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The delight the Damon Brace brings to Weybridge

The wonderful thing about modern orthodontics today is that there has been years of research put into new and better braces in order to get your teeth into shape faster and with the utmost efficiency. One perfect example of this is the Damon brace; this has many variations on a theme of the way the mechanism works and utilises its own ideas on getting the job done. It is a fixed brace that works fast and the reason why your teeth are moved so quickly is because it has a self-ligating system; once some discreet tooth-coloured plates have been placed on the surfaces of the teeth, a wire is fed through the holes on the front of them and anchored towards the back of the mouth. This wire is allowed to pass freely through the plates and tightens itself as the teeth start to move, so this keeps movement going all of the time that it is the mouth. What this means is that you pay fewer, expensive visits to see your Surrey dentist during the treatment, it involves far less parts to clog up your mouth and the treatment works fast, much faster than most other options on the market, yet with the precision that has always been associated with fixed braces. Find out all you can about this unique treatment and if you want more information about it, then Mulberry Dental can give you all the facts you need about the Damon system- plus they work in the Weybridge area.

You too can Smile in just 6 Months in Sunbury

It is safe to say that the world of orthodontics has finally got up to speed and started to deliver braces that are no further a bane to whoever has to wear them. However, it has hasn’t thrown the principles and qualities away that traditional braces brought to the table- it has just taken them and then improved them. The perfect example of this is the 6 Months Smile. This is a fixed brace utilising all of the ‘old school’ techniques and then given them a modern make-over. The materials that this brace is made from, work subtlety in the mouth and are very discreet indeed. However, they work on complex conditions as well, like bite problems and overcrowding and considering they are also aimed at particular problem teeth whilst being regularly tightened by your dentist, they work as quick as it says in the title. Look into this treatment if you have complex problems- it is well worth it: call-up Mulberry Dental, as they cover the Sunbury area and can give you all the information you need on this fantastic little treatment.


Simple Smiles in just 6 Months in Molesey

So, it’s time to get your teeth straightened and for some people, it’s an emotional time so you need to do your homework before you jump in and you need advice. Mulberry Dental works the Molesey area, so you should call them before you embark on a course of treatment because they just may point you in the direction of the 6 Months Smile. This fixed little brace comes with all the modern science that orthodontics offers; subtle plates and wires around the teeth, so it is very discreet once it has been fitted. It can do many tasks…overcrowding of teeth in the mouth, biting problems but what it is best at is attacking teeth that look awkward when you smile. Every now and then, you need to get it tightened by your dentist but it works in around just 6 months and afterwards, your teeth will look immaculate. You will have to be on the ball with cleaning it because fixed braces are notoriously famous for harbouring food and unless you remove the food from the brace, it can lead to other complications during your treatment…but you’ll get the hang of it with a bit of practise and advice from your dentist and anyway, this brace won’t be in for long.


The lushness of Teeth Straightening in Surrey

Teeth straightening can be quite scary when you first embark on it in Surrey, especially if you require complex and tricky work; you could be in for a 3 year ride, but you have to do this for two major reasons. The first is obviously vanity and crooked teeth can appear quite ugly, but behind all of this is a health issue too; orthodontics is done to ensure that your bite is true so that you don’t put excess pressure on your jaw-joints. There are a lot more options you can choose today than say 30 years ago and if you do your homework and look around, you may find yourself even enamoured by what’s on offer. Fixed braces offer the best precision and they aren’t ugly either like in the past, utilising modern and discreet materials in order to get the job done. They are also the cheaper end of the spectrum, but some of these modern devices can work in just 6 months, so they are good value for money. Then you delve into the world of aligners. These cost more but they work in fabulously mysterious ways: they are removable for starters and some are made from clear plastic meaning that they are impossible to spot when they’re in, but if you have a certain problem with your front teeth only; one aligner can actually straighten your teeth in just 6 weeks! Sit down and weigh up your options with your dentist and find out what device is best for the condition of your teeth.

Why Weybridge Loves Dashing Damon Braces

It is amazing how much work and effort and science is put into every little part of dentistry to improve the treatments that you as a patient get, and just to use one example, take a look at the Damon brace. It has built up its philosophy from listening to what its patients want in a brace; two namely being discretion and the time it takes to work- the Damon does both. It uses tiny plates placed on the teeth, through which is thread a small wire; both are discreetly coloured to match the teeth. What really sets this device apart from other fixed braces though is that it is self-ligating, meaning that it tightens itself throughout the treatment and the way it achieves this is by allowing the wire to slip freely through the plates. This means that the teeth are being constantly being put under pressure and so, it gets the treatment over with as quickly as possible; plus it means fewer visits to the dentist. What it can’t avoid is the issue that most fixed braces have and that is cleaning, so you have to be on the ball about this to avoid complications during the time you are wearing it. There are also other variations of this brace that work in other ways too, so if you’d like to know all about Damon braces and what’s on offer, then give Mulberry Dental Care a look: they work in the Weybridge area and can answer any questions you may have.


