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The benefits if Digital X-rays in Surbiton

Modern dentistry has come an awful long way over the last 50 years and has developed largely thanks to the computer and digital imaging, especially when it comes to x-rays. Time is of the essence so that issues don’t worsen in your mouth, and this could well be the case with old x-ray techniques. Now though, with digital x-raying, you can be diagnosed in seconds and then treated straight away. It works similar to traditional methods in the sense that you are photographed in the same way, however the image is sent straight to a computer screen for analysis. This also makes it easier to store for historical reasons and can hence be accessed in seconds. This is very useful if the work you need doing is beyond the realms of your regular dentist and you require specialist treatment: all your dentist has to do is send an e-mail to the specialist and you can get seen within days and thus treated. Most dentists in Surbiton use digital x-rays, but if you want more information about how they can work for you and the benefits of them, give Mulberry dental care a call in Surrey as they serve the area.


Delighting in Digital X-rays in Weybridge

It is a wondrous world that we live in Weybridge today and technology has enabled us to keep our health optimised to the max, and this also works for our oral health- just take a look at oral hygiene. Sometimes it is so important to get a quick diagnosis in order to get yourself sorted at the dentists, and thanks to technology, this can be done in a flash with a digital x-ray. X-rays of old could take weeks to solve your problems and in that time, your teeth could get worse. With digital imaging though, images are fed straight onto a computer screen and any problem diagnosed in seconds. These images can also be stored on disc and if your dentist cannot do work on you because it is specialised, these instant images can sent away immediately for analysis and you can be treated as quickly as possible. If you want to know more about digital X-rays, then give Mulberry dental a call and find out how it can help you with your dental problems.


The huge benefits of Lasers in Dentistry today in Kingston-upon-Thames

About 40 years ago, it would be safe to say that the world of dentistry was in limbo: it was coming up with all these remarkable ideas and concepts which seemed to work okay, yet the tools to see these ideas through were holding the treatments back; scalpels and drills did the job, but also did a lot of damage too, which meant the recovery period after any procedure could be lengthy. Then one day, the laser came along and from that point on, dentistry set itself free. The wonderful thing about laser surgery is how slick it is: it works without vibration, so causes minimal damage to your teeth; it cuts through tissue without causing the surrounding areas trauma like a scalpel would, and hence removes the need for stitching. And as laser surgery developed, it began being used for all manner of dental treatments; the obvious benefactors of this are tooth decay treatments- now quick and painless. More intricate operations like solving periodontal and gum disease conditions have been massively improved thanks to laser surgery. Gum contouring too has radically changed and can be done in as little as 30 minutes and variations on the theme can also whiten your teeth effectively in an hour. But probably the best example of the way the laser works is in the treatment of tooth loss and the placement of dental implants; once very complex, you can now have them fitted in a day. If you want to know more about how lasers have defined the future of dental treatments in Kingston-upon-Thames and how you can benefit, Mulberry Dental of Walton-on-Thames in Surrey can tell you all you need to know.


Inman Aligner more Popular than Ever for Patients from the Surbiton Area

Many people are confused by the many different treatments on offer when it comes to finding a solution for misaligned teeth. One of the solutions on offer is a combination of the traditional metal brace and an invisible discreet brace called the Inman Aligner.

Why choose this brace?

The Inman Aligner is mainly used mainly for front teeth that are not aligned and uses power created by coiled springs on both sides of the teeth to squeeze them together. The main difference with this brace is that it provides extremely quick results, sometimes in as little as 6-8 weeks. So, if you are looking for an intense treatment this is the brace for you. It is also considerably cheaper than other invisible braces and you only wear one aligner for the entire treatment.

More benefits?

Like the Invisalign braces this brace is also removable so that you can take it out when you have your lunch, or have a coffee as well as when brushing and flossing. The speed of the results you can achieve are mainly dependant on how long you wear your Inman Aligner. If you choose to only wear it a few hours a day, results will take longer to achieve. It is recommended that you wear the brace for about 20 hours per day to get fast results. The only downside to this treatment is that the braces are not quite as discreet as Invisalign as they can be seen in your mouth, but if this doesn’t bother you and you are looking for a fast, effective method of straightening your teeth then this is the brace for you.

Mulberry Dental Care service will give patients from Surbiton and close by all the help and advice they need to make the right decision for their teeth.

Crowned in a Day for Patients from Shepperton

A revolutionary new system of dental crowning is being used by Mulberry Dental Care. No longer do you have to spend lots of time in and out of your local dentist having a crown or veneer procedure. Appointments build up, you wait for your crown at the laboratory and you feel like you are spending half your life in the dentist waiting room, you have even named the fish.

Now with the CEREC restorative procedure, available for dental patients from Shepperton and across the UK, you can be in and out in a single visit with permanent ceramic crowns fitted all in one day.

How does it work?

CEREC technology means that a 3D studio will create and design your crowns while you wait. Normally having new crowns means a lot of injections, impressions and lots of waiting. There are stages you have to go through which inevitably mean a lot of time spent at the dentist. This is why CEREC is so revolutionary. It is fast, efficient and patient-friendly, leaving you free to enjoy your spare time out of the dentist’s surgery!

The ceramic works in harmony with your natural tooth structure and provides flexibility like your natural tooth so that when you have different temperatures of food the crowns are less likely to crack.

Chemicals are used to bond the crown to your teeth so that your dentist can save as much of your original tooth as possible. You only need one injection and the end result of your crown is down to your dentist rather than someone in a laboratory who has never even seen the patient. You are guaranteed a crown to work in harmony with the rest of your teeth with colour matching and unique 3D design.

