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The delight the Damon Brace brings to Weybridge

The wonderful thing about modern orthodontics today is that there has been years of research put into new and better braces in order to get your teeth into shape faster and with the utmost efficiency. One perfect example of this is the Damon brace; this has many variations on a theme of the way the mechanism works and utilises its own ideas on getting the job done. It is a fixed brace that works fast and the reason why your teeth are moved so quickly is because it has a self-ligating system; once some discreet tooth-coloured plates have been placed on the surfaces of the teeth, a wire is fed through the holes on the front of them and anchored towards the back of the mouth. This wire is allowed to pass freely through the plates and tightens itself as the teeth start to move, so this keeps movement going all of the time that it is the mouth. What this means is that you pay fewer, expensive visits to see your Surrey dentist during the treatment, it involves far less parts to clog up your mouth and the treatment works fast, much faster than most other options on the market, yet with the precision that has always been associated with fixed braces. Find out all you can about this unique treatment and if you want more information about it, then Mulberry Dental can give you all the facts you need about the Damon system- plus they work in the Weybridge area.

Why Weybridge Loves Dashing Damon Braces

It is amazing how much work and effort and science is put into every little part of dentistry to improve the treatments that you as a patient get, and just to use one example, take a look at the Damon brace. It has built up its philosophy from listening to what its patients want in a brace; two namely being discretion and the time it takes to work- the Damon does both. It uses tiny plates placed on the teeth, through which is thread a small wire; both are discreetly coloured to match the teeth. What really sets this device apart from other fixed braces though is that it is self-ligating, meaning that it tightens itself throughout the treatment and the way it achieves this is by allowing the wire to slip freely through the plates. This means that the teeth are being constantly being put under pressure and so, it gets the treatment over with as quickly as possible; plus it means fewer visits to the dentist. What it can’t avoid is the issue that most fixed braces have and that is cleaning, so you have to be on the ball about this to avoid complications during the time you are wearing it. There are also other variations of this brace that work in other ways too, so if you’d like to know all about Damon braces and what’s on offer, then give Mulberry Dental Care a look: they work in the Weybridge area and can answer any questions you may have.


Why you should look at the Damon Brace in Kingston-upon-Thames

Some braces like to brag and boast about how clever they are, but once the treatment is over, they just kick you out the door and leave you cold. If however you decide to go for a Damon brace, it feels like you have joined an extended family. The Damon system is remarkable, as it seems to have all bases covered and it has two big philosophies behind the way it works. The first is total discretion and it uses materials which are almost impossible to spot when fitted, which is a huge bonus for anyone who knows what it is like to wear a fixed brace. The second advantage to this brace is that it is self-ligating- the wires slip through the brackets on the teeth freely…in common terms it means that because of the technology and engineering of the device, it tightens itself as your teeth start to move. What this means is that you pay fewer visits to the dentist and so, costs are hence reduced. It also means that the treatment is supremely quick and you can be done and dusted before you know it. The Damon brace is available right now in Kingston-upon-Thames and if you want more information about it, then contact Mulberry Dental because they serve the whole of the area.


The Benefits Of The Damon Brace In Surbiton: Learn All From Mulberry Dental Care

Choosing a brace can be quite daunting so you need advice first and Mulberry Dental Care of Walton are the people to talk to it comes to making a decision so that you can get the best that you are paying for. Woven into these costs come fees from seeing the dentist each time you need to be checked up so if you could find a discreet, fast working brace that works automatically and cuts down on the amount of dental visits. Well, your prayers have been answered in Surbiton in the shape of the Damon brace. Using all the latest technology and discreet materials this brace cuts treatment times in half. It involves placing a series of plates onto the surface of the teeth. Then a free moving wire is fed through each one and anchored to a self-ligating mechanism at the back of the mouth. What this means is the brace tightens itself throughout the treatment, hence cutting out the need for endless dental appointments and seeing as the wire is free moving through the plates, it becomes less of a trap for food to breed bacteria in the mouth. There are a few incarnations with the Damon brace: the most prolific is the Damon Clear, as this is almost invisible in the mouth. But whichever of them you choose; they will make your treatment a pleasant one, a concept not usually associated with braces!


Patients from Kingston-upon-Thames are Choosing the Dainty Damon Braces at Mulberry Dental Care

There are a lot of braces to choose from these days, all promising perfect results; some work faster than others, some are designed to do more complex and through Mulberry dental care, patients from Kingston-upon-Thames and adjacent areas can get one that appears to do the lot – the Damon and it truly is a dainty little brace. It consists of a number of frictionless brackets that are held together by a light wire and all anchored at the back of the mouth. What sets it aside from other braces is that the wires are self-tightening so it adjusts itself as the teeth start to move which in the long run means two things: it cuts down the number of visits you have to pay to the dentist and works very fast- a good third faster than most other braces. The Damon is also very versatile and can cope with a range of orthodontic procedures from minor problems like gaps in the teeth, protruding and crooked teeth to more complex work such as crowding and over, under and cross bite. It also eliminates the need to have teeth extracted before the treatment begins (except in extreme cases). Overall, this painless little brace ticks all the boxes in the world of orthodontic treatments on the market today and is probably one of the most versatile around.

Damon Braces in Weybridge

Damon braces? What the hell are those and do you really care anyway- all you want to do is get through getting your teeth straightened as quickly as you can in Weybridge. But this delicate time of getting your teeth straightened is a very important and influential time, and so before you go off in a huff about the fact that you are going to have to have braces fitted to your mouth, you’d be well advised to sit yourself down beside your dentist and have a chin-wag about what you are about to have done to you and look at the options on the market. Ever heard of self litigation- no well, pardon the pun, it is a bit of a mouthful but then so is having a Damon fitted. But this brace works on its own with a self litigating mechanism that tightens itself as it goes along. This is great because it cuts out the number of times you have to poke your head around the dentist’s door. But there are other benefits in choosing this device. The wire over your teeth can slip freely through the plates that are attached to the surface of your teeth which makes the treatment less abrasive. It is also quick, as it is working all of the time with the way it operates- okay hard to clean admittedly, but you’ll get to grips with it in no time, and it is so efficient, you’ll have your teeth in order before you blink- don’t be afraid, nut do take the plunge.


