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Taking up the fight against Bad Breath in Surbiton

Most conditions in the mouth are quite easily treated by dentists today with easy, yet wonderful treatments at their disposal; bad breath however, isn’t so easy to overcome and it may take a complete turn around in lifestyle and attitude to battle against this problem. Sure, a dentist can treat the problem of tooth decay and gum disease- two of the biggest sponsors of bad breath, but you really need to think about how you allowed these conditions to develop in your mouth in the first place and the answer is quite simple- poor oral hygiene. Again, this also allows odours to build up in the mouth around your teeth and tongue and produce foul odours. If you smoke, drink and have a poor diet as well, then you really are pushing out the odour boat. A hygienist is the best person to talk to about turning all of this around and getting your breath fresh again. It won’t be easy, but if you work hard at it, it is achievable. It will also help you to avoid more sinister things from happening in the future, like oral cancer and complete tooth loss. For more information on bad breath and the dangers that come with it, then contact Mulberry dental down in Walton-on-Thames if you or indeed someone you know are having problems, as they serve the Surbiton area.


Spotting Dental Cavities in Weybridge

Plaque is one of those irritants that just will not give up the fight against your teeth, and though you fight just as hard to battle it, occasionally it gets through, as does one of its allies- tooth decay. This is where acids from plaque and un-removed acids on the tooth’s surface start to eat into the enamel and start to form cavities. Now if you keep up with dental check-ups, then your dentist will pick up on stuff like this and fix it with a filling. But if you have missed an appointment, then it is you that will find out sooner or later. If the tooth darkens, it is a sign that something is going wrong, but this will be accompanied with shooting pains whenever you bite down on the tooth or expose it to conflicting temperatures. It is important to get this fixed, otherwise the pain may subside and just when you thought you had got away with it, you are soon suffering from full blown tooth decay. Weybridge is an area that is lucky to be served by Mulberry Dental Care from Walton inSurrey: these people can give the best advice on what to look out for when it comes to dental caries.

The dangers of ignoring an Abscess in Surbiton

If something goes wrong at any time with your body, the natural inclination is to get the problem sorted out so that the problem doesn’t worsen. This is the philosophy that should also apply to your teeth and gums. Some conditions in the mouth are more serious than others of course, but the rules apply- get to the dentist and get it sorted out. An abscess is probably one of the most dangerous conditions of all and when it first erupts, your face will blow up like a balloon and the pain will be excruciating: it is a direct result of leaving tooth decay untreated. Now in some cases, the abscess may subside and you may think the problem has gone…you couldn’t be more wrong, and it will flare up again. There is a chance that, not only the tooth is badly decayed, the gums and jawbone have become infected too. The pus may erupt into the mouth but you are already putting yourself in extreme danger by not having treatment. The abscess is already leaking poisons into the bloodstream and consequently infecting vital organs in the body, including the heart. You also run the risk of septicaemia, damage to the brain and in some rare cases, meningitis- you are putting your life on the line. To find out more about the threat of an abscess, contact Mulberry Dental Care. Though they are based in Walton inSurrey, they serve the Surbiton area and can help you with all the advice you need on the subject.

Overcoming Bad Breath in Surbiton

If one of your friends in Surbiton has been kind enough to point out that you have bad breath, then you need to knuckle down- hard, in order to get rid of the condition as there are many implications as to what might be causing it. Mulberry Dental Care of Walton serves the area and would be a good first port of call to for advice, along with your own dentist. All you may need to rectify the problem is some treatment to your teeth and gums: tooth decay and gum disease can cause bad breath and these are a direct result of poor oral hygiene and this needs to be changed as well: throw every product that you can at bad breath, especially herbal remedies as they not only help to neutralise bad odours, but also help to calm down your gums if they have become diseased. You should also chew sugar-free gum and drink lots of water to promote the saliva levels in your mouth. Next, you should also improve your diet and curtail or at least cut down, some of the more wayward elements in your lifestyle like smoking and excessive drinking. Now within a couple of weeks you should see a difference if you take on board all of these aspects and the causes of bad breath should start to wane and your mouth become balanced once more. If however you have tried everything and the symptoms persist, this could mean that the problem is coming from somewhere else inside your body and that is not a good sign at all. You should really get to a doctor quickly and get yourself a proper MOT.

Treating a Tooth Abscess in Sunbury

One of the ferocious conditions that can flare up in the mouth is a tooth abscess; not only painful, but highly toxic too and it starts to leak poisons into the bloodstream as soon as it erupts, which is why if it happens to you in Sunbury, it needs treating immediately. Now these things don’t work to any timetable, so an abscess can appear at any time. The pain can be subdued with painkillers, but you need to get antibiotics into your system as soon as you can, and if you can’t get to your dentists, take no chances and check into A&E at your nearest hospital. Only once the antibiotics have kicked in and the ghastly swelling has subsided, only then can your dentist get to work on you. Abscesses are a result of tooth decay, and if the problem has already reached this stage, you will most definitely require a root canal in order to save the tooth. But this does come with a warning: you have already set the beast free and an abscess easily re-offends, even after the initial treatment and if the problem does re-surface, you may be left with no other option than to have the tooth removed completely in order to stop the cycle. Mulberry Dental Care of Walton inSurreyserves all of this area and they are there for you if you need detailed advice on the subject.

