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Kingston-upon-Thames dentist explains facts about traveling abroad for dental treatment

More and more people are being attracted by the promise of cheap dental treatment abroad, but are they fully aware of what they are getting themselves into? For every story you hear of successful and cheap dental surgery in Hungary or Bulgaria there are two horror stories about botched treatment and follow up appointments in the UK to repair the damage. A recent survey of Irish dentists found that 76 per cent had had to repair work done on patients in other countries.

Things to think about before considering going abroad are that all dentists in this country are properly regulated and must be registered to work as a dentist in the UK. Standards and regulations cannot be guaranteed in other countries so you don’t really know who might end up working on your teeth. You might have to do a great deal of research to be sure about who will be performing your treatment in another country.

When enquiring about dentistry abroad it is necessary to check that any claims about the quality of treatment and professional qualifications can be proven before agreeing to any treatment.

Whatever the situation, receiving dental treatment abroad is going to be a risk. It might work out well, it might not, and surely the latter is enough of a deterrent. The health of your teeth can play a huge part in your general well being and surely it is not worth taking the risk. If you are unsure about any dental problems or sconsidering treatment abroad a Kingston-upon-Thames dentist will be able to answer any of your questions. It is always better to know the facts.

Shepperton dentists encourage patients not to skip appointments because of lost jobs

Times of financial hardship can be incredibly frightening, especially when the evil spectre of job losses rears its ugly head. Whether you are one of the unlucky ones or even if you’re just one of the people dreading the phone ringing with the bad news, cutting back on spending becomes an immediate priority. Any unnecessary spending has to go, there is no place for luxuries. For some however, dental check-ups are included in the list of non-essential items that can be sacrificed. While this might save money in the short term, in the long run this could be a very dangerous and costly strategy.

Dental check-ups are crucial in the fight against tooth decay and gum disease. One missed check up could mean that it is a year or more between visits to the dentist, which is plenty of time for the onset of tooth decay. This could cause problems such as cavities which may require fillings, root canals or even crowns which are all costly and possibly painful dental procedures.

This is especially true for children. Although shelling out for several children to visit the dentist, children’s teeth change very quickly and missed appointments could result in having to shell out for several sets of fillings, which will be far more costly.

It may seem that a dental check-up is a non-essential expenditure, especially for those who are unemployed or struggling during these times of hardship, but a small investment in your teeth now could end up saving thousands in the future. Look after your teeth now and they could last a lifetime, neglect them and you could pay the price. Dentists in Shepperton are available for appointments to help prevent costly and painful tooth decay.

Recession Taking its Toll on Dental Health in Shepperton

The current scenario of unemployment and credit crunch following recession has caused a major setback to the dental and oral health of people in Shepperton. The number of people losing their jobs these days has gone up so high that in turn it is forcing them to forgo their dental insurance. More and more families are finding it difficult to meet daily living expenses, hence the first thing that gets delayed are medical treatments especially dental ones.

The current economic crisis has also increased the cost of dental treatments making it unaffordable for most. The field of Cosmetic dentistry has suffered the worst setback since many feel that these procedures are one of luxury and not a necessity. This has forced many dentists to lay-off their staff or even close down their clinics.

While the private dental clinics are suffering, it is exactly the opposite scenario for dentists who impart treatment for patients with public insurance or no insurance at all. The queue at such clinics is long with their appointment registers overflowing. People are being asked to wait as long as 5 months for a non-emergency procedure.

The oral health of a vast majority is getting affected due to the current financial trouble and unemployment. The worst to be hit are young children who require preventive dental check-ups and prompt dental treatments to ensure good oral health. Putting off dental treatments is a cause of concern for the entire country as this reflects on the overall health of its citizens.

Weybridge Dentist on Laser Dentistry

When visiting your Weybridge Dental Clinic, you may want to inquire as to whether they perform laser dentistry. The following is a brief overview of the benefits and uses of a dental laser. Laser dentistry integrates state-of-the-art equipment in an assortment of dental procedures and practices. Laser dentistry has not yet been accepted by the majority of dentists, although it increases the precision of treatment, and reduces pain and recovery time. Only about 5% of dentists have lasers available in their offices. It is extremely safe and comfortable, and can vastly improve a dentist’s precision when performing procedures. The benefits of laser dentistry include that anaesthesia or sutures may not be necessary. The dental laser also aids in blood clotting, and the reduction of bacterial infections. Also, oral tissues heal more quickly, and there is much less damage to the surrounding oral tissues.
Several procedures where laser dentistry has shown to be of therapeutic value in dentistry include: the removal of benign tumours; as a dental caries detection device; better viewing of teeth and gum tissues; reduction of pain from cold sores (i.e., fever blisters); crown lengthening; dental fillings, repositioning of muscle attachments; nerve regeneration; sleep apnoea; removal of excess soft tissue(s); teeth whitening; temporomandibular joint treatment; gummy smile, and; tooth sensitivity. Note: Laser dentistry is not used for replacing defective amalgam fillings, onlays, or dental crowns. So, call and visit your Weybridge dentist to see if laser dentistry is for you!