A Saucy Smile In 6 Months In Sunbury

As far a braces go, probably one of the best around in Sunbury right now is the 6 Months Smile; it is precise, discreet and quick. It has drawn on all the theories traditionally associated with fixed braces, incorporated them into its design and then improved them. Although it is capable of solving most complex problems, its greatest asset is when it focuses more on those teeth that are out of kilter when you smile. Each of the teeth has very discreet ceramic plates attached to them which are linked together by an equally discreet coloured wire; this is then attached to two anchors at the back of the teeth and then tightened. As the teeth start to move, you keep popping back to the dentist to have the wire tightened, so the teeth are being pressured all of the time. You will need a few tips on how to clean it when it is first fitted- fixed braces are always notorious for this, but after practising for a while, you should have no problem. The end results are great when it is taken off a half a year later, and after having your teeth polished up, you won’t recognise yourself: ugly duckling in June and a swan by Christmas! If you want to know more, call-up Mulberry Dental Care a call, for they serve the whole area.

Speedy and pretty teeth in Molesey with the Inman Aligner

Not everyone is blessed with having wonderfully straight teeth, so a lot of people will have to get them straightened. However, the longer you leave it, the less inclined you will be to undergo a lengthy correction treatment in the future. Now this is a dilemma and will eat away at you, especially if the front teeth are sticking out, for it can impede the way you express yourself among others. Help is at hand though in the remarkable form of the Inman aligner. This wonderful little aligner has a very unique mechanism that literally loosens the teeth and keeps rocking them until they are in position. It is very, very quick too: on average, the teeth can be in place in just 6 weeks. In order to make them stay there, you will have to wear a retainer until they are comfortably rooted into their new home. But aside from all the benefits, it isn’t that expensive either in comparison to other methods. Mulberry dental care of Surrey can set you up with all the information you want about the Inman- which is dead handy, because the serve the Molesey area.


Spectacular Smiling in just 6 Months in Molesey

In today’s wonderful world of dentistry, there is a device for all seasons to ensure that you retain that beautiful smile upon your face, especially when it comes to orthodontics. However when it comes to having your teeth aligned, you need to think long and hard about what is going to benefit you the best, which is why you need all of the advice you can get and Mulberry Dental of Surrey work the Molesey area and are experts in this field. The way you get your teeth straightened will define your oral health for the rest of your life, so you want to get it right. Traditional braces, for all of their faults, work with precision but take a long time to work: this is where the 6 Months Smile comes in. It works using all of the theories inherent to fixed braces, and although it will correct some of the most complex of problems, it works better on the teeth that show more on your smile. During the treatment, the wires of the brace will be tightened regularly by your dentist to ensure that the teeth keep moving, but they will and quickly too- it’s in the title. If you ensure that you clean the brace correctly throughout, you will have an amazing set of teeth at the end of it all and have a healthy smile forever!


Right-on Braces in Molesey

Getting your teeth straightened is a very stressful time for anyone and if your teeth are in a really bad way, it could take a few years to get them back on track: this may take some very bespoke iron-work fitted into your mouth and though it may not look pretty, nor be comfortable, the end results will be worth it and you will have a fine set of strong teeth at the end of the treatment: fixed braces are what everyone fears but yet, there are some fabulous ones about that can work very quickly for you if the work you need doing is fairly trivial. Of course, the art of teeth correction has become an incredible art-form and some of the removable aligners around in Molesey today are frankly remarkable: some are virtually invisible and work quickly; some are so fast that your teeth can be straightened anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months! If you need to get your teeth straightened, always shop around and sit down with your dentist to discuss the options available to you: it may come down to money as well but never be afraid to search the market. Mulberry Dental from Walton-upon-Thames serve the area and they know all about the problems of braces, so give them a call first before making your choice.


Why you should look at the Damon Brace in Kingston-upon-Thames

Some braces like to brag and boast about how clever they are, but once the treatment is over, they just kick you out the door and leave you cold. If however you decide to go for a Damon brace, it feels like you have joined an extended family. The Damon system is remarkable, as it seems to have all bases covered and it has two big philosophies behind the way it works. The first is total discretion and it uses materials which are almost impossible to spot when fitted, which is a huge bonus for anyone who knows what it is like to wear a fixed brace. The second advantage to this brace is that it is self-ligating- the wires slip through the brackets on the teeth freely…in common terms it means that because of the technology and engineering of the device, it tightens itself as your teeth start to move. What this means is that you pay fewer visits to the dentist and so, costs are hence reduced. It also means that the treatment is supremely quick and you can be done and dusted before you know it. The Damon brace is available right now in Kingston-upon-Thames and if you want more information about it, then contact Mulberry Dental because they serve the whole of the area.