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Quick And Slick: CEREC In Surbiton

So how do fancy a quick and slick fix in order to get some bridge-work done, a veneer or two put in, or even a crown? Well the fastest gun in town right now is CEREC; just ask Mulberry Dental Care from Surrey. These are a professional outfit who know all about this procedure and seeing as they operate in the Surbiton area, you should call them up and find out more, because if its speed you are looking for, CEREC can have you fixed up in an hour or so, depending on how complex the work is. It is a computer based programme that will first take images of the area that needs work doing to it and then design what it is that you need…literally in about 10 minutes. Then the information is passed onto a machine that will make your fitting- which can take around another 20 minutes. During this time, the dentist can get you ready and when the part is made, it can be put in. The benefit of this in-house procedure is that if the part is flawed, it can be corrected on the spot. This is a perfect treatment for people whose time is precious and on the go all of the time.

Crowned in a Day for Patients from Shepperton

A revolutionary new system of dental crowning is being used by Mulberry Dental Care. No longer do you have to spend lots of time in and out of your local dentist having a crown or veneer procedure. Appointments build up, you wait for your crown at the laboratory and you feel like you are spending half your life in the dentist waiting room, you have even named the fish.

Now with the CEREC restorative procedure, available for dental patients from Shepperton and across the UK, you can be in and out in a single visit with permanent ceramic crowns fitted all in one day.

How does it work?

CEREC technology means that a 3D studio will create and design your crowns while you wait. Normally having new crowns means a lot of injections, impressions and lots of waiting. There are stages you have to go through which inevitably mean a lot of time spent at the dentist. This is why CEREC is so revolutionary. It is fast, efficient and patient-friendly, leaving you free to enjoy your spare time out of the dentist’s surgery!

The ceramic works in harmony with your natural tooth structure and provides flexibility like your natural tooth so that when you have different temperatures of food the crowns are less likely to crack.

Chemicals are used to bond the crown to your teeth so that your dentist can save as much of your original tooth as possible. You only need one injection and the end result of your crown is down to your dentist rather than someone in a laboratory who has never even seen the patient. You are guaranteed a crown to work in harmony with the rest of your teeth with colour matching and unique 3D design.