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Braces and your oral Hygiene in Weybridge

It can often be hard enough for someone as it is in Weybridge, being fitted with fixed braces, but it can get worse still before it gets better, as you have to learn how to clean them as well and this is an art-form in itself, especially if the brace is a complex one. All that wiring is the perfect haven for food to get stuck in and for bacteria to breed. When you have a fixed brace fitted, your dentist should give you all the best tips on how to avoid further complications from arising. You can start by getting a long bristled brush that will get behind the wiring and fixtures. Floss and inter-dental brushes will become your other greatest allies in the removal of food from around your braces and though it will take a while to get the hang of, it’s worth persevering with. To back these up are some great plaque busting mouthwashes to help keep your teeth clear of problems. But probably the best innovation you can use is a dye, that when swished around the mouth, highlights any build up of plaque, which then you and your dentist can get to work on. For more advice on this subject, you should call Mulberry dental care of Walton.

Braces and your Oral Hygiene in Weybridge

It hard enough to confront the idea of wearing braces, as if your treatment is complex, it is going to be a couple of years before you can finally be free. Also, the braces are probably going to be fixed, which means that you are going to have to be extra vigilant when it comes to oral hygiene throughout. If you need advice on this, Mulberry Dental Care of Walton Surrey can give you all the back-up you need in Weybridge because especially in the beginning, you are going to need a lot of nursing through this period. You are going to have to learn to floss in and around the brace to ensure that you remove any foodstuffs. Inter-dental brushes will need to be used as well, along with your regular toothbrush and pastes, and the use of a good, medical plaque-busting mouth-wash will help to protect your teeth: you can buy a dye that shows up any areas where plaque is building up. Of course, you also have your dentist, and it would be wise in the early stages of brace wearing that you make regular visits in order to ensure you are not only doing things right, but to get your teeth cleaned if you aren’t.