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Quick fixes with CEREC in Weybridge

The world of modern dentistry is remarkable and if you need a pointer to see just how amazing it is- just take a look at CEREC: Chair-side Economical Restoration of aesthetic Ceramics. A bit of a mouthful, yet this process is designed for the modern world and for people on the go in a place like Weybridge- just ask Mulberry Dental who serve the area. If you need a new crown, a bridge or a veneer fitted, and you need it like yesterday, this is the way forward. Thanks to the aid of computer technology, you can be in and out of the dental surgery in around an hour. Your affected teeth will be scanned by digital x-rays and then fed into a computer where it will design your new fitting. Once done, this information is then fed into a machine that will make the part that you need. Whilst all of this is being done in the room next door, the dentist can get to work on prepping you for the new fitment. All of this will be done in about 60 minutes and the great thing about it all is that if something goes wrong, the dentist can sort it out in-house and you can be on your way with a wonderful smile again. CEREC has been one of the greatest innovations in dentistry and if you are in need of a quick fix, this is the one for you.


Learning about CEREC in Molesey from Mulberry Dental Care

The world of cosmetic dentistry has been refining itself for decades now, and as new ideas and technology enter the fray, they get thrown into the equation in order to make treatments better and faster and in Molesey today, you can find the perfect example of this in the form of CEREC. In order to keep up with the demands of a changing world, this treatment can offer instant results when it comes to having veneers, bridges and crowns fitted. Normally, these type of procedures would take a couple of weeks to complete, but with CEREC, it’s over within about an hour and a half. When you sit down with the dentist, images of your teeth are taken and then fed into a computer. The dentist then sets to work on preparing your teeth, whilst in the background, the computer has come up with the precise design and fed it into a machine that is now manufacturing your new fitting and within around 20 minutes, it’s ready to be fitted. The good thing about this is that if there is any flaw in the design, it can be rectified on the spot. If you want to know more about this treatment and what it costs, you should contact Mulberry Dental Care in the area.


Instant joy for your mouth with CEREC in Shepperton

There was a time in Shepperton when, if you needed to have a veneer fitted, a crown or even a bridge, you’d have to wait weeks until the part was made and even when it did return from the lab, there was no guarantee that it would fit correctly, which meant sending it back again. Fortunately, that has all changed thanks to the computer and digital imaging and as a Surrey Practice enthuses about, if you are a busy person in a hurry, you can have these fittings done and dusted in under 2 hours if you opt for CEREC. When you decide what you want doing, you will have digital x-rays and images taken and then fed into a computer that translates the dimensions into a milling machine that makes your fitting while you wait. Naturally, during this time, the dentist can prepare your teeth and get on with any other work that needs doing. Then, you are kitted out with your new look and off you trot- smiling wildly! Of course, the other advantage of CEREC is that if there is a problem with the fitting, it can be rectified in-house, there and then. In comparison, there is also very little difference in cost compared to having the work done the old-fashioned way. Which method would you go for?!

No More Delays! Same Day Crowns Using Cerec Available in Shepperton

Instead of waiting weeks for your crowns, it is now possible to get same day crowns using CEREC technology. Older types of crown required that you had the hassle of having impressions taken, these had to be sent off for several weeks to another facility to be made into crowns, before finally you would be able to have them fitted. Over those weeks there was always risks of further damage or temporary crowns falling out. CEREC allows a crown to be produced on-site in the same day, waiting times are now measured in hours not weeks.

CEREC technology covers every stage of placing a crown. Using new CAD/CAM systems it is possible to develop a 3D map of your tooth using photographs and scans, without the need for taking impressions. These specifications are then sent to the production machine, within the dentist’s office, where the crown can be produced, to your unique tooth shape, in the same day. In the event that any adjustments were needed this could be done at the same time without the need for a new appointment after the crown has been sent away. CEREC crowns also allow your dentist to strain the crown colour to perfectly match the surrounding natural teeth, making them close to invisible in your mouth.

Your Shepperton dentist recommends same day crowns using CEREC because of the convenience they offer and the reduction in several risks associated with traditional crowns. Arrange a consultation to see if CEREC would work for you, your dentist will be able to give you all the relevant information and book an appointment for your CEREC crown.

Simply CEREC in Sunbury

There are some dental treatments that have that ‘wow’ factor and capture the imagination of the patient and in Sunbury’s world of cosmetic dentistry, there is nothing like getting a dental makeover and put that ‘wow’ back into your mouth. But now hold onto your hats, because even in this department, the world of dentistry has cranked it up a gear by giving us CEREC. Some of the best restoration work to the mouth comes in the form of veneers, bridges and crowns and have proved over and over again their durability and beauty. However, the whole treatment cycle could take up to a few weeks, your parts having to be made in a lab miles away, a bit like a Jumbo-jet flying the Atlantic, but for the impatient amongst us who want to fly Concorde then CEREC is for you because you can get these treatments done in an hour and a half- max! Yes, while you sit in the chair and have pretty pictures taken of your treatment area, these will be fed into a computer and then into an in-house milling machine and while your fitting is being made, you will prepared. Then you are fitted and off you go and the good thing about this is that if there is a problem, it can be rectified there and then, and if you look at the costs involved, it is pretty comparable to the older ways…WOW!

