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The dangers of leaving a Tooth Abscess Untreated in Surbiton

It’s a funny thing about problems with your teeth and gums, they can seemingly go away after a while and you could be lulled into thinking that you have nothing to worry about, but nothing could be further from the truth and a potential storm could be just around the corner. Mulberry dental care of Walton serves the Surbiton area and they are the people to call about all serious conditions that crop up in your mouth, as it is always wise to be ahead of the game when an emergency comes along. One such serious emergency is when a tooth abscess comes along. These are the direct result of poor oral hygiene that has led to tooth decay. When they strike, your face will swell up badly and you will suffer from excruciating pain. Now in some cases, you can counter this with painkillers and after a while, the swelling may disappear, but again, don’t be fooled that you’re okay, because your not. It needs to be treated with antibiotics before any work can be done to repair the decay in the tooth in order to save it. But an abscess feeds high toxins into the bloodstream an in some cases, this can poison the brain and put you into a life threatening coma. It’s a condition that requires immediate treatment from your dentist if around, if not, take no chances and get to a hospital as soon as you can.

The Treatment for an Abscessed Tooth in Sunbury

From time to time in Sunbury, something un-expected may flair up in your mouth; some of these may be fairly harmless and can wait until your dentist is ready to treat you, but one that is pure evil and very dangerous is a tooth abscess. However, the roots of this problem can be traced back to a lack of oral hygiene: tooth decay in its infancy can be picked up quickly by your dentist or when you start to suffer shooting pains whenever something is pressed upon the tooth’s surface; such pains may subside but the problem still remains and continues to get worse. The infection inside the tooth will soon lead to infection to the tissue around the roots, from which an abscess develops. As soon as this happens, you will suffer from excruciating pain and your face will swell badly. This needs immediate treatment, either from your dentist or from the hospital: make no mistake; an abscess can become life threatening. It first needs antibiotics to diffuse the poisons inside and to calm down the swelling, only then can your dentist perform a root canal treatment and get your tooth back on track and in the long term, save your tooth. But abscesses re-offend, and often, the tooth needs to be removed to stop the problem arising again. If you need more information on a tooth abscess, Mulberry dental care of Walton can tell you all you need to know about this dangerous condition.

The dangers of ignoring an Abscess in Surbiton

If something goes wrong at any time with your body, the natural inclination is to get the problem sorted out so that the problem doesn’t worsen. This is the philosophy that should also apply to your teeth and gums. Some conditions in the mouth are more serious than others of course, but the rules apply- get to the dentist and get it sorted out. An abscess is probably one of the most dangerous conditions of all and when it first erupts, your face will blow up like a balloon and the pain will be excruciating: it is a direct result of leaving tooth decay untreated. Now in some cases, the abscess may subside and you may think the problem has gone…you couldn’t be more wrong, and it will flare up again. There is a chance that, not only the tooth is badly decayed, the gums and jawbone have become infected too. The pus may erupt into the mouth but you are already putting yourself in extreme danger by not having treatment. The abscess is already leaking poisons into the bloodstream and consequently infecting vital organs in the body, including the heart. You also run the risk of septicaemia, damage to the brain and in some rare cases, meningitis- you are putting your life on the line. To find out more about the threat of an abscess, contact Mulberry Dental Care. Though they are based in Walton inSurrey, they serve the Surbiton area and can help you with all the advice you need on the subject.

Treating a Tooth Abscess in Sunbury

One of the ferocious conditions that can flare up in the mouth is a tooth abscess; not only painful, but highly toxic too and it starts to leak poisons into the bloodstream as soon as it erupts, which is why if it happens to you in Sunbury, it needs treating immediately. Now these things don’t work to any timetable, so an abscess can appear at any time. The pain can be subdued with painkillers, but you need to get antibiotics into your system as soon as you can, and if you can’t get to your dentists, take no chances and check into A&E at your nearest hospital. Only once the antibiotics have kicked in and the ghastly swelling has subsided, only then can your dentist get to work on you. Abscesses are a result of tooth decay, and if the problem has already reached this stage, you will most definitely require a root canal in order to save the tooth. But this does come with a warning: you have already set the beast free and an abscess easily re-offends, even after the initial treatment and if the problem does re-surface, you may be left with no other option than to have the tooth removed completely in order to stop the cycle. Mulberry Dental Care of Walton inSurreyserves all of this area and they are there for you if you need detailed advice on the subject.

Attacking a Dental Abscess in Molesey

As you go through life in Molesey with all your dental complexities, you will hopefully try to avoid tooth decay by getting your daily oral hygiene programme right. For if you don’t and the decay gets out of hand, you may well be heading for an abscess and once you get one, it’s one hell of a job to get rid of. Not only that, an abscess is lethal and it can put your life on the line by poisoning your blood stream. An abscess forms when the infection caused by tooth decay has nowhere else to go and when it forms, you’ll soon know about it when you face swells up and you suffer with excruciating pain. The thing is, the problem cannot be tackled until you have had some antibiotics pumped into you to reduce the toxins that the abscess is releasing into your body. Once you have got through this dangerous 24 hours, then you can get the abscess and you tooth treated by your dentist. It probably means that you will have to have a root canal to repair your tooth in order to save it, but this is probably a waste of time anyway, because an abscess will only really disappear when the tooth is removed from the mouth for good. If you are worried about this sort of problem and would like to learn more about how to cope with a situation like this, then give Mulberry Dental Care a call in Walton- they serve the area and will only be too pleased to give you their wisdom.

Dental Emergencies- A Weybridge Dentist Explains

There is no indication of when a dental emergency will arise. It could happen anytime, anywhere, explains a dentist in Weybridge. We are not talking about leaving your dentures in the pub toilet. We are talking about serious emergencies that in certain cases could be life threatening. So what are the most likely emergencies to arise and how are they best dealt with? Firstly let’s look at toothache. It’s a problem that comes from nowhere and without warning. It can be caused by a number of things, but should be addressed by your dentist. But they might not be around at 2.30 in the morning, so it’s down to self preservation. Flossing, and rinsing with warm, salty water is the first line of defence followed by painkillers. Leading on from a toothache is an abscess. These are very serious. If not dealt with, they can be life threatening and can infect the whole body if allowed to develop. If you can’t get a dentist, get to a hospital, if only for peace of mind. Now we come to tooth damage. Whether it’s a chipped tooth or a tooth has been knocked out, the same rules apply. The tooth or chips should be saved if possible until you can get to a dentist for analysis. The mouth should be rinsed and a swab used to stop cold air invading the wound. Painkillers can help. Finally, a more common emergency is the loss of a crown or a filling. In the case of a crown, the exposure of the tooth to the air can cause intense pain. This can be treated with clove oil and the crown can be slipped back on using toothpaste or sugar free gum as in the case of a filling. Whatever the case, any emergency should not be underestimated. A dentist should always be sought immediately. But if the problem escalates, don’t take any chances, call an ambulance.