People from the Surbiton Area are ‘Enlightened’ by Teeth Whitening Technology


Tooth whitening is fast becoming the new craze in cosmetic procedures. As most of the people we see on our TV’s have white, luminous, perfect teeth we are growing increasingly self-conscious of our discoloured teeth. We try not to laugh with our mouth open and practice our tooth-less smiles in front of the mirror. Not anymore Surbiton!

What is special about Enlighten teeth whitening treatment?

Mulberry Dental Care has revolutionised the teeth whitening procedure with a state of the art system of super deep bleaching teeth whitening. It is the number one product for whitening teeth effectively, often to the shade B1. Mulberry Dental Care has tested every whitening treatment and they believe this is the best yet.

Often after a tooth whitening treatment teeth can be sensitive leaving the patient feeling inconvenienced and unable to eat the foods and drink they wish. The enlighten treatment also uses a proprietary gel which practically eliminates tooth sensitivity post procedure.

Who should have this treatment?

If you think this treatment would work for you, book in a free consultation with your Mulberry Dental Care dentist who can offer advice and talk you through the procedure. If you suffer from discolouration or merely want to improve the shade you currently have then this is a great, practical and efficient solution for you.

No more hiding that smile now you have a dazzling white set of teeth! Your Mulberry dentist can offer you great aftercare advice to make sure that your teeth stay looking their best shade of white.

The Digital X-ray in Weybridge

One of the great things about ongoing technology in health care has come with being able to diagnose things quickly so that problems can be dealt with immediately, and if you are shall we say, in your forties, you may have noticed when you have popped into a dentists in Weybridge of late that when they have taken an X-ray of your teeth, you’re not waiting a couple of weeks for the results- they have the results to hand pretty much straight away. This is all down to the digital X-ray; the procedure still feels the same yet within seconds, an image is posted up on a computer screen. This allows a rapid diagnosis to be made and allows treatment to begin immediately. Digital X-rays can be stored easily and cross referenced with old-style X-rays too. But if we remain with the speed element, if your treatment is beyond the realms of your dentist, you are no longer at the mercy of the post, as your images can be sent to a specialist via an e-mail, again, for instant diagnosis and again, for immediate treatment. Revolutionizing this way of diagnosis means that as a patient, you no longer have to sit around watching your teeth get worse until the results come in.

Modern images through Digital X-rays in Molesey

The beautiful thing about modern dentistry is that it’s based on older theories in the trade, that if you catch something going wrong early on, you have a better chance of nipping it in the bud. Modern dentists in Molesey have that luxury because of the way technology has advanced out of sight. The perfect way of highlighting this is by comparing old x-ray methods to modern digital ones. The old x-ray could take weeks to process a problem by which time it would have got worse. They were also cumbersome to store for a dentist, taking up bags of space around the surgery. The modern digital x-ray is remarkable: once the image has been taken, it is flashed up on a computer screen straight away so the dentist can get to work on you right away. They are so precise and even 3-D images can be produced of any area inside the mouth for a more comprehensive picture, as opposed to the old one dimensional image. But the real bonus for the dentist is that they can be stored easily on the computer, sourced at anytime and even e-mailed off to other specialists in dental fields for analysis and second opinions. All this can only be beneficial to the patient and the speed of treatment.


State of the art dentistry in Surbiton

Art comes in very many guises, but at the end of the day, the finished article can wow you in a way that you will appreciate in the end. Dentists too have become craftsmen at what they do and the way they can patch you up and send you on your way, is frankly remarkable. Of course, in Surbiton right now is a technique available to dentists that make their craft so much easier to achieve- CEREC. Dentists are artists and engineers, but their work has been made so much easier with the fact that they can have a milling machine, a computer and a digital x-ray machine in the back room to give you the latest and best treatment on the market. Getting a touch up to your teeth with veneers or a dental crown, or restoring things that you may have lost with a bridge could take weeks to complete, but with CEREC, you can have all this done in a couple of hours. The new fittings that you require can be produced while you watch and while you are being prepared. It’s so simple- a digital x-ray is fed into a computer and then into a milling machine and within the time it takes to get your teeth ready, you will be kitted out with your new fitting before you have time to blink. This is a fantastic treatment if you’re in a rush, and not as expensive as you may be thinking about right now- just check it out and you will be pleasantly surprised.


Using CEREC techniques is a great way to speed up common dental practices, say dentists in Sunbury

Dental surgeries all over the United Kingdom are being improved through the infiltration of new technology. The benefits that this brings to patients are something that many people are getting a great deal of satisfaction from. The use of digital techniques is allowing patients to be in and out of the surgery quicker than ever and they find that common dental practices are a great deal quicker than they used to be.

CEREC is the commonly used name for practices that employ digital and internet techniques in dentistry. The most significant way this is affecting dentistry is in the way that traditional x-rays are being phased out of use in many practices. The traditional x-ray is flat and displays images in only two dimensions. What’s more, these useful but flawed images have to be sent off and developed in specialist labs, adding to the cost and increasing the overall time that treatments take.

Digital x-rays used in CEREC-driven treatments yield images that are presented in three dimensions and navigable on a computer screen. This means that only one image needs to be taken and it can then be used in conjunction with internet technology, giving practice an efficient edge.

A good example of how CEREC techniques are changing dentistry is when it is used in the process of fitting porcelain dental veneers or porcelain dental crowns. Many dental surgeries, including some in Sunbury, now have so-called ‘online milling machines’ which are hooked up to the internet and can construct crowns or veneers in a matter of minutes when the data from digital x-rays is fed into them.