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Eliminating Crooked Teeth with Veneers in Surbiton

Dental veneers are usually more associated with covering up gaps, cracks and general wear and tear in the teeth and gums. Crooked teeth are normally rectified by the use of aligners or braces. However, in some cases, a veneer can be used as a solution to crooked teeth as well- a term known as instant orthodontics. Most dentists are very unsure about using this technique in severe crookedness as it involves removing a lot of the tooth’s surface area and core below, but it is ideal where there is minimal crookedness. Once the tooth has been shaved and cleaned, it’s a matter of taking a cast so that the veneer can be made, and then it is simply cemented into place, hiding any signs of problems beneath. The reason people opt for this method is that the whole treatment is over with in a couple of weeks, where the average orthodontic treatment to re-align teeth is over a year. You should first get a second opinion before setting off down this road: Mulberry dental care of Walton serve the Surbiton area and can give you all the advice you need to know about going down this route. It may not be what you want to hear and you may still yet have to wear braces, but the advice will be the best around.

Six Month Smile Treatments now Available in Sunbury

Whether as your teeth develop when you’re a teenager or later on as an adult, nobody likes to have crooked teeth. There are a number of different braces that are able to straighten out your teeth, though the majority of them take up to two years of wearing before decent results can be seen. A new system developed in the USA allows teeth to be aligned and straightened in only 6 months. Not only is it fast acting but even when wearing the six month smile braces they are almost invisible.

You will no longer need to try and cover your mouth when speaking, eating and laughing, you will have a smile you can be proud of. To see if Six Month Smile would be appropriate for you speak to your Sunbury dentist about the process. The braces are able to fix a variety of different dental conditions. Crowded teeth can be gently spaced out to create a clean line. Spaced teeth can be brought together to close the gaps. An asymmetrical smile can be balanced out. And gum lines that are uneven can be appropriately arranged. Although Six Month Smile covers a broad range, there are some conditions, such as under or over bites, where your dentist may suggest different treatments.

If you want your teeth rearranged but don’t want an unattractive brace in your mouth for several years, Six Month Smile may be the best option for you. The procedure will take a few visits to the dentist in order to take impressions of your teeth and have the product produced and fitted. The dentist will also arrange follow up consultations to check on the progress over time.

Dentist in Sunbury Discusses Using Braces to Correct the Problem of Embarrassing Crooked Teeth

Countless people suffer from the embarrassment of crooked teeth when they don’t have to! If you are considering braces to help correct the problem of embarrassing crooked teeth, consider the different types of braces that are available.Traditional metal braces are the most basic braces most people are familiar with. They are very good at correcting the overall bite of your teeth and can be adjusted with great specificity by your dentist. However, these braces are very invasive and unattractive. They also cause a great deal of discomfort and can take the longest out of the types of braces.Invisalign is a newer, very popular option that are quite different from traditional metal braces. These braces are cast in a durable plastic material that lay over your teeth. Invisalign braces are removable when you eat. Depending on what state your natural teeth are in, Invisalign braces may prove to be a faster and more cost efficient option than traditional metal braces.Another great option is Six Month Smile braces that are gentler on your mouth and cost less than Invisalign or traditional metal braces. Six Month Smile braces also work faster than any other braces option and blend in to match the colour of your natural teeth.Consult your dentist in Sunbury to find out what type of braces would work best for your individual needs.


Weybridge dentists enthuse about the robust effectiveness of braces

Sometimes the butt of unfair stereotyping associated with the awkwardness of teenage years, braces are an extremely effective way of straightening out teeth which are crooked, misaligned, over crowded or subject to spacing issues. Indeed, despite the profusion of alternative methods of rectifying minor alignment issues, there is no better way of dealing with the multitude of problems that can affect the straightness of teeth, in one fell swoop.

Braces work on the principle that, over time, the position of your teeth can be gently but permanently adjusted if they can be pushed into pulled into their optimum places. To do this, dentists can attach metal brackets to your teeth and then thread wires through these brackets. By adjusting the tension in these wires at regular appointments, your dentist can pull your teeth around your mouth so that they are better placed.

