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The wonderful world of Cosmetic Dentistry comes to Surbiton

It can be very frustrating how the modern world demands so much of you to look your best at all times; however, if you want to be part of the bigger picture, then you have to be gorgeous and an integral part of this is the way your smile looks in public: your teeth are everything when you present yourself. Cosmetic dentistry has revolutionised the way we smile and it works in many different ways. For starters, cosmetic dentistry can help you straighten up your teeth and contour horrible looking gums; if you lose a tooth or two, you have a variety of ways to plug up the gap. From dental implants, bridges to dentures, you can fill the gaps and get your smile back up to scratch in no time at all. Veneers, cosmetic bonding and beautiful crowns can cover up and put your smile back where it belongs- back on the social map. Tooth whitening is so in vogue right now and whether or not you get products from your chemist or get the latest and greatest laser whitening from your dentist, the results are sensational and it will put that zest into your smile. Dentists also work outside the mouth these days and can offer you BOTOX and dermal fillers to help frame your smile as well. If you like the idea of all of this in Surbiton, give Mulberry Dental of Walton-on-Thames a call, for they serve the area and know all the aspects of cosmetic surgery


What can Cosmetic Bonding do for you in Sunbury?

The more modern life places pressures upon us, the more we have little time to look after ourselves when things go wrong. However, technology has come to our aid and when it comes to looking after our teeth and looking fabulous in a place such as dainty Sunbury, it is imperative to keep that smile going, and one treatment that can cover all the wrongs in your mouth is cosmetic bonding. If you are on the go, have little time to spare, yet your smile is part of your important constitution, this is the treatment for you. If a tooth gets chipped, becomes discoloured or looks worn and tired, cosmetic bonding can have you up and running and smiling in next to no time. All you have to do is pop along to your dentist and sit down in the chair: within minutes your teeth will be coated with several layers of resin and when enough has been applied to cover up all the faults, they will then be sculptured until your teeth look dandy and like they were before you had problems. It’s quick and gives you results- if you want to know more about this treatment in your area, contact Mulberry Dental.


Quick fixes with CEREC in Weybridge

The world of modern dentistry is remarkable and if you need a pointer to see just how amazing it is- just take a look at CEREC: Chair-side Economical Restoration of aesthetic Ceramics. A bit of a mouthful, yet this process is designed for the modern world and for people on the go in a place like Weybridge- just ask Mulberry Dental who serve the area. If you need a new crown, a bridge or a veneer fitted, and you need it like yesterday, this is the way forward. Thanks to the aid of computer technology, you can be in and out of the dental surgery in around an hour. Your affected teeth will be scanned by digital x-rays and then fed into a computer where it will design your new fitting. Once done, this information is then fed into a machine that will make the part that you need. Whilst all of this is being done in the room next door, the dentist can get to work on prepping you for the new fitment. All of this will be done in about 60 minutes and the great thing about it all is that if something goes wrong, the dentist can sort it out in-house and you can be on your way with a wonderful smile again. CEREC has been one of the greatest innovations in dentistry and if you are in need of a quick fix, this is the one for you.


Right-on Braces in Molesey

Getting your teeth straightened is a very stressful time for anyone and if your teeth are in a really bad way, it could take a few years to get them back on track: this may take some very bespoke iron-work fitted into your mouth and though it may not look pretty, nor be comfortable, the end results will be worth it and you will have a fine set of strong teeth at the end of the treatment: fixed braces are what everyone fears but yet, there are some fabulous ones about that can work very quickly for you if the work you need doing is fairly trivial. Of course, the art of teeth correction has become an incredible art-form and some of the removable aligners around in Molesey today are frankly remarkable: some are virtually invisible and work quickly; some are so fast that your teeth can be straightened anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months! If you need to get your teeth straightened, always shop around and sit down with your dentist to discuss the options available to you: it may come down to money as well but never be afraid to search the market. Mulberry Dental from Walton-upon-Thames serve the area and they know all about the problems of braces, so give them a call first before making your choice.


Taking the battle to Bleeding Gums in Surbiton

Some conditions come and go in the mouth and some won’t cause you any problems if you get them attended to fairly quickly. However, the implications of finding blood on the toothbrush after brushing can be very damaging in the long run, for it could indicate the onset of gum disease and with that comes health issues throughout the body: once this disease infects the gums, it will then poison the bloodstream, get inside the heart and other vital organs in your body and cause them to fail over time. There are toothpastes you can buy to help stop this problem: herbal remedies and the use of salty water can stop the progress of bleeding gums, but once this process starts, you need to be on your guard to stop it from getting out of control and you would be wise to seek help from your dentist/hygienist to address the problem. Solving the issue could mean a change of lifestyle, diet and the way you look after your teeth and gums on a daily basis, but if you want a healthy life in the future you need to nip the problem of bleeding gums in the bud as soon as it starts. Mulberry Dental Care are experts in all fields of dentistry and they serve the Surbiton area; call them at the first signs of problems and they will point you in the right direction.