Incredible Damon braces now available from Weybridge dentists

The thought of being able to straighten your teeth without having to put up with a mouthful of metal wires and brackets seemed like a pipe dream until recently. Thanks to advances in dental technology, a new device for straightening your teeth discreetly is now available in the United Kingdom. Already hugely popular in the United States, read on to find out more about Damon braces and what they can do for you and your smile.

Aside from the aesthetics of having a smile compromised by traditional metal braces, the treatment itself could also last a very long time. Some patients have to wear traditional braces for as long as three years. Patients who choose Damon braces might shave six months off the usual treatment time.

The clear material used to make Damon braces mean that they are barely noticeable so there need be no more awkward social situations as you try to hide your mouth. The benefits in terms of confidence are massive, especially for teenagers who might feel awkward about their appearance anyway.

Damon braces are also far more comfortable than traditional braces because there is no tightening involved which can cause the wearer pain and discomfort. This also means that they are much easier to keep clean than their traditional counterpart and you won’t have to worry about food getting trapped and giving you bad breath.

Although childhood is the best time for wearing any brace, Damon braces are suitable for patients of all ages who have issues with teeth alignment. If your Weybridge dentist is registered with Damon then you might be able to start your life-changing treatment immediately and reap the benefits of having a perfectly straight smile.

Damon Braces; why choose them? A Weybridge dentist explains

The Damon Brace is a much smaller one, although it is still fixed onto the teeth in the traditional manner. Instead of using a mix of elastic and wire to move the teeth, this system is designed to make the most of the wire used. This reduces friction and makes it easier to clean between the clips says a Weybridge dentist. The main clips are smaller, half metal and half white, and although they`re not completely invisible to the naked eye, they are less visible in general. The time spent in the dentist chair is also much less with 10 weeks between visits a common time factor. When you have your first visit the dentist will start the process off by taking an impression of your teeth, this helps to determine the pressures used to move those misaligned teeth. As with all braces the amount of problems they can solve is varied and plentiful, from gaps to overlapping teeth, teeth that protrude and teeth that lie backwards, it makes no difference to which problem you have; the Damon Brace will sort it out and fix it permanently. The cost is obviously much less as well, this is due mainly to the small amount of visits you have to make to the surgery, and it also means that you will have to take less time off work. It works on people of all ages, so there really isn`t any limits to who can have this treatment, and it is available in most surgeries around the country.

Weybridge dentist straightens teeth in comfort with Damon braces

In the past, patients who needed braces were often left with very little option other than to opt for the traditional fixed metal braces. However, over the last decade a whole new generation of new braces has sprung up offering vastly improved treatment. One of the most impressive of this new generation of braces is the Damon treatment.

Damon braces like to see themselves as more than just an orthodontic product. They believe it is a whole new way of treatment that does away with the need for the removal of otherwise healthy teeth and palatal expanders to create room for the teeth. Damon braces aim to create full natural smiles using sensible amounts of force to move the teeth into position.

The main points of the Damon treatment are faster treatment, fewer appointments and more comfortable treatment and it seems to deliver on all three. Damon uses passive self-ligating braces, which eliminate the need for plastic or metal ties. This means there is no need for tightening during treatment. The light weight memory-shape wires move teeth faster and require fewer adjustments during the course of treatment. The Damon system not only aligns your teeth but also aims to improve your facial aesthetics including profile, without the need for extractions.

Damon braces from a Weybridge dentist are designed to be discreet, comfortable and easy to clean. The brackets are smaller meaning a larger area of the tooth can be cleaned and they have no metal or elastic ties which can act as a magnet for plaque and bacteria. To experience the comfort and discretion of the Damon treatment make an appointment with your dentist. Orthodontic straightening doesn’t have to be the gruelling process it was in the past thanks to Damon braces.

Patient-friendly Damon braces from Kingston upon Thames dentist

Damon braces are the latest development in fixed orthodontic teeth straightening providing fast and low friction straightening with a greater degree of comfort. Damon braces use the latest self-ligating wires to reduce the physical impact on the patient’s mouth and also reduce the number of appointments needed at the dentists. The Damon treatment also lasts on average four to six months less than conventional orthodontic straightening.

The self-ligating wires mean that there is no need for elastic or metal ties, which can act as a breeding ground for bacteria and irritate the soft tissue of the lips and gums. Because Damon brackets are smaller it also means that teeth are much easier to clean during treatment, a major concern when wearing traditional braces.

The smaller brackets used with the Damon treatment combined with the use of tooth coloured and see-through plastic make the Damon brace far more discreet than many other fixed metal braces. In fact, the majority of the bracket is manufactured from reinforced ceramic material making it durable, resistant to staining and hardly noticeable unless standing very close to the patient.

Crucially though, the Damon system will involve no extractions or palate expanders prior to treatment as it aims to produce a natural and healthy looking full smile at the end. This greatly reduces the levels of discomfort experienced by patients, as anyone who has undergone a tooth extraction will tell you.

The Damon brace represents the first legitimate attempt to make fixed metal braces fit around the life of the patient rather than the other way round. Great care and attention has been taken to reduce the level of discomfort and visual impact yet still to produce beautiful teeth at the end of treatment. Ask a Kingston upon Thames dentist about Damon braces and you could straighten your teeth with the minimum of pain and fuss.