It is no secret that some people find it a little difficult to cope with their appearance when there is so much metal in their mouth. This can be compounded by the fact that treatment times with braces can be quite long. The two years which is sometimes quoted as the possible length of time one has to wear a brace for is only applicable to those who are having a great deal of work done in their mouth. Many, many minor cases will be treated more quickly.

Your Weybridge dentist will have fitted a great many braces in his or her time and so you can go and ask for advice if you are considering the treatment. Once the process has been completed, you can look forward to all the benefits of having a perfectly straightened smile.


The Amazing Inman Aligner in Kingston-upon-Thames

Dentistry has moved into the space age. Who’d have predicted 20 years ago that you could have a dental implant fitted in a day, have your teeth laser bleached or fitted with veneers, a bridge or a crown in an hour, or more amazingly, have those irritating crooked teeth at the front of the mouth straightened within 6 weeks! Well you better believe it because when it comes to teeth aligning, the Inman aligner has reached the dental surgeries of Kingston-upon-Thames. This amazing and unique device promises just that; with its complex mechanism of springs and wires, it pushes whilst pulling the teeth, into place and it’s because the teeth are constantly on the move, that the device is able to work so quickly. This element of speed means that you can plan a treatment to fit into your busy year. Not that the element of time should be a problem anyway, because it has a couple of other aces to play whilst it works. For a start, it sits quite discreetly in the mouth, so wearing it isn’t that much of an issue anyway, however long it takes. But for shear freedom, the aligner is removable too, giving you a couple of hours each day to be free from wearing it. It can be considered to be one of the most expensive options around, but for the sheer audacity of treatment time, it’s got to be worth a look!

Sunbury dentists delight patients with the results of effective and discreet Inman aligners

Having crooked and misaligned teeth is a common complaint in the United Kingdom. Not only does it make your smile not look as good as it can do, it can also have implications for the health of your mouth. If your teeth are not aligned correctly, it can contribute to patients grinding their teeth in their sleep – known as bruxism – which can cause teeth to become damaged as the enamel is worn away. Inman aligners are an effective way of improving the look of your smile by straightening out your crooked teeth.

For many, many years, the only option available was for patients to be fitted with a traditional metal brace. These devices left patients with a mouth full of metal that could leave their confidence suffering for the years they had to wear the brace. Inman aligners can deal with many of the same problems as braces without the afore mentioned disadvantages.

First off, Inman aligners are far more discreet than braces. Instead of all the metal brackets and wires, Inman aligners work with just one visible part, a bar running across the front teeth. This increased discretion will be welcome news to any teenager who is worried about the look of a brace. Teenage years are awkward enough with the trials and tribulations of puberty. Inman can at least eliminate the extra discomfort of having a brace.

They are far more efficient than traditional, metal braces too. They work in just six months, achieving a set of straight teeth by using a concealed, coiled spring that pushes the teeth against the straightening bar. Your Sunbury dentist will be able to tell you all about Inman aligners and how they work if you are interested in this effective solution to a crooked smile.

Porcelain veneers can improve the look of your smile, say Kingston-Upon-Thames dentists

Having a smile you can be proud of will give you a massive boot in the way you see yourself and your life. You have probably just got used to it if your smile is not quite perfect but it isn’t something that you have to simply put up with. There are things that your expert dentist can do to make your smile look terrific and leave you feeling confident and happy with your image.

If you have crooked misaligned teeth, you will get them straightened out with a brace or an aligner, but what about if you have a tooth at the front of your mouth which is stained, cracked or chipped? The answer is to ask your dentist about stunning porcelain veneers. These effective covers for unsightly teeth leave you with a beautiful looking smile having undergone a simple treatment that won’t break the bank.

Essentially a thin strip of porcelain is attached to the front of the tooth, covering up the element that you do not wish to be seen. Porcelain is lightweight but also durable and has the added bonus that it won’t become stained because, in many ways, it is like glass in that respect. Some of the existing tooth might need to be removed so that the porcelain dental veneer can fit just perfectly, but this is not always necessary because of how thin modern veneers can be.