State of the art dentistry in Surbiton

Art comes in very many guises, but at the end of the day, the finished article can wow you in a way that you will appreciate in the end. Dentists too have become craftsmen at what they do and the way they can patch you up and send you on your way, is frankly remarkable. Of course, in Surbiton right now is a technique available to dentists that make their craft so much easier to achieve- CEREC. Dentists are artists and engineers, but their work has been made so much easier with the fact that they can have a milling machine, a computer and a digital x-ray machine in the back room to give you the latest and best treatment on the market. Getting a touch up to your teeth with veneers or a dental crown, or restoring things that you may have lost with a bridge could take weeks to complete, but with CEREC, you can have all this done in a couple of hours. The new fittings that you require can be produced while you watch and while you are being prepared. It’s so simple- a digital x-ray is fed into a computer and then into a milling machine and within the time it takes to get your teeth ready, you will be kitted out with your new fitting before you have time to blink. This is a fantastic treatment if you’re in a rush, and not as expensive as you may be thinking about right now- just check it out and you will be pleasantly surprised.


Using CEREC techniques is a great way to speed up common dental practices, say dentists in Sunbury

Dental surgeries all over the United Kingdom are being improved through the infiltration of new technology. The benefits that this brings to patients are something that many people are getting a great deal of satisfaction from. The use of digital techniques is allowing patients to be in and out of the surgery quicker than ever and they find that common dental practices are a great deal quicker than they used to be.

CEREC is the commonly used name for practices that employ digital and internet techniques in dentistry. The most significant way this is affecting dentistry is in the way that traditional x-rays are being phased out of use in many practices. The traditional x-ray is flat and displays images in only two dimensions. What’s more, these useful but flawed images have to be sent off and developed in specialist labs, adding to the cost and increasing the overall time that treatments take.

Digital x-rays used in CEREC-driven treatments yield images that are presented in three dimensions and navigable on a computer screen. This means that only one image needs to be taken and it can then be used in conjunction with internet technology, giving practice an efficient edge.

A good example of how CEREC techniques are changing dentistry is when it is used in the process of fitting porcelain dental veneers or porcelain dental crowns. Many dental surgeries, including some in Sunbury, now have so-called ‘online milling machines’ which are hooked up to the internet and can construct crowns or veneers in a matter of minutes when the data from digital x-rays is fed into them.


Instant Teeth Repairs with CEREC in Sunbury

If you wonder where the future of modern cosmetic dentistry lies in Sunbury, just take a look at CEREC. If you’re in need of a bridge, white fillings, a crown or a veneer, traditionally, that would be a 2-3 week procedure, simply because the moulds taken of your mouth would have to be sent away for manufacture, but CEREC incorporates everything new in dentistry. When you walk in for the treatment, firstly, digital images are taken of your mouth and fed into a computer, which in turn is fed into a milling machine that makes your new fitting on site to the shade that suits your mouth. This process allows your dentist to get your teeth ready for your fitting. The major benefit is that any ‘tweaking’ or adjustments to the fitting can be also done there and then- in one visit! Essentially, what this treatment offers is complete restoration to your teeth in as little as an hour and a half. Now if you’re a person on the go, always busy, but also always need to look good at all time, this treatment is a godsend. It’s getting popular, so prices are tumbling, making it as comparable to traditional ways of fixing your teeth, but without the wait!

Getting Your Smile Back with Porcelain Veneers in Kingston-upon-Thames

One of the most fantastic ways of putting a smile back on your face in Kingston-upon-Thames, is to get some porcelain veneers fitted. One thing in life is certain, we’re all going to get old at some point, but there is know reason we shouldn’t get old gracefully and this applies to our teeth too. Over time, they will become discoloured, cracked or chipped. The gums may recede and gaps appear, but this is where veneers come into their own. In a simple procedure, all these problems are removed and your mouth is restored to a look that will change your whole life and give you an incredible youthful confidence in everything that you do. Once your dentist has got you ready and taken moulds of your mouth, the veneers are then made and simply cemented into position within a fortnight, or if you are feeling adventurous, you can opt for CEREC treatment and it’s all over with in a couple of hours! Longer lasting than other treatments (up to 15 years) and generally resistant to staining, they can even be laser bleached if needed. Porcelain is an extremely beautiful material that gives off a remarkable hue. Imagine having a mouthful of this and you’ll be beautiful too, and then, you’ll be fit to grace any red carpet, anywhere in the world…….let alone talk to you’re friends with confidence once more! SMILE!

Sunbury dentists use CEREC technology to revolutionise the way they practice

If you need some work doing on your teeth the thought of having to endure lengthy visits to the dentist is probably the last thing that you need. So many of us have busy lives with high pressured jobs and families to look after, fitting in the dentist just might not seem possible among all the other things on the schedule. But things have changed in many dental surgeries and now many of the procedures that might have taken a long time, are far swifter, allowing you to get on with your life.

The dramatic changes sweeping through dental surgeries are thanks to CEREC techniques which harness the very latest in computer aided, digital technology to make dental procedures more efficient. The digital x-rays which are now in use, significantly cut down the time that one needs to spend at the dental surgery. These images are three dimensional so that your dentist need only take one x-ray to have access to different perspectives on your mouth. In the past, repeated x-rays would have been needed, all of which would have to be developed in the lab.

These digital x-rays can then be sent to online machines which craft dental products, ready to be fitted there and then in the studio. For example, a porcelain dental crown can be made in just six minutes by one of these machines. Needless to say, this will dramatically reduce the amount of time that you need to spend in the surgery. Costs are not increased as a result of these new techniques because expensive lab fees are often eliminated. Talk to your Sunbury dentist to find out how CEREC techniques are changing the way that dentistry is practiced in their surgery.