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How a Dental Crown can solve problems in Sunbury

We all try to look after our teeth each day in Sunbury with good oral hygiene and regular visits to the Surrey dentist, but sometimes, things will get out of hand and may go wrong. You may well suffer from tooth decay and worst still, lose a tooth or two. Now at times like this, you’ll need to turn for help to patch up the damage done and one of the best ways of overcoming such issues is to have your teeth repaired with a dental crown. This treatment will help to restore the balance of your mouth and maintain your oral health in the future. Crowns are generally made from two materials, porcelain or gold. Porcelain crowns fit in naturally with the rest of your teeth and give a more natural look to your mouth when they are set into place. Gold crowns however are far more flashy, but they are also incredibly strong. Either or, you will be doing yourself a huge justice by having one fitted. Talk to Mulberry Dental because they not only do they work in the town, but they can offer you the best advice around when it comes to crowns.

Getting ‘Down’ With A Crown In Sunbury

The dental world and its patients adore a dental crown: they are excellent for rebuilding a tooth ravished by tooth decay and a natural replica for replacing a tooth that has been lost. Commonly, they are made from three types of material; gold, porcelain-over-metal or just pure porcelain, although they can be made from any material you like- after all, you are paying for them. If you want razzmatazz, then a gold crown is definitely the one to go for, though that’s not the only reason this material is used; it’s very strong and durable, and it can take quite a battering. For something that is in keeping with the natural balance of your mouth though, then the other two variations made from porcelain are the obvious choice. Porcelain-over-metal is also strong and robust and can absorb a lot of stress, whereas pure porcelain crowns, though fairly strong are pretty much for the shop window- the front of the mouth. Each type of crown has to be made up, so once the desired area has had a mould taken of it, then they can be manufactured precisely to fit your mouth; then they are just popped into place. Mulberry Dental Care of Surrey knows everything about crowns so call them up for more information, as they serve Sunbury.

That Crowning glory in Molesey

Dental crowns have been used for decades now and they have a very good track record, just ask Mulberry Dental who are experts in all fields of dentistry- and you are lucky because they operate around Molesey. The idea behind a crown is to repair or replace anything that has gone wrong in your mouth. From a health angle, getting your teeth back on track, for whatever reason, is imperative in protecting the occlusion of your mouth- one of the main priorities in dentistry. Crowns come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the work you require, but they are perfect for repairing damage caused by tooth decay, or filling up a gap where a tooth has been lost. Generally, the crown you choose is dependant on the type of work it has to do: at the front of the mouth, a pure porcelain crown is perfect for doing the job of stabilising the rest of the teeth around it and for looking natural too. Gold is also and option as well, for it does have a sense of ‘cool’ attached to it. But gold is also very durable and is perfect for areas that have to endure a lot of forces going through them, like the back of the mouth where a lot of chewing is done. Prices vary from dentist to dentist, so you should shop around a little, but don’t leave it too long- this is your oral health we are talking about here.


Getting a fine Dental Crown in Sunbury

Sunbury, like all other places, has its own fair share of dental problems, some are fairly trivial, others more complicated. But the good thing about modern dentistry is that is has all the answers to your problems should they crop up. Tooth decay is a particularly nasty little problem: if caught early, it can be treated with a filling, but if it infects the inside the tooth, it can do a lot of damage and the tooth will need rebuilding. To do this, you will need to have a dental crown fitted to restore both shape and size to the tooth. Crowns come in many shapes and sizes, but when it comes to what they are made from, there are two choices you have, porcelain or gold. Porcelain looks more natural and mirrors the tooth’s enamel; a full porcelain crown can be used where the workload is light, but porcelain-over-metal is far stronger and can take a lot more stress, hence, the choice between the two is governed by where the damage has been done in the mouth. Gold is strong anyway, so it can be used anywhere in the mouth and some see it as a bit of a status symbol to have a gold crown fitted. For more information, contact Mulberry dental care. Though they are based in Walton, they lend their services to the area and can help in your decision making.

All about Dental Bridges in Sunbury from Mulberry Dental Care

The loss of a tooth for whatever reason can be a devastating time in Sunbury, but you can take heart from the fact that there are a good few ways to get around the problem, just ask Mulberry Dental Care who serve the town. One of the more traditional and trusted methods is to have a dental bridge fitted. Replacing a tooth is necessary in order to prevent gum disease erupting as well as protecting the shape of your face, your occlusion (bite), your speech and of course, your vanity. It will also help to prevent further movement and strain in the remaining teeth. The process will take about a month in all to complete: the adjacent teeth to the gap are first shaved to take the crowns that will be fitted and then a moulding taken, from which the bridge will be made. This will take a couple of weeks and when it returns from the lab it will be temporarily cemented in- this is to check for fit and bite, before it is cemented permanently (some longer bridges can be anchored using a mini-implant for extra strength). In the first months it will constantly be checked by your dentist to ensure the bridge is working well but one of the things you must learn to master from the off is cleaning around the bridge- your dentist will show you how and once you have got the hang of it, there’s no reason why you and your bridge should remain healthy for a good 15 years.

No More Delays! Same Day Crowns Using Cerec Available in Shepperton

Instead of waiting weeks for your crowns, it is now possible to get same day crowns using CEREC technology. Older types of crown required that you had the hassle of having impressions taken, these had to be sent off for several weeks to another facility to be made into crowns, before finally you would be able to have them fitted. Over those weeks there was always risks of further damage or temporary crowns falling out. CEREC allows a crown to be produced on-site in the same day, waiting times are now measured in hours not weeks.

