of different cosmetic procedures. In the past, veneers often appeared unrealistic and were a last resort, but today’s ultra-thin translucent veneers resemble real teeth and can be used to restore smiles affected by worn down, poorly spaced or badly discoloured teeth.

Porcelain veneers are today manufactured using the very latest in computer aided design and 3D imaging. Dentists are able to create an exact replica pf the patient’s mouth using digital x-rays so that they can design a veneer to microscopic levels of accuracy. Once happy with the plans, the dentist can use the computer to mill the porcelain veneer from a single piece, to incredible degrees of accuracy. Not only has this technology improved the look of veneers but it has also significantly reduced waiting times.

Modern veneers are also much thinner than their predecessors. In the past veneers were made from thick porcelain and required substantial removal of existing enamel to fit over the patient’s tooth. As such a veneer was an irreversible procedure that dentists were reluctant to use unless absolutely necessary. Modern veneers are extremely thin, some the same width as a contact lens, and can be fitted to teeth with minimal preparation, even fitting over existing dental repairs.

Porcelain veneers are a strong and very versatile tool in the cosmetic dentistry cannon. They can be used to repair and maintain teeth and also to improve their aesthetic appearance. If you have a cracked or chipped tooth, or think your teeth could benefit from porcelain veneers ask a Surbiton dentist what they could do for your teeth.

Surbiton dentist offers cheap and pain-free dental bonding

Dental bonding is a process which aims to restore the appearance of a tooth or teeth by the application of tooth coloured resin. It is most often used for the repair of chipped or cracked teeth, to close up excessive space between teeth and to improve the look of discoloured teeth. It can also be used as a barrier to protect exposed sensitive areas of teeth and to alter the shape and appearance of existing teeth.

Dental bonding is one of the most routine cosmetic dental procedures and as such is one of the cheapest. Unlike certain other cosmetic procedures like crowns or veneers, dental bonding does not need to be manufactured in laboratory conditions. This also means that bonding procedures can be carried out in one visit to the dentist. Both of these factors mean the process is generally much cheaper for the patient. However, it should be noted that if the bonding required involves more than one or two teeth the dentist may not be able to carry out al the work in one session.

Dental bonding is also relatively painless in most instances and anaesthteic is only ever really required when the bonding is being applied to sensitive areas like cavities that surround nerve endings.

Dental bonding is the ideal tool for dentists to carry out small repairs and because of its low cost it is also very popular with patients. However, although dental bonding is very tough it can chip or crack itself and even though it resists staining it is not as effective in this area as a crown. Nonetheless, dental bonding is an incredibly useful minor procedure that can help prevent further damage to your teeth and also serves a very useful cosmetic purpose.

The actual process of dental bonding is very straightforward. The dentist will find a shade of resin that most closely matches your existing teeth. They will then apply the resin and mold it to the desired shape. The resin is then set and hardened by a laser. The whole process should take no longer than an hour and is the most cost effective and pain-free ways to look after your teeth.

If you think you may have minor damage to a tooth, make an appointment with a Surbiton dentist and they will be able to assess whether dental bonding can work for you.

Kingston upon Thames dentists can perform quick, easy and painfree dental bonding

Dental bonding is the procedure in which material, usually tooth coloured resin, is applied and ‘bonded’ to a person’s tooth to restore the appearance of the tooth or smile.

The process can be used to repair cracked of chipped teeth, to close spaces up between the teeth, to improve the look of discoloured teeth, to change the shape or appearance of teeth or to protect exposed areas of the teeth.

It is one of the easiest and least costly of the cosmetic dental procedures as unlike veneers or crowns bonding does not need to be manufactured in laboratory conditions but can usually be accomplished in one office visit to the dentist, unless it involves a number of teeth. It is mostly undertaken without the need for anaesthetics, unless a cavity is being filled around a nerve.

Dental bonding does resist staining, although it is not as effective as crowns in this department. Also, although tough it does not last quite as long as other dental repairs and can chip and crack itself. For this reason it is viewed by dentists as ideal for smaller repairs.

