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Weybridge and the Inman Aligner

Teeth, aren’t they always a problem eh? You care for them when you are growing up, repair them if they go wrong, keep them healthy and how do they pay you back on occasions, they strike out on their own and grow in all directions, making you self-conscious and introverted. And of course, the longer you leave them, the less likely it is that you will want to undergo a lengthy orthodontic treatment to straighten them up again. Well how does 6 weeks sound to you to pull those annoying front teeth into place? No joking, you can you know, and it’s all thanks to a marvellous feat of dental engineering known as the Inman aligner. Oh yes, this works like no other device on the market: it has a mechanism that will push and pull on your teeth until they start to loosen up, and then, it will pull them back into place. Such turn of speed however comes with the problem that as soon as the treatment is over, the teeth will want to spring out again, which is why you will be supplied with a retainer to wear until the teeth have bedded into their new home. And throughout those hard 6 weeks of beautiful torture, you can take the aligner out to clean and to eat. For the price of this orthodontic angel and for all the information about the treatment, give Mulberry dental care of Walton a call, as they operate in the Weybridge area and will tell you all you need to know.

Strap in and hold tight for the Inman Aligner in Shepperton

If you have problems with your teeth coming across as a little goofy, well then, you should hold on to your hats because there is a device hanging out around Shepperton right now that will literally pull your buck teeth into shape before you know about it- the Inman aligner. This extremely unique device has a dream of a mechanism that works on both the inside and the outside of the teeth at the same time, meaning that they are loosened and kept on the move all of the time you are wearing the aligner. It is also removable meaning that cleaning your teeth or eating will never interfere with the device. Now that is a plus, but it’s not the main attraction of this aligner by a long stretch. Because of the movement in the teeth is relentless, they move extremely quickly, in fact, the treatment can be completed in just 6 weeks! Sure, such rapid changes will require you to wear a retainer to stop the teeth springing back again… but 6 weeks?!! And for what it does, and how it does it, around £1200 is a small price to pay for a device that can finally get rid of your annoying teeth that have been bothering you all of your life. For more information on the Inman aligner, then get in touch with Mulberry Dental Care in Walton.