CEREC technology covers every stage of placing a crown. Using new CAD/CAM systems it is possible to develop a 3D map of your tooth using photographs and scans, without the need for taking impressions. These specifications are then sent to the production machine, within the dentist’s office, where the crown can be produced, to your unique tooth shape, in the same day. In the event that any adjustments were needed this could be done at the same time without the need for a new appointment after the crown has been sent away. CEREC crowns also allow your dentist to strain the crown colour to perfectly match the surrounding natural teeth, making them close to invisible in your mouth.

Your Shepperton dentist recommends same day crowns using CEREC because of the convenience they offer and the reduction in several risks associated with traditional crowns. Arrange a consultation to see if CEREC would work for you, your dentist will be able to give you all the relevant information and book an appointment for your CEREC crown.

Advice from Mulberry Dental Care on Dental Implants in Weybridge

If you have ever had to have a major piece of surgery done in Weybridge on your body, it’s a stressful time, especially if you have to have an alien fitting made from a material that the body is not used to- this can also put an extra strain on you as your system tries to adjust to the ‘foreigner’. In dentistry, having a dental implant fitted is the same, and in time gone by, it could be an extremely complex operation. That was then, for dentistry has made incredible leaps forward with laser technology and computers, and procedures like dental implants have become as easy as having a plaster put on your finger. Yes, it does still involve a small titanium rod placed into the jawbone, but lasers have reduced the amount of stress placed onto the operational area, and that alone allows the gums and jawbone to recover faster. What the dental implant gives to your mouth however is phenomenal; an implant is going to be there for life and via any sort device you choose to put the smile back on your face….bridges, dentures or crowns, you will regain an incredible sense of freedom after tooth loss. This treatment is on your doorstep and if you have suffered from tooth loss for any reason, you should contact Mulberry dental care, get the advice you need and then plump for the treatment- pricey maybe, but get the right financial people on board and anyone can get this done.

Crowning Your Teeth in a Day in Shepperton with CEREC

Crowns are one of those fittings in the mouth that have evolved over the decades as new and more stronger materials have been found to make them from. But generally fitting them would have taken anywhere up to a month to fit, but oh, modern dentistry, don’t you just love it! In Shepperton right now is a style of treatment which can have you in and fitted with a new crown in under an hour- CEREC. It incorporates all that is brilliant about computers and digital imaging: when you go along for your treatment, your teeth will first be digitally x-rayed and images taken that will then flash up on a computer screen, along with an image of your new crown. The dentist will then feed the information into an engineering dream of a machine that will create your new crown out of a single block of zirconium based ceramic (extremely strong) in as little as 15 minutes, during which time you will be cleaned up and readied for your crown, which then done is fitted straight away. The beauty about this is that if there are any flaws in the crown or it is ill-fitting, it can be refined on the spot, as opposed to sending it away again. Mulberry dental care can help you make your choices and tell you where to go for treatment, but if you are in a rush, what better way to get your mouth sorted out- an hour!!


The Choice of a Dental Implant in Weybridge

At Mulberry dental care, they know all there is to know about dental implants, but in these modern times, it isn’t heavy, gruesome reading like it would have been a decade ago, because the procedure has become more refined as dental technology has improved. The theory has never changed: the process involves screwing a small titanium rod into the jawbone that will eventually house your new fitting. In bygone years, this would involve drills and scalpels and stitching, which meant that the healing afterwards could take almost 6 Months. Thanks to modern technology in the form of a laser, a small implant, in fact, many can be placed in a day and in the case of denture wearers, you are good to go. Lasers cause very little damage to the jawbone and the surrounding gum tissue, in fact, it fuses the wound as it cuts so the gums recover quickly. The beautiful thing about implants is they are the perfect replacement to the root of a tooth, more resistant to infection and once they are in, they’re there forever. They perfectly house single crowns, dental bridges or dentures and make tooth replacement comfortable and more importantly, affordable- especially if you have insurance or a price plan going with your dentist, so come on toothless people of Weybridge, embrace the dental implant and put the life back into your mouth.


The Famous Dental Bridge in Kingston-Upon-Thames

Many ideas and inventions can fall by the wayside, others re-invent themselves, and keep going and going. When it comes to dentistry, there is one that has been around for decades and looks as though it will for many more- the dental bridge. This has been by far the most popular choice in Kingston-upon-Thames to combat tooth loss over the years because it is simple to make, simple to fit, cheap and very durable. Taking in the health issues of losing a tooth or some teeth, other teeth in the mouth may move after the event, which can cause infection to set in and then you may lose more to gum disease or tooth decay, but by filling up the gap, the teeth will remain firmly in place. From a cosmetic point of view, filling in the hole can readdress the beauty of your smile that tooth loss can destroy. There are two general designs to bridges, the first is where teeth or a tooth have been lost between a row of other teeth, so to bridge the problem, two crowns that sit at the ends of the fitting are cemented onto the adjacent teeth that remain either side of the hole. This however, could be quite precarious in the past as the larger the gap the more unstable and fragile the bridge- that was until it was discovered that by using a mini-implant in the middle of the bridge could anchor it more stronger than ever before (the materials from which bridges are made these days are also more robust); the other type of bridge is one that attaches itself to a single tooth by wires and resin, usually to the rear of the mouth. Mulberry dental care can give you all the information you need to know about dental bridges.