As mentioned there is little preparation needed for dental bonding. The dentist will select a shade to closely match the colour of your existing teeth and then apply the resin and mould it to the desired shape. A special light or laser is then used to set the resin and harden it. The whole process will take little more than an hour to complete. This simple process can be performed by a Kingston upon Thames dentist easily, cheaply and free of pain and then you really will have a reason to smile

Dental Bonding Offered by Shepperton Dentist

Shepperton dentists have been performing dental bonding for many years, and may suggest bonding to fix front teeth, or teeth with dental caries, spaces between them, and malposed teeth. Exposed root surfaces can also be covered using dental bonding, Minimal tooth structure requires removal and sometime the tooth surfaces only need to be roughened a bit for the bonding to take hold. The bonding material uses an acid etch material, which is thoroughly rinsed and dried, and then unfilled and filed composite materials that blend with the natural tooth surface colour. A special light is used to help set the bonding material, and then the material is shaped and polished using drills and polishing stones. Dental bonding can be performed in one dental visit and rather quickly (from 45 minutes to one hour); however it is technique and moisture sensitive. Your Shepperton dental staff will teach you how to take care of the dental bonding material on your teeth, and how to keep your teeth clean.

Smile Makeovers Available at Kingston Upon Thames Dental Clinic

Clinic if you are considering a smile makeup. The dentist will make some time for you to discuss at length what is involved in a smile makeover for your particular situation. Smile makeovers are performed specifically for each individual patient. The Kingston Upon Thames dentist will speak to you about your wants and needs. This is followed by a complete dental examination, along with dental X-rays, dental stone models, and digital photographs, and then a smile makeover analysis will be designed specifically for you and the outcome that you desire. Your Kingston Upon Thames dentist will show you the results that can be obtained for your situation, both on the computer screen and also waxed onto your dental stone models, and let you visualise the final results. The dentist staff can present several plans that will best fit your financial budget. Smile makeovers can include the following procedures: 1) teeth whitening; 2) dental bonding; 3) porcelain veneers; 4) dental crowns; 5) dental bridges; 6) orthodontics, 7) gingival reshaping; 8) dental implants; and/or 9) maxillofacial procedures.
Most dentists will not allow you to go ahead with a smile makeover until your mouth is disease free. This is good, because it will help your smile makeover to last, and save you a lot of aggravation and money.
Above, you have been given an overview of a smile makeover, Your Kingston Upon Thames dentist will not go ahead with a smile makeover until you fully understand what is involved in the smile makeover. The procedures can be relatively simple, or can be very complex and complicated (meaning that they will require some time and several dental visits). Your complete facial look, hair and makeup will be evaluated, as well as your dietary and lifestyle habits, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and anorexia/bulimia, as these can be very damaging to the materials used for a smile makeover, and your original teeth and gums. Be honest with you Kingston Upon Thames Dentist and they will be able to create a smile makeover that best suits your needs and desires!

Surbiton Dental Clinic Offers Enlighten Teeth Whitening System

Enlighten teeth whitening system is now being offered by Surbiton dentists. Enlighten teeth whitening is a relatively new dental procedure that uses innovative cosmetic know-how to brighten your smile to its naturally lighter shade easy and comfortably. Research has shown that Enlighten can lighten teeth by 10 shades. However, as with other whitening systems, not all teeth respond similarly to whitening (i.e., some shades are easier to lighten than others). As with other systems, composite fillings, bonding, veneers, and crowns will not get lighter. If you have healthy front teeth, devoid of filling materials, etc., you will be a good candidate for Enlighten.
The whitening procedure involves a gel (containing hydrogen peroxide) being put onto your teeth using a tray made specifically for you. You will use this tray and will be sent home with whitening gel to place into the tray. A few months later, you will again visit your Surbiton dentist and they will place a stronger, more highly concentrated gel into your tray, and place it in your mouth. This is done under direct supervision. Your new Enlighten smile may last for 3 years; however results may vary depending on your lifestyle habits. Regular check-ups and cleanings will help you to keep your teeth lighter for longer. You shouldn’t really feel any pain from the procedure, but may experience teeth sensitivity for a short time. Enlighten won’t injure your teeth or fillings, and has been extensively used across the globe. So, ask your Surbiton dentists about the Enlighten Teeth Whitening System!