Dealing with those Sensitive Teeth in Weybridge

For all our endeavours to care to our teeth and gums, some things are still difficult to get right, especially if we have sensitive teeth. And it can be down to our exertions of brushing our teeth that can ironically cause sensitivity in the teeth. Teeth get touchy when the enamel becomes thin and aside from brushing, there are several other reasons that can cause this problem: teeth grinding is probably one of the most destructive ways that teeth can become sensitive. However, acid erosion, a cracked tooth, bleaching, tooth decay and gum disease also all contribute to the problem and overcoming this sensitivity can be as complex as the things that cause it. You can use sensitive toothpastes and get softer brushes- there are also mouthwashes designed to ease the issue as well. But probably the best person to turn to in Weybridge is your dentist; they can apply varnishes and sealants to the most vulnerable parts of your teeth and if you grind your teeth, supply you with a mouth-guard: they can also treat these sensitive areas with fluoride in order to re-mineralise the enamel of the teeth. Sensitive teeth need not be the bane of your life whenever you drink hot and cold or when you eat food. It is treatable and so you should contact Mulberry Dental Care in Walton for more information about sensitive teeth.

Combating dental Calculus in Molesey

There is one enemy of the mouth that never seems to let up and never will do- plaque. As much as you care for your teeth, clean your teeth a get rid of everything you can when you do your brushing, it’s only a matter of hours before bacteria starts to work again. Which it’s why when you take your eye off the ball for a couple of days, this plaque will harden into tartar and calculus: it’s literally like having a build up of hard cement forming at the base of the teeth and when this happens, it is hard to get rid of. Some of the new super electric toothbrushes are designed to get rid of this calculus, but to be sure, your dentist in Molesey is the best option. But you also have to remember a build up of calculus around the teeth like this can strangle the life from the gums until they become diseased and then you are into a whole new world of hurt. As long as you keep a pretty strict regime going with the way you clean your teeth, you shouldn’t have any problems but if you do get into trouble, then at least you have your dentist to fall back on, For more details about calculus and the hassle it can cause, you should give Mulberry Dental Care in Walton a call.

Attacking a Dental Abscess in Molesey

As you go through life in Molesey with all your dental complexities, you will hopefully try to avoid tooth decay by getting your daily oral hygiene programme right. For if you don’t and the decay gets out of hand, you may well be heading for an abscess and once you get one, it’s one hell of a job to get rid of. Not only that, an abscess is lethal and it can put your life on the line by poisoning your blood stream. An abscess forms when the infection caused by tooth decay has nowhere else to go and when it forms, you’ll soon know about it when you face swells up and you suffer with excruciating pain. The thing is, the problem cannot be tackled until you have had some antibiotics pumped into you to reduce the toxins that the abscess is releasing into your body. Once you have got through this dangerous 24 hours, then you can get the abscess and you tooth treated by your dentist. It probably means that you will have to have a root canal to repair your tooth in order to save it, but this is probably a waste of time anyway, because an abscess will only really disappear when the tooth is removed from the mouth for good. If you are worried about this sort of problem and would like to learn more about how to cope with a situation like this, then give Mulberry Dental Care a call in Walton- they serve the area and will only be too pleased to give you their wisdom.

The Problem of a Dry Socket in Shepperton

Whenever you have a tooth extracted, it is normally taken as a given that the wound will heal and recover naturally and in most cases, this is true. However, it does require you to be careful as well when you eat and when you clean your teeth: it also demands that you refrain from bad habits such as drinking and smoking as this can hinder the healing process. What happens is this: once the tooth has been removed, the body goes to work and a blood clot forms in the wound which helps to bond the surrounding gum tissue. However, in some cases, the clot can dissolve too quickly or fall out and then you are left with exposed bone to the air- you are now entering the world of the dry socket. Such exposure is extremely painful, as you would imagine, but the mouth is left wildly open to bacterial infection. The only remedy is to get yourself to the dentist as soon as you can. The dentist will then dress the wound, which will have to be changed each day. Each night you must use anti-bacterial mouth-washes and tread very gingerly around wound when you consume food and drink, and when you clean your teeth until the wound starts to heal over again. During this period, it will be painful, so you will also need to stock up on painkillers to help you nurse yourself during this traumatic time. Mulberry Dental Care of Walton can supply you with all the information you need on dry sockets in Shepperton.



Oral Cancer – Mulberry Dental Care Offers Advice in Molesey

The shock at being diagnosed with oral cancer in Molesey can be devastating and very terminal for some people, but if you find yourself in this horrific position, you need to enlist as much support and help as you can if you are going to give yourself any chance of beating it and Mulberry dental care can help set you on your way. The thing to be aware of is anything that tends to be unusual in your mouth, especially if it is persistent and repetitive- like sores, sore throats and jaw ache; you know when something isn’t right so get to the doctors and dentists for a check-up because the quicker you get diagnosed, the more chance you have of beating it. Then once you have had the therapy and treatment, that’s when you need your support for your recovery. This is never going to be easy and you have to change the way you have lived your life in the past so that you have a chance in the future. Look at all aspects like diet, oral hygiene, smoking and drinking and see where you can change. This is not an impossible disease to beat, just look at the statistics, but it will take commitment and dedication.