The days of lengthy visits to the surgery are becoming a thing of the past and porcelain veneers can be fitted by your Kingston-Upon-Thames in just one trip. You won’t need to take a few days of work to have the work done and can walk out of the surgery with your mouth looking the way you want it to look.

Weybridge dentists fit braces, giving dentists straight teeth

No matter how crooked or misaligned your teeth are, your dentist can help restore them to a state of natural looking straightness. Teeth which are out of place or a bite that is not quite symmetrical can all be dealt with by the fitting of a brace; still the most effective way to straighten teeth that is available in British dental surgeries.

Braces consist of a series of metal brackets which are attached to your teeth. These brackets have metal wires threaded through them which your dentist can adjust to pull your teeth into the required positions to give you a perfectly aligned smile. This can be achieved at regular appointments in the surgery where your dentist will make the necessary adjustments.

Braces are worn, on average, for about two years but it really depends on what needs to be achieved in the mouth as to how long you will need to wear it for. They can be difficult to clean and some people worry about food getting trapped within all the brackets and wires. But it really just takes a little extra effort and you will find that you are soon used to your new routine.

Some people find them a little unsightly to look at, but just imagine what your teeth will look like once the treatment is finished! You will be able to feel comfortable in your skin and confident about the look of your smile thanks to the work done by the brace. If you have any anxieties about the length of the treatment or whether it will be painful then you should talk to your Weybridge dentist as he or she will be able to give you all of the relevant information.

Molesey dentists straighten teeth with incredible teeth using Six Months Smile

Your smile will probably be the first thing that other people see when they look at you. Every time you are introduced to a new person or talk at a business meeting, it is likely that people will be looking at your mouth. And yet how many of us are actually happy with the way our teeth are aligned? Crooked teeth can leave you feeling uncomfortable smiling and consequently cause you problems in social situations.

If you want rectify this problem, your options are now far greater than simply having a traditional metal brace fitted. One treatment that it is worth considering is Six Months Smile, already hugely popular in the United States and now becoming more widely available in the United Kingdom. As the name suggests, Six Months Smile can correct many problems with the alignment of teeth in just six months’ time. Given that the average period one has to wear a traditional brace is two years, Six Months Smile might be what you are looking for if you want your smile straightened out quickly.

Another benefit of Six Months Smile is that it is far more discreet than the traditional brace. The patented nickel titanium wires used in Six Months Smile are matched to the colour of your teeth so that the product is far less noticeable. This is one of the problems with a traditional metal brace: during the process of correction, the metal brackets and wires could actually make the patients’ mouth look worse. Teenagers in particular will be delighted by the prospect of having their teeth straightened by a product which is swift in its workings and discreet too.

Your Molesey dentist will be happy to give you more information about Six Months Smile.

A Fast Fix in Molesey with an Inman Aligner

Since the Inman aligner came onto the market in Molesey, it’s gained many plaudits within dental circles and has reflected quite wonderfully, just how far dental procedures have come over the years and the engineering that goes into keeping our mouths healthy. This remarkable device works only on buck or crooked teeth at the front of the mouth, but boy, how it works! It has an ingenious mechanism. Once fitted, a wire sits around the outside of the teeth and gets straight to work, pulling the teeth into place. But the wire is also connected to a spring mechanism and a bar on the inside of the teeth, reversing the forces. The overall affect is that the teeth are constantly under pressure, moving to and fro in the mouth. The result of all this, in lay-mans terms, is that the teeth move extremely quickly, in fact, so fast, that the treatment can be completed in a little as 6 weeks! Now, the benefits are plain for all to see, especially for adults who may feel they simply can’t bear to go through any lengthy treatments at their time of life. You can plan around any social events you may have coming up with this treatment, but the benefits of having an Inman fitted doesn’t stop there. The device can be taken out at any time; for functions or after dinner speeches, but most importantly, for cleaning the teeth and the aligner after meals. If you’ve got the money and your teeth are suitable to have this type of treatment, then get